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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Issue with LED Light Bulbs
0:43 KiwiCo Sponsor Segment
1:25 Testing the Failed LED Lightbulbs
10:35 KiwiCo Sponsor Segment

Vitenskap og teknologi



19. mars. 2021





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Polaris UKYC
Polaris UKYC 5 minutter siden
It’s not an electroboom video if something doesn’t explode
DR.NEGA 18 minutter siden
Andermedious Time siden
PT4516 Chip Was Manufactured in China ! Then It Is 0.00001 % Chance That It'll Work Fine For Years XD
Jack Howie
Jack Howie 9 timer siden
We tried Kiwico, it's great, especially the Ukulele!
The Huguenot
The Huguenot 13 timer siden
I just subscribed. Is it normal for him to get shocked all the time? Also is there an uncensored version of these videos
amirunbox amir
amirunbox amir 13 timer siden
چی بگم
Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar 14 timer siden
LED tubelights are the best , they give soft and white light and are cost effective too.
Harsh Vishwakarma
Harsh Vishwakarma 21 time siden
I don't know how you still alive 🤣
Aditya Dag siden
4:15 casually snuck in 34, 69 and 420. Man of culture.
sadra same
sadra same Dag siden
خسته نباشی برادر
San Ansa
San Ansa 2 dager siden
it's not just LED lights, it's anything made in China. I don't care to get into a political argument, I am going by my age, and purchasing items for decades, made in the USA, Japan, Taiwan, or other countries. I never had this issue until everything started being made in China (including all the components). Items I purchasd use to last for years and years. A washing machine made in China I purchased, lasted 18 Months (I don't even do that much laundry, as I don't have children living at home). I never had a washing machine last less then 15 years in the past, and I have been living in the same house for over 40 years (the manufacturer dispatched a repair man, he tried to blame it on my water quality, or pipe drain setup, which is nonsense, because like I said I live in the same house for over 40 years, and nothing changed). Russia has started manufacturing their own capacitors and other components,so not to fall victim of China's built in design for thing products to break quickly. I am lucky if a computer keyboard lasts a few months now, and headsets and other computer components I purchase now, last about a year.
Gabriel's Logic
Gabriel's Logic 2 dager siden
It's not about where it's made, it's about the quality of components. Blame the big companies. Not the country 😂.
brainstewX 2 dager siden
I started buying 800-lumen LED bulbs (60w equivalent) at the dollar store. None have died, and it's been a year and a half.
phartsdust 2 dager siden
ain't the led. under the led is circuitry with a timer that shuts off. A reverse engineer proved this to me.. They sell bulbs. If they don't wear out?
V 3 N 0 M
V 3 N 0 M 2 dager siden
Bro I watched this guy when I was 5 it's been six years and I just found his channel again man this brings back memories.
Gabriel's Logic
Gabriel's Logic 2 dager siden
You're 11 and on youtube???
Agent West
Agent West 2 dager siden
So even the 'high end' LED bulbs only rectify the AC and don't have a capacitor to smooth it out. In other words, the bulb still flashes at 60hz. That would explain why some slow-mo videos look like they were taken at a rave. LEDs have so much potential and can give such a nice even lighting, but instead we get a 60hz strobe light.
ToxicSpillz 2 dager siden
best youtuber
syafiq muda
syafiq muda 2 dager siden
wait all LED lamp have warranty? do people claim the warranty?
IMNOTA 2 dager siden
Funniest thing is that when I buy the cheapest ones from my local store, they don't fail, literally never had any of them fail, and they're all over my house. When I buy Phillips or other brands, they always die very shortly, and get replaced with the cheap ones. I guess the big brands led's are just overengineered and have some failure points the cheap ones don't have. But honestly I'm just lucky with that cheap brand since I've tried other cheap brands and they were terrible.
ALEC MONAFIS 3 dager siden
The present slice potentially nest because footnote prenatally drown vice a hanging prepared. vast, handy secure
Felidae 3 dager siden
Isn't that actually going to make it last longer.....
SD 64 *Super David 64*
Mom:Do your homework or no xbox Me: 1:22
Magnus Hederstjerna
Magnus Hederstjerna 3 dager siden
Some of my incandecents have lastet for over four years now i believe.
Rem, the town furry slayer
I have some pretty good LED lightbulbs in my room and most of my house, altough i live with my parents so i can't tell them to change all the lightbulbs, my father is an electrician, so most of the lightbulbs in my house are already LED If i made any grammatical or spelling mistakes sorry, i'm italian and english is my second language
wolveric0 4 dager siden
KiwiCo have to be the coolest sponsor on the whole internet, those project look so cool.
Jamaris Rea
Jamaris Rea 4 dager siden
Maybe the manufacturers meant 10,000 hours of use while moving at 99% the speed light😏 4:14
Ev0ltion 4 dager siden
Ill explain how does warranty for lightbulbs works. You go to the store show them the box with 10y warranty and a broken buld. Then they tell you to f*ck off, so you decide to spare yourself the effort and buy a new ones.
Ev0ltion 4 dager siden
If i remember well lightbulbs were made faulty on purpose so they will break and the company can sell them agin. So maybe its the case with these lights too. TBH manufacturer would have to be insanely incompetent to be unable to make waterproof lights.
Joseph Consuegra
Joseph Consuegra 4 dager siden
You buy cheap shit you get diarrhea. Spend a little bit more and get better quality. Mine have been working for years.
Cornelius Bryson
Cornelius Bryson 5 dager siden
Who remembers Mehdi’s daughter from 4-5 years ago?
Jørn Birkeland
Jørn Birkeland 5 dager siden
Kiwi is a food store in Norway 🇳🇴
Jørn Birkeland
Jørn Birkeland 5 dager siden
In Europe you get osram..
gunnbr 5 dager siden
I feel the SAME way! I rage so hard when these LED lights with huge lifetimes fails in 6 months. GGGGRRRRRRRRR!!!!! And I also have some of these outdoor bulbs with water inside. ARGH!
Monodip Sarkar
Monodip Sarkar 5 dager siden
Sir, Please make some tutorial for solving transistor circuit.
Me Alien
Me Alien 6 dager siden
the led in my room is sill going more than 3yrs but it lost 50% of its brightness. and I'm not changing it and tell it dies.
John Gottuso
John Gottuso 6 dager siden
The roomy numeric specially fry because slave pathophysiologically pull modulo a callous turkey. acidic, rainy owl
abundant ray
abundant ray 6 dager siden
ummmmmmmmmm the last video i watched of yours your daughter was so much younger. who knew that time traveling kids existed
Grants Pass TV Repair
Grants Pass TV Repair 6 dager siden
I've been able to get 4 plus years of use from the larger LED lights that claim to be the equivalent of a 60 watt non LED light.
David Brown
David Brown 6 dager siden
Well my Mirrabella brand LED bulbs have been working for 2 years so far. They are 240 VAC.
Patata0ke 6 dager siden
very educational. minus the electrocution scenes 😅
Mohammad javad Mohammade
سلام ایرانی
Perkamentus 7 dager siden
Let’s be honest nobody understands anything he says but just watches for the good content
yahooz studios
yahooz studios 7 dager siden
Hey electro boom, what power supply do you use? I wanna get the one
steve vox
steve vox 7 dager siden
aMod's Camera
aMod's Camera 7 dager siden
Hey Mehdi, I was wondering why I can’t get a continuity reading when testing an operational LED bulb. Can you help me figure this out??? Also, what is your take on these diy oscilloscope kits?
Vina Ines
Vina Ines 7 dager siden
On above of your black shoes
Vina Ines
Vina Ines 7 dager siden
Can you tour is to your small container cabinet on right side of your lulzbot 3d printed.
FullBridgeRectifier 7 dager siden
Haha electro go boom
goofyMAR 7 dager siden
Imagine getting pinged by ElectroBOOM
AlexnderPlotnikov 8 dager siden
Pity - KiwiCo do not ship to Russia
Barrios Groupie
Barrios Groupie 8 dager siden
Vertasium did a video on why nice things don't last: because they're designed to fail for economic reasons.
Rejeß 8 dager siden
1:53 Loose wires, AVOID THEM.
Electro Man
Electro Man 8 dager siden
My Easy Bake Oven doesn't like led bulbs.
Dragon Slayer Ornstein
Just buy the cheap leds from aliexpress and expect them to lie about the watt ratings... still less than half the price of other places so if it only lasts 12 months who cares. Sometimes you get lucky and have a light that works beyond 2 years. Manufacturers know nobody can be arsed with returning leds for warranty, costs more than its worth to send it back.
Leech 8 dager siden
4:45 All the reason you need to know why they're cheap and crappy.
635574 9 dager siden
Ok so it should still be in glass, if that is good enough to stop water from leaking in.
635574 9 dager siden
Led are designed to fail and rhe led companies got pissed off when dubai ordered they need to make multi filament bulbs and run them at lower power so they dont burn themselves out so quick.(he get to that in half of the video)
neutronen stern
neutronen stern 9 dager siden
5:21 i almoust got nightmares due to testing a 12V tiny battery of my bycicle speedometer. So i dont want to touch this with my tounge. (if you test 12 V with your tounge you will literally see flashes in your eyes. Dont know why, probably the electricity is messing with the nerves of your eyes, but THIS *ISNT* A JOKE
Piyush_D 9 dager siden
As the channels say - Boom
Kimchi Koalaa
Kimchi Koalaa 9 dager siden
electrocute is a teenager now, I feel old
Nafi Rahman
Nafi Rahman 9 dager siden
So good content good luck...
Manjulekha Sett
Manjulekha Sett 9 dager siden
You are right
Every-ist And-ophobe
Every-ist And-ophobe 9 dager siden
Gotta love cheap china JUNK
Tony 9 dager siden
omfg so much jump scare.
marian20012 9 dager siden
mythbusters once did test of all kinds of lights, LED died out first.
justt1ice 9 dager siden
If you have electric heating with a thermostat and use the heating most of the year (for instance, most of Canada) you are not saving that much energy by dropping incandescent.
Nehansh Shrimali
Nehansh Shrimali 9 dager siden
See veritasium video for details why manufacturer are insufficient.
Razam 9 dager siden
Sad thing is: the manufacturers make them deliberately last shorter than they actually would to sell more. Its called planned obsolescence. Nearly every modern product is affected by planned obsolescence.
John Karippery
John Karippery 9 dager siden
how you still alive?
Nima Nazari
Nima Nazari 9 dager siden
چطوری خون دل😁
Saurabh Day
Saurabh Day 9 dager siden
too many shocks losing faith in electricity
refa42 9 dager siden
Why don't cheap LED bulb manufacturers use a capacitor and limit the current flow with impedance instead of pure resistance? If a failing capacitor creates a much bigger problem than an inefficient and short lived resistor, I can understand that. Just curious
S K 9 dager siden
0:36 Capillary action
James M
James M 10 dager siden
I think it's been a while since your daughter has been in a video. She's growing up fast. Make sure the boys at school have seen your stun gun videos ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ Oh man I'm not looking forward to my little girl growing up.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 10 dager siden
Omg when he said “FUUUULL” just fantastic
DicerX 10 dager siden
Meanwhile, I have an incandescent light bulb from 2008, and it works just fine. Talk about planned obsolescence.
Ying Yang Spinny Thang
Ying Yang Spinny Thang 10 dager siden
1:22 his daughter makes Forza Horizon 4 ae86 noises
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 10 dager siden
golden LED content
BlockParty! 10 dager siden
In my city Wichita Kansas USA, the city upgraded a bunch of street lights to LED. After a short period of time the lights color shifted and many of them are now a deep purple blue color. We have one of them on our corner. It’s almost like a super bright black light! 😂The city is working with the manufacture to get replacements.
The AViator
The AViator 10 dager siden
4:14 *RULE 34-69-420* 😂😂😂
Gene Raza
Gene Raza 10 dager siden
The MTBF of a led light is what is mentioned, usually around 20,000-50,000 hours. However there is another factor involved. It is AQL, the maximum percent that can be considered satisfactory during production. This can range from 2.5%-4%. So what has happened is that the led lights you have that broke down, are probably in that 2.5%-4%. Of course it also depends on the way that the defective ones are distributed by the manufacturer. And who they are distributed to.
Mark Proper
Mark Proper 10 dager siden
Came across a light bulb recently that advertised with 10000 years lifetime.
Johnny Scythe
Johnny Scythe 10 dager siden
Electrocute grew up so fast, I feel like I got thanos snapped then professor hulk snapped 5 years later.
Peter Müller
Peter Müller 10 dager siden
IP44 is not sufficient for external use _at all_! You can use it in an environment with rough dirt (>= 1mm particle size) and seldom sprinkled water. Not condensation!
Ahmed Bob
Ahmed Bob 10 dager siden
Wow your daughter have grown a lot, time flys by
Rock girl
Rock girl 10 dager siden
It's amazing how he forgets about that probe ground thing almost every time when probing AC mains...
Brian Evolved
Brian Evolved 10 dager siden
can you recommend a long lasting 240v/ac light bulb for uk use
EivindT800 11 dager siden
So.. Summary: Evolution of bulbs went from Incandecent to inconvenience 😅
Roy Riederer
Roy Riederer 11 dager siden
With a father like ElectoBOOM, ElectroCUTE will go places.
Rock girl
Rock girl 10 dager siden
His hidden talent is "beatbox" (Echoes)
nagasai purvaz
nagasai purvaz 11 dager siden
That led light bulb circuit came in clutch for me when I need diodes for my project
Edward Neal
Edward Neal 11 dager siden
1st thing to get lost in any garage. 10mm socket.
Graeme Mudie
Graeme Mudie 11 dager siden
You can return the Amazon stuff. I do it all the time. They are very good refunding for faulty stuff.
BOX 11 dager siden
Shot on I phone meme introduced me to this channel
yash agarwal
yash agarwal 11 dager siden
golden LED content
Thungcheo Tsopoe
Thungcheo Tsopoe 11 dager siden
I think u will be 💯 fine if strike by lighting 😃
Grendorf 11 dager siden
holyshit, havnt watched this channel much in a while, your daughter has gone from a young child to a teen already! :O
CasamSaturnBOİ is cutie - Enjoy
We got something new! I want you to make an air raid siren.
The Speakerfreak
The Speakerfreak 11 dager siden
I bought an LED light bulb for the kitchen for my mother and after a week it broke. I love this quality 🥴
Daksh Arora
Daksh Arora 11 dager siden
So today's sponser is.... Me :- video 🔨5 sec*1000....
Thomas Jehnkins
Thomas Jehnkins 11 dager siden
What they did in Dubai & not sell their lights should be illegal
Matteo Tornazzi
Matteo Tornazzi 11 dager siden
I have one miniature incandescent christmas tree light that is running non-stop since 24-december-1968... I simply don't believe in LED light bulbs!!
Vincent Quinn
Vincent Quinn 5 dager siden
If you can find some European incandescent lamps that are rated for 230 Volts, they run a bit dim but they never burn out on 120 Volts.
Rizky Dharmawan
Rizky Dharmawan 11 dager siden
Sir, try building a telekinesis device
Power Saver Scam EXPOSED!
Making superconductors
Making a log carving robot
The Ultimate Gaming Phone!