Presidential BEEF, Difference of Light Technology 

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Do you ever wonder which light technology is best for consumers? Wonder no more because the future is bright! Get it?! BRIGHT!
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My References:
President's Speech From Sep 2019: nosections.info/green/rJSZfZtjpH9vp8w/video.html
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New LED Phosphor, Light Research Center: www.lrc.rpi.edu/programs/nlpip/lightinganswers/led/whiteLight.asp
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A Report on Cold Street Lights resulting in low visibility: nosections.info/green/y4V4aIxodWmmucg/video.html
By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Vitenskap og teknologi



2. mai. 2020





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ElectroBOOM 10 måneder siden
This is NOT A POLITICAL VIDEO!!! I'm a simple man... Also regarding Halogen light bulbs, it seems in countries with 240VAC they are designed such that their life is same or better than incandescent. In 120V of north America almost all I can see for halogen is half the life of incandescent for same power rating (make sure lamps run on same voltage and light output when comparing). In any case, I filled my table per my local values for my lamps, and some per my taste. you can always adjust the table values to your local numbers and taste and recalculate. LED still will get top point. and who cares if halogen scores a bit higher WHEN LED IS WAY HIGHER ANYWAY! and remember... THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL VIDEO!
BcA - Biciclind cu Axel
Here in Romania - Central South Europe (EU ) I still can buy Incandescent light bulbs 100 Watts for like 20 Euro - cents :) The are Ilegal, Made in China :)) but we don't give a damn about mortal rules and regulations...like the scared Brits do :))) PS : We have the biggest Hydroelectric Power Station in Europe , Iron Gates 1 and 2 on Danube River, each has around 2.000 MW installed power, so who gives a damn about puny bulbs ?:)))
King Charles XII Of sweden
Lamo sombody will take it serious
Oliver Knowles
Oliver Knowles 13 dager siden
@Guy on The right nazis are right wing.
Aze Tube
Aze Tube 14 dager siden
Mor Rari
Mor Rari 25 dager siden
great vid, but im bothered you did not mention the theoretic max of every light source, leds beings 95% light 5% heat waste and incandescent being 5% light and 95% heat waste
Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams Dag siden
Stop talking Donald Trump because I want to watch my video because Donald Trump is already kicked out because I love Joe Biden
David Labović
David Labović Dag siden
I hate warm white
dan sangha
dan sangha Dag siden
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Kitsudōte 2 dager siden
Ofc LED is the best, it's converting electricity *directly* into light and is therefore super efficient. It's also highly customizable, so you can tweak the light exactly how you want it. LED is basically lighting perfected :)
Vemorr Frantik
Vemorr Frantik 2 dager siden
It took me 14 spams to hit like but I did it as asked. I did hit a few extra things along the way and I un-subbed, re-subbed, activated captions etc. along the way.
Rory Veltman
Rory Veltman 2 dager siden
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Rory Veltman
Rory Veltman 2 dager siden
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Mostly Penny Cat
Mostly Penny Cat 2 dager siden
All my celling lights are v high temp, high CR, full spectrum lights. I live in a flat, it allows me to illuminate the dark bits of my flat in the day without it looking nasty. I then have a bunch of low temp warm lamps on uplighters and spots for the evening.
RadicalEdward37 2 dager siden
"our little orange guy" 😂
John Keyes
John Keyes 2 dager siden
Quantum Dots
Unmesh Maniya
Unmesh Maniya 3 dager siden
Intrafacial86 3 dager siden
Halogen is still being used in stage lighting applications at established venues because it’s not as simple as swapping out the lamps for LED. You have to buy all-new fixtures and completely overhaul the power supply. For comparison, imagine that if you wanted to switch to LEDs at your house you had to replace all of your ceiling and tabletop lighting fixtures, install a new breaker panel, and re-run all of the electrical cable. Now imagine that on a scale that can easily cost 6-7 figures. Fortunately, practically all new venues are being built with LED in mind.
Intrafacial86 3 dager siden
Heh, “rectify”
Terry LaRue
Terry LaRue 3 dager siden
I have been watching his wonderful videos for a long time, and I think this is the first I have seen where nothing blew up.
Marijuana know something?
If you sold quality face masks with your eyes on them I'd buy 10 in a heartbeat.
VeryBoredGamer 4 dager siden
lcd light makes apartment look dead. or green yeah it cheap but I don't like how it looks.
Thom Wescott
Thom Wescott 4 dager siden
How can you expect rational behavior from a species that has decided that red, with its lower black body temperature, is a warm color while blue, with a much higher temperature, is a cool color?
Bardrick 4 dager siden
The excess heat is a good thing if you use electric heaters . . . LED is only helping you save energy on hot days if you have air conditioning.
Boolink125 5 dager siden
ElectroBOOM is my favorite political channel
Shashwat Mahto
Shashwat Mahto 5 dager siden
BOBMAN1980 5 dager siden
My apologies, but I did my own calculations, and they put Incandescent lights as the highest for consumer quality and fun.
Tymek Krawczyk
Tymek Krawczyk 5 dager siden
windows xp
The smore emperor
The smore emperor 6 dager siden
The president should deregulate as much as possible.
All in 'Marathi'.
All in 'Marathi'. 6 dager siden
'Indian subcontinental-American' looking 'Russo-Italian' sounding 'Davie 504'ish speaking hairy bald man talking about Trump and light. Hmm. I N T E R E S T I N G ! Dislikes? 'L A M E N T A B L E' behaviour.
SammyM00782 6 dager siden
One thing I have to mention, LED light bulbs can cause problems with remote controlled devices.
Grave Stoner
Grave Stoner 7 dager siden
I want a shirt that says "Capasitor + flux = time travel"
Imploder24 7 dager siden
0:16 I have to rectify it! Me: There is a joke in there somewhere
James Faction
James Faction 7 dager siden
LED lights vary in lifespan too. Most LED "bulbs" overdrive the LEDs, making them heat up, reducing efficiency and lifespan. Underdriven LEDs, say doubling the number of LEDs for the same output, will use less electricity and last longer
for led you forgot the fact that "we can not (for the moment) and we do not know how to recycle an led "
Kotr External
Kotr External 8 dager siden
LED is shit
Tech Mad
Tech Mad 8 dager siden
7:45 our little orange 🍊 guy 💀
Auriam 8 dager siden
"so you're saying this is a political video?" ;)
Josiah Whitted
Josiah Whitted 8 dager siden
Guys I think it’s a political video
Mohammad Yazdani
Mohammad Yazdani 9 dager siden
allyourbase 9 dager siden
I have a question: is this a political video?
Kian Azm
Kian Azm 9 dager siden
your so fool
jycannel 9 dager siden
I used to use a 6500k led, it was a 120w equivalent led, was not to bad
Praveen Sharma
Praveen Sharma 9 dager siden
*T H I S I S N O T A P O L I T I C A L V I D E O*
Ayush Agrawal
Ayush Agrawal 10 dager siden
those 1529 people lick butts
ABBZY Gaming
ABBZY Gaming 10 dager siden
The way he says GUUTT hahah soo funny
ammaar alkahef
ammaar alkahef 10 dager siden
i got lid because of him like if you did tooo
Joel Arseneault
Joel Arseneault 10 dager siden
I'm sure there's a study or 10 out there about this .... I have heard that incandescent lights are not really as bad as the initial power consumption data shows because of the heat that they release. (in colder climates like here in Canada) The reasoning being... lights come on at evening when the temp drops, lights give off heat and supplement heating your living area, thus taking some load off of your heatings system. There is obviously some truth to this, as a 100W light is a 100W heater that also gives off light.
M. Karbaschi
M. Karbaschi 10 dager siden
He graded the last parameter in reverse (gave a higher mark to worse ones).
SublimeHydrazine 10 dager siden
It's correct, all the bad parameters (e.i. "cost" and "power usage") have higher values denoting worse performance in that category
Jose Fuentes
Jose Fuentes 11 dager siden
I've bought LED bulbs recently and I'm not impressed. They blink out within 3 months. I know CFL isn't popular but they lasted 7 years! I paid a lot for them but they lasted a long time!
Kenneth Kline
Kenneth Kline 11 dager siden
Trump is Right. CFLs are garbage. LEDs are good
Zombie Warrior718Gaming
I am now concerned for my health after breaking 10 of those bulbs with mercury and poisonous gases as a kid
NightFlight1973 12 dager siden
Really should have included environmental manufacturing impact.
Karolina Svobodova
Karolina Svobodova 12 dager siden
Unusual electrician... clean table...
Adam Majed
Adam Majed 12 dager siden
Vishavjeet Singh
Vishavjeet Singh 12 dager siden
6:51 thanks for that😂
ROLLIN TWINTURBO 12 dager siden
I don't mind at all the mention of trump.....he's a human....like the rest of us....just with a title.....anyways moving on to the rest of the video😅
Stag Dragon
Stag Dragon 12 dager siden
I'm glad that we're realizing that CFL hurts. I've always wanted to change the one in my ceiling lamp for that exact reason. Might do it tomorrow.
Kellanium 12 dager siden
"I have to rectify it" don't you have to *full bridge rectify* it?
Andrew Newcome
Andrew Newcome 12 dager siden
As a Trump supporter I support this video
Matias Sanita
Matias Sanita 12 dager siden
warm light? no thanks, cold white light is better.
E'raan Lue
E'raan Lue 12 dager siden
The problem with LEDs is the unrealistic claim about their lifespan. My house were all LEDs and the average life is barely more than one year, rather than the 10 years they claim. In comparison incandescent last about 3 years and CFLs over 5 years at my usage rate. That has improved a bit now than 5 years ago but it's still nowhere near the advertised number.
YMC-DAB420 13 dager siden
I've always thought that cfl had a weirdness feel to it
Faking Gaming
Faking Gaming 13 dager siden
I got a keysight ad in the begining of the video...........
Kelly Kapoor
Kelly Kapoor 13 dager siden
The unequaled sing electrophoretically fade because dorothy gratifyingly call into a spotted riddle. educated, billowy straw
Gar Saxon
Gar Saxon 13 dager siden
"And so because he is orange, he looks orange. I'm just stating facts in science" LMFAO!!!!!!
Bob smith
Bob smith 13 dager siden
I spasmed like
Prometheus720 13 dager siden
One more thing against CFL. Some lampshades and other doodads are designed for incandescent shapes. LED bulbs can be made to fit that shape exactly and totally replicate old incandescents
itszian 14 dager siden
Its good he repeatedly said "THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL VIDEO" Or else Furious people will charge at him with hatred...
Juani Lopez Patterson
Juani Lopez Patterson 14 dager siden
6:33 windows xp
Juani Lopez Patterson
Juani Lopez Patterson 9 dager siden
@Praveen Sharma what that means?
Praveen Sharma
Praveen Sharma 9 dager siden
tre bushett
tre bushett 15 dager siden
My experience of domestic light bulbs is that overall the tungsten lasts the longest. CFL has a life span of about half the tungsten, even less in often switched short duration usage. They are irritating to have to wait for them to resemble a light bulb and not a glow-worm, and are not pleasant to contemplate breaking the glass. They use far more energy to produce with their reliance on electronic components, eg. bridge rectifier, inductors, capacitors and resistors, etc. LED, lifespan with the ones I've tested has been extremely poor, maybe due to cheap electronic components used in their construction. They perform very similarly to tungsten in most respects, except that their dimming properties is not that great. So, to conclude, give me the tungsten, any and every day.
GTA Gamer
GTA Gamer 15 dager siden
Kento 15 dager siden
For anyone confused about what a looney is, it’s just half a twoney, you’re welcome!
Jaekov 15 dager siden
This Trump Supporter is triggered by your unfriendliness towards the color orange.
Gamer Jam2
Gamer Jam2 16 dager siden
I smash one of those dangerous lights ooooooooffffffff
Mr Sol Gaming
Mr Sol Gaming 16 dager siden
Trump: I don’t want to be orange Me: do you want to be toaster
Epic gamer
Epic gamer 17 dager siden
6:30 in out in out in out in out 6:51 sun lamp sun lamp sun lamp sun lamp 7:18 Incandescent halogen Incandescent halogen Incandescent halogen Incandescent halogen ( mehdi the rapper) 10:01 Ikea philips incandescent philips
PREDATOR 17 dager siden
L. Mercado
L. Mercado 17 dager siden
It's obviously a matter of preference but objectively a cool light colour is less harmful to our eyes than warm light colour. We have a preference to warm light cuz we've been surrounded by it since little kids.
shem 17 dager siden
one of the best channels! love from Israel!
kuba bob
kuba bob 18 dager siden
Why does that laptop still use win xp
sponge bob
sponge bob 18 dager siden
#LED gang
Pratik Shastrakar
Pratik Shastrakar 19 dager siden
why the hell is that laptop running XP?/
sidewinder2057 19 dager siden
Accidentally stumbled on this guy, now can't stop watching
MaseFace71 McCulloch
MaseFace71 McCulloch 19 dager siden
Thanks for the political view
Mr.cookedfish 19 dager siden
You forgot to mention another point: RGB Goodness Incandescent =1 Halogen=1 CFL =1 LED =16.7 million Do led is actually way more than 54 times better
David Czechowski
David Czechowski 20 dager siden
The only problem with LED lamps is that you shouldn't switch them on and off for short periods of time, as this will quickly break the LED driver inside the LED bulb. That's why normal light bulbs are a better choice for the basement or storage room, because you usually just turn them on for a short time and then leave the room.
David Czechowski
David Czechowski 13 dager siden
@Niek Vels I didn't knew that. Thanks!
Stefan Pejak Tesla II
Stefan Pejak Tesla II 20 dager siden
It is not about that, do I dislike president or not leke him😂
Stuart Wilson
Stuart Wilson 21 dag siden
I miss trump and his misguided crap that he spews out.
Half Dead
Half Dead 21 dag siden
Trump: Hates newfangled CFL lights CFLs: Invented in 1976 and gained popularity in the 1980s You know you're an old fogey when the "New" thing you are complaining about is actually the old thing, and is already on its way out 🤣
DetectiveChicken 22 dager siden
"GO WARM OR GO HOME" Meanwhile Russians in the north:
Too old to rock-n-roll, too young to die
Orange man bad
Mr. Joe
Mr. Joe 22 dager siden
Saki Maki
Saki Maki 23 dager siden
Me too
Dar Kon
Dar Kon 24 dager siden
melody 24 dager siden
“It’s not about if I dislike the president or not like him”
Mor Rari
Mor Rari 25 dager siden
great vid, but im bothered you did not mention the theoretic max of every light source, leds beings 95% light 5% heat waste and incandescent being 5% light and 95% heat waste
playbyan1453 25 dager siden
Because himself is orange
filip_boucek 26 dager siden
all the lights in my home are LED... like all of them
DEATH STRAND GAMING 26 dager siden
"Spasm" 2:01 😂😂😂😂
Brandon Semik
Brandon Semik 26 dager siden
Who makes the best CRI LED in North America? Seriously.
Brandon Semik
Brandon Semik 13 dager siden
@Niek Vels thanks, I went with YujiLED, they specialize in ultra high CRI bulbs, also, got 2 from Waveform lighting, 2 niche market companies that are all about having the highest CRI/R9 value
RedJamesSaul 26 dager siden
if you did like him he'd tell you to leave the country anyway
Selmarian productions
Selmarian productions 26 dager siden
Not all cfls have spikes, I have a 6000k 12 watt studio light that has a smooth spectrum with a peak of 484nm
KamoGaming [ かも]
KamoGaming [ かも] 26 dager siden
moved into my new home and realised that *ALL* of the existing light bulbs were incandescent.. so we changed each of them to led
TG Beastie
TG Beastie 26 dager siden
electro is getting revenge because trump drone striked his leader