Making High Voltage Arcs with ZVS Circuit 

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I DID IT! I used my flyback transformer and ZVS circuit to make SUPER ARCS!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Vitenskap og teknologi



6. nov.. 2020





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Davy Mocha
Davy Mocha 10 timer siden
He should make a fan next time
Davy Mocha
Davy Mocha 10 timer siden
I would prefer if he recommended some electronics books. I really feel dumb
Will 4110
Will 4110 2 dager siden
How to be a plane 2:53
Mostly Penny Cat
Mostly Penny Cat 2 dager siden
Now I want to see an ElectroBOOM/Marco Reps cooperation
Rafael Patry
Rafael Patry 2 dager siden
He: "don't try this at home" The ad under the video: "transformer"
Kawasan Tegaldlimo
Kawasan Tegaldlimo 2 dager siden
Maybe if those components were combined with Jacob's Ladder it would
MR DUMB 3 dager siden
6:47 evil electroboom 😅😅
Aylon Bubli
Aylon Bubli 3 dager siden
He’s just don’t try this at home and then tells us how to do it
Lester Crest
Lester Crest 3 dager siden
I wonder how much flux he’s inhaled.
THE WILD COBALT 5 dager siden
electroboom go BRRRR 2:53
Talkingshrimp426 5 dager siden
*1:25* is it just me or is that drawing looking kinda THICC
Keshawn Parker
Keshawn Parker 5 dager siden
The thumbnail makes you laugh like look at his face
Gorkha Engineering
Gorkha Engineering 5 dager siden
👁 👁 👃 👄
Kaiser 36
Kaiser 36 5 dager siden
I was unsubbed for some reason and I misssed this diamond
涙で失われた 5 dager siden
Imagine his electrical bill
Icedout Official
Icedout Official 6 dager siden
5:34 when you have above 100% in a class
John Paul Del Rosario
John Paul Del Rosario 7 dager siden
Come to think of it how many money does *Electroboom's* electric bill cost.
Pretty Good man
Pretty Good man 7 dager siden
Don't try this at home Medhi: not for me
od ag
od ag 7 dager siden
Denzyl Casuela
Denzyl Casuela 7 dager siden
his wife must have been really high voltage for him to like her
Bxawlxrzzz 8 dager siden
I don't know how i understand and both don't understand at the same time.
Shady Younan
Shady Younan 8 dager siden
Don’t try this at home but proceeds to tell us how to make the circuit 😂
Whatewhere you add you are perfect in adding effect bruh
CarnivoreTV 8 dager siden
Could you maybe at some point explain how and why it makes noise when power arcs ?
Revanth Bodagala
Revanth Bodagala 9 dager siden
Use an cup and glue gun to seal the smoke detector
unfunny man
unfunny man 9 dager siden
At this point when smoke comes out of a electronic it kinda feels normal
The Assassin
The Assassin 10 dager siden
Any other guy would just put an adjustable switch for leds but electroboom says NO
Röhrich Oak
Röhrich Oak 10 dager siden
Pro tip: if you know you will ALWAYS burn electronics in your room and make tons of smoke in the process, never install smoke detectors in the referred room ;)
Werner 11 dager siden
6:50 LoooooL the "what can I do with it" almost knocked me out, as a boy (10 years old) I connected two cables to a 4.5 V block and hung them in a schnapps glass with water, then I watched the air bubbles and wondered how to do it That could increase, so I took a 220V cable and did the same thing, I secured the cable well at the edge against slipping. Then I put the plug in the socket and lo and behold, what a surprise, air bubbles over air bubbles and there glass got very warm over time. so .. now it comes .... so i thought to myself "what can i do with it", i took red candle wax and it crumbled into the water .. how nice it was, like a lava lamp .. the only problem was the cable on the glass slipped, the ends came together and the glass was blown empty at the speed of light so to speak, the red candle wax was spread all over the ceiling while my room was just repainted in White , I don't know how it went ..... whether I can fix the damage so that could nobody saw it.. or someone spanked my ass so that I forgot the rest. ** just a small sample of my disastrous life ** I will never forget :-))) The last time I got a shock was 2 years ago when I was working on a 220 V Hotgun, I pulled the wrong plug out of the socket to be safely , It was amazed when i touched the heating element, luckily i learned to do this kind of work with just one hand at a very young age !! At the age of 13 I started repairing tube television sets in the neighborhood, that was 45 years ago. I got the first electric shock when I was 6 years old, when I tried to get a toast with a knife with a wooden handle and metal rivets from the toaster and immediately recognized the context after the shock " >>damn rivets
Ima Giro
Ima Giro 11 dager siden
2:26 : 6.66 A! 😈😈😈
Cglolster1 12 dager siden
He Kinda Sounded Like Stampycat At 2:41 XD
mahde lashghari
mahde lashghari 12 dager siden
سلام آقا مهدی ، عضو کانال شما شده ام و ویدیوهای خوب شما را می بینم و از موفقیت شما به عنوان یک ایرانی لذت می برم ، درباره تامین برق 220 ولت آمپر بالا ( بالاتر از 100 آمپر ) نیاز به راهنمایی و کمک دارم ، خیلی ممنون میشم اگر کمکم کنید . لطفا اگر مقدور بود و وقت داشتید یک ایمیل برایم بفرستید تا بنده سوالاتم را مطرح کنم . سپاسگذارم Ario4x@gmail.com
Alexander8786 13 dager siden
Mehdi:Never try this at home Also mehdi:*Tries it at home*
Askaline21/31 14 dager siden
No Body Mehdi At 2:35 : Lag*
Matthew Tavares
Matthew Tavares 14 dager siden
2:40 that voice would create a good cartoon character
Liam 15 dager siden
Bet those diodes didn't like switching resonant rise at 10s of kHz
ARYAN shukla
ARYAN shukla 15 dager siden
He is crazy that's why I love his video
ABHI JEET 16 dager siden
Sir can you come to my school plzz you are best teacher ever met
Justizz 16 dager siden
Catchphrase: "will it work?"
Jas Cross
Jas Cross 17 dager siden
JASMADi 😂😂😂😱😱😱😱😂😂😱 gruicdevttevsu di nganu yng 😭 temenin aku gruicdevttevsu dari pada
arfegjusz 17 dager siden
Time lapse Drawing
Time lapse Drawing 19 dager siden
one of my friends is called kacper and he is from poland🤣🤣🤣
Alex HO
Alex HO 20 dager siden
Thanks!! I'have learned of electricity thanks to your videos. As the MIT gave you an award. I will show a result of your lessons but this is only the begining nosections.info/green/0oeCsaFkqZqIp9Q/video.html
Khalid Khan
Khalid Khan 21 dag siden
Gabriel Wolffe
Gabriel Wolffe 23 dager siden
Are the resistor and capacitor in the soft-starter (0:43) the same as those in the RC filter (0:18)?
Anand pandey
Anand pandey 26 dager siden
sir i want to work with you ,, give me some clue ....i will reach ....a engineer....your's
Mukesh Sahani
Mukesh Sahani 26 dager siden
Arc Master 😀
A9 Ahmad
A9 Ahmad 27 dager siden
Welcome to the Shocking Gulag
John Peak
John Peak 27 dager siden
You should use a crossover circuit to divide the electric charge at a high frequency. Example you say? Jbl wm-008 but much bigger. Hehe. That would be fun. ⚡⚡⚡ then explain how this works. Thank you mehdi.
Dave Masse III
Dave Masse III 28 dager siden
Ah shi..bzzzzt!
KUGELBLITZ 29 dager siden
Mehdi, I want to use Irf450 mosfet so that I can run it on 100v DC so can I use Irf450. Also I will be changing resistor value. Pls tell me
Erfan 29 dager siden
6:50 that smile is awesome. you can see that smile on a 6 year old kid's face in disney land
nikos christodoulos
nikos christodoulos Måned siden
Make a working speaker and try not to blow it up like your others fails.
Lucy Davie
Lucy Davie Måned siden
7:40 “Things are burning, good thing I unplugged that fire sensor thingy”
siivo böning
siivo böning Måned siden
why arks go up left and right like triangle ?
Treebadger YT
Treebadger YT Måned siden
I was wondering if he would touch the arcs
Shuvajit Biswas
Shuvajit Biswas Måned siden
You can make a arc candle
MystWalker Måned siden
As a kid: *plays with fire* As an engineer: *plays with high voltage arcs*
MinecraftCoderPro Måned siden
I love how even though he chanson self all the time, he still manages to teach me stuff 🤣
Mario's Meth Lab Adventures
"Don't try this at home" Fine I'll try it at school
ja nie skrajp
ja nie skrajp Måned siden
Haha me from poland too :)
Nathaniel Pontinovitz
Januda lelwala
Januda lelwala Måned siden
I made one of those at home and it works, whoooooooooooooo
ranczi games
ranczi games Måned siden
I am from poland too
Igisowski Måned siden
1:30 I'm also from Poland
emkaes Måned siden
No i kurde musieli się znaleźć tacy polacy co muszą się wszędzie obchodzić z narodowością jakby cokolwiek to zmieniało.
games Måned siden
Did anyone but me noticed the first arc's were setting on fire
Harshveer Singh
Harshveer Singh Måned siden
I wanna know his electricity bill
KINGDOM TAN Måned siden
I dont know if this guy is even doing educational videos or cmodey videos
Oliver Måned siden
5:08 nice
Sakthivel Nadar
Sakthivel Nadar Måned siden
3:57 never gonna happen as you are the god of electricity!!!!!
DaYeeterPlayz Måned siden
I'm surprised he didn't get shocked
Varun Tulsyan
Varun Tulsyan Måned siden
ali reza
ali reza Måned siden
داداشم اقا مهدی به فارسی هم بذارید لطفاً
Izan Robles
Izan Robles Måned siden
Maybe you could retry to make the Jacob's ladder with these HUGE arcs.
ThunderBolt II
ThunderBolt II Måned siden
Why wouldn't it blow up your channel is about electronics blowing up "electro boom"
John Måned siden
I'm studying DC Circuits in college and I'm already getting a hard time. Help?
Varad Mahashabde
Varad Mahashabde Måned siden
Pure joy and happiness for 8 minutes, nothing else here officer
KEJHACO Måned siden
When I started watching I had no idea what you are talking about ! but I absolutely loved it, It was so engaging and the arcs with the capacitors and transformers was so cool that I watched the whole video and at the end of the video I still had no idea what you are talking about ! On to the next one I guess.
Jason Saj.
Jason Saj. Måned siden
Maybe a spark gap Tesla coil?
Mang Jeam
Mang Jeam Måned siden
No accident here bro. nice HAHAHAHA
You can get or make yourself a solder fume extractor with a computer fan and charcoal filters. That way it reduces the smoke coming from your burning electronics lol
Creative Elektronik
Creative Elektronik Måned siden
How to make inverter 2000w :)
Kevin Kevin
Kevin Kevin Måned siden
This is the only Good thing about 2020
Uncreative NAME
Uncreative NAME Måned siden
Ah, Another megalomaniac like myself. G'day to you sir.
Suveer Singh
Suveer Singh Måned siden
Please make a video on Quantum Physics ❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏 Please Please Please
Gary Hasch
Gary Hasch Måned siden
5:34 when something arcs internally
Pavan Kabadi
Pavan Kabadi Måned siden
anyone else getting some Gargamel vibes
Adithya Moorthy
Adithya Moorthy Måned siden
Super easy fly back driver from 220ohm resister and irfz44n mosfet video please
Amir gimr
Amir gimr Måned siden
Porfkct 😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Luka Dleski
Luka Dleski Måned siden
Can he just be my physics teacher already
Saiteja Måned siden
Can a super cap bank in parallel with battery does any significant arcs....love to see that
XxMΔthΣusMoʣZ Måned siden
7:47 Ok 😈
White Neko
White Neko 2 måneder siden
Poland,,, im from Poland
malaqueti T qu
malaqueti T qu 2 måneder siden
Is this what they called crazy science ?? 😂😂😂
Smy 2 måneder siden
How he looks like on the thumbnail: OooOooOo arcs 👁️👄👁️
infinateU 2 måneder siden
the ARC is on fire........how can 1 destroy a "WiFi Extender/Amplifier" while it's plugged into the outlet (24/7 mind you)??? BTW a plugged in WiFi Extender produces a 3 ft. Electric Field, 67 Vm at closest range, 25Vm at Furthest point.
Hervus 2 måneder siden
fajnie ze Kacper był bohaterem odcinka
a n i l o u
a n i l o u 2 måneder siden
2:54 sounds like a helicopter
Ethan Red
Ethan Red 2 måneder siden
Man I missed watching this channel so much.
Evortus 2 måneder siden
Best thumbnail ever
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