Is 5G Spelling Our DOOM?! How EM Waves Can Hurt 

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With 5G upon us, there are tons of worries and controversies around it. Is 5G dangerous?
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Vitenskap og teknologi



19. mai. 2020





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ElectroBOOM 9 måneder siden
Hello BOOMers! As they say, only death and taxes are certain! So make sure to peer review. I'll add the good points here. - Remember AGAIN, at ANY frequency if the energy is high enough it can hurt you at least with tissue heating, which can lead to other complications or maybe indirectly to cancer. That's why all transmissions are limited to very low energy that can do nothing. - Long exposure to sun light's UV-A and UV-B, although not ionizing but because of sheer volume and higher frequency and energy, causes tanning and sun burn. Those cause side effects that can lead to cancer, like accelerated aging of skin cells. - 5G wireless range is pretty short, see MKBHD's video: nosections.info/green/wHiEjKWRZZ-omr4/video.html - I'm hearing from a bunch of people that 5G effects the oxygen level in air or body for some reason?! HOW?! oxygen molecule (O2) is non-polarized, so no electrical imbalance in it to interact with EM waves. H2O in microwave oven interacts with 2.4GHz because it is polarized. Which hoax paper talked about this nonsense?! Just because people yell wrong things doesn't make them right! unless there is a very legitimate test report... SHOW ME! - one more good point: light shining on plants can break molecules and store light energy in plants through photosynthesis. So... can light at lower frequency ionize? Now I'm not familiar with how plants work, but I can assume light does it indirectly. For example, visible light can generate electricity through a solar-cell and that electricity can be used to break water molecules into gasses. You can do all sort of magic with electricity like run a Tesla Coil! So light energy at any frequency can be processed to do other things, but at lower than UV frequencies can't directly break molecules.
Andy - SV1DKD
Andy - SV1DKD 4 dager siden
Hi Mehdi, when you get a chance I invite you to watch & review the lecture "The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" by Dr Devra Davis at the University of Melbourne, video here nosections.info/green/o6ype3V6mWygp74/video.html Too me after watching the whole lecture it seems that the jury is still out on the issue (especially when it comes to pulsed vs cw EMF)
Hazard Fraud
Hazard Fraud 7 dager siden
Radiation does not need to be "ionizing" to cause biological harm, please revisit: Biological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (Masoud et all., 2019) -An analysis of 421 published works for the period 1990-2018 www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0079610718301007 Papers discuss many mechanisms including oxidative stress and protein regulation. Not to mention the statistical correlations in the cited lab experiments.
AbbasOP 10 dager siden
don't be a selfish piece of shit you know how many birds die from radiation every fucking year?? cellphones work is to communicate with others i guess 4G is more than enough for that
Mlad Bog
Mlad Bog 11 dager siden
Good Channel 👍. But you are not qualified to say anything about 5G. Unless you have done an independent long term study...
L B 15 dager siden
Your opinion is not that of an expert.
Dayanand Kadalgere
Siddharth Rastogi
TileWorld Games
TileWorld Games Dag siden
Awwww I like you too
Akshay Dag siden
Too much biology😂😂
Harry B
Harry B Dag siden
If you'd build an antenna half the length of a light wave, would it send and receive light of that length? Then why hasn't any of those great nano-technicians done it yet?
Travel Addict
Travel Addict Dag siden
Can you explain the claim of 5G interfering the birds migration and messing them up .
Patrick Simpstar
If anyone is reading this who didn't already understand 5G isn't a real threat, and has had their mind changed, then feel free to reply here. I'm genuinely curious. Great breakdown, I especially appreciate that you treaded more carefully and immediately provided citations to the parts that were outside your usual/established expertise (i.e., the biology stuff). Nonetheless, I can't help but wonder that any attempt at explaining this will always be preaching to the choir. The internet has made it easy for educators like you to reach the public, but it's also made it easy for conspiracy theorists to stew in a cycle of misinformation and pseudoscience.
dan sangha
dan sangha Dag siden
The cuddly employer karyologically undress because apartment emotionally telephone towards a lumpy chef. cultured, private jumbo
fishIsnotfish fish
Fear the technology and kill it with fire, summon the mob 💩
Memory 80
Memory 80 2 dager siden
don't worry this will do ultra giga little hurt
BOBSonONE 2 dager siden
if only school teachers taught science like this. cool video.
SuspiciousStuff 2 dager siden
unless u hug the antenna.. .subscribed
Jason Maher
Jason Maher 2 dager siden
Thank you ElectroBOOM. I thought(unfairly) that you were an idiot that won't be long in this world due to some meme's and hypercuts of your content. Imagine my surprise and humiliation when I saw this video slowly turned to the relief then happiness I felt to not hear bs about 5G. I am now subscribed and pledge not to judge so quickly.
Kitsudōte 2 dager siden
This guy just went trough a bunch of different sciences and topics and described each of them on point in a very short amount of time. This is *outstanding*.
Ellen Soares
Ellen Soares 2 dager siden
3:34 SHUT UP YOU LIAR!!!!!!
Drew Ellis
Drew Ellis 2 dager siden
Genuine question, and something to consider, why have alot of places around the world banned 5g rollout, including Switzerland, Switzerland are not stupid as im sure u know, they are not conspiracy theorists, so why would they withdraw the rollout if there was absolutely no health concern. And its not just Switzerland there are states and areas around the world that will not roll it out. Personally, for many reasons i dont want to see 5g rollled out, the coverage is poor so will need a hell of a lot more antenna towers, and i know the direct beam signal puts alot if people off hahah. Anyway, not after bunch of sarcy comments back, jus saying, I guess Switzerland either know things we dont, or are tin foil dons. But given that they have one of the tidiest healthiest countries in the workd world i tend to be curious at decisions they make. Que the fact checkers
nto emoney
nto emoney 2 dager siden
My ears been ringing a lot more
Jacob 2 dager siden
*Sees video title* Me: Is it? Mehdi: 1:37 Me: Understandable, have a nice day.
37 Nightcore
37 Nightcore 2 dager siden
Karen and idiots be like: 2G: Calm 3G: Calm 4G: Calm 5G: **PANIC** 6G: Calm
Ali Ramezani
Ali Ramezani 2 dager siden
8:33 what movie is that clip from?
Rishabh Awasthi
Rishabh Awasthi 3 dager siden
I like your style. 😃
Armia Khairy 0293
Armia Khairy 0293 3 dager siden
Looks like ElectroBOOM loves this whip sound effect so much.
BlueScreenOfDead 3 dager siden
bru, i cant hit subscribe, i am already subsribed !
S I O M A I 3 dager siden
"slap like now" wait what?
Hime Arikawa
Hime Arikawa 3 dager siden
Him: “SPONSORED BY RAYCON!” Me using raycons to watch this: “h”
milan hofman
milan hofman 3 dager siden
@0:08 OMG!!!!
Lil gamer Growing slow
Who else licked the side that you plug into your device and got shocked bad then did it again yes I’m dumb
Siddharth Sharma
Siddharth Sharma 3 dager siden
“Slap like now and subscribe” Me sitting here like the goodest boi who has already done that
Intrafacial86 3 dager siden
You should check out the Active Denial System used by the military. It’s basically an anti-riot technology that heats human skin with 95GHz waves. They used wavelengths shorter than actual microwave ovens (2.45GHz) so the radiation doesn’t penetrate the epidermis.
Intrafacial86 21 time siden
@Sababugs112 oh yeah of course. I didn’t mean to come across as disagreeing with him if that’s what it seems - merely bringing up a similar technology. What he said still holds true: even the high-intensity radiation that is deliberately designed to cause pain still doesn’t cause cancer, even though it can give you second degree burns with prolonged exposure.
Sababugs112 Dag siden
Yeah but those use way more energy
Intrafacial86 3 dager siden
Freaky girls be like 1:41
Douglas 3 dager siden
Doesn't China have up to 10G by now? I've always liked Fibre Optic.
MadDog95 3 dager siden
No, the fifth generation is the newest one. There is no 10th generation yet
Make-U-rich 3 dager siden
When i was in the army they were using older Russian made radars. We saw a cat jumped up on the radar and died within 20 second. Hes hairs started to fall front of our eyes. But of course RF is not harmfull. Wish we had a camera.
Make-U-rich Dag siden
@Sababugs112 obligatory service. Poland. 1980
Sababugs112 Dag siden
Which battalion ?
huckfin 1
huckfin 1 3 dager siden
5G does heat the water molecules in the human body therefore can be dangerous
Patrick Simpstar
He dedicates about a third of the video specifically to this point... To say that 5G is dangerous because it can heat things up is a really dishonest point. You might as well also say that a lightbulb placed a mile away from you is dangerous because if the sun were that close it would kill you. For frequencies below UV light, it's not the frequency of the radiation that matters, but the intensity of it. The safety calculations are trivial to do and, as stated here, the people in charge of setting them up have obviously conformed to them. It's not like they're straddling the line of safety, either; in fact it would be extremely difficult and wasteful to crank the power up to dangerous levels: they'd really have to go out of their way to hurt anyone. Radio waves from every broadcast tower in your city have been heating you up since the day you were born, and you're still alive and well. There are no differences other than paranoia and fear-mongering.
MadDog95 3 dager siden
How many joules does a human receive from 5g? Not much. You're receiving more joules from a standard TV screen or led lamp through IR light.
Jaime Orr
Jaime Orr 4 dager siden
I can tell you from exp - I have cooked my right ear with a cell phone and have a ear ring just in right ear I can tell you 2nd person - the girlfriend : worse. 1) headaches I can tell you 3rd person - the women who worked with the girlfriend all: worse. Depending on which hand they used the cell phone with
G G 4 dager siden
But if you want to get my explanation you need to buy raycon to hear it
R Carmisin
R Carmisin 4 dager siden
People say music determines how something grows, smooth energy to thrash energy, plants grow different ways. 5G isn't heating us up like the sun, but the energy is messing with our natural rhythms some way. Yaw mean?
Dee Huynh
Dee Huynh 4 dager siden
you dumb bolt. Our brains will get used 5G
jathu waran
jathu waran 4 dager siden
zus CLHz
zus CLHz 4 dager siden
Thank You So Much for the Great Work You have done! 🙏🚂🎼🌹🎵🎶🥳 ~C< 3)>>-Z->}
Arcade Alchemist
Arcade Alchemist 4 dager siden
higher frequency than the human mind and Boom you have a Yuri Mind control tower.
RacingFlash 4 dager siden
In short stupid people think 5th generation mobile wireless network lightless antenna can cause cancer more than the sun.
Julian Juellz
Julian Juellz 4 dager siden
thanks, that was reassuring. tho, why had the limitations for radiation to be raised in order to legalize 5g? why was it set to a lower level?
Tony 4 dager siden
"Slap like now and Sbscribe" Do you watch Davie504 sir.
Adam Bogan
Adam Bogan 4 dager siden
I have read where 5G antennae and their normal operating frequencies isn't the main issue folks are worried about. There are reports that claim that the antenna's can be "turned up" or "weaponized" in such a manner. Seems like a good mercy kill accompanied by their shots.
Adam Bogan
Adam Bogan 4 dager siden
Radio waves are good! Sells radio waves at the end. I love the video and learned a lot. Hey, my grandma's, neighbor's, uncle's, other neighbor's aunt's mail lady said she used to wear Bluetooth earbuds until she got a blue tooth in her mouth. She switched to 5G and now she only snorts 5 g's on the weekend. (Apparently it used to be way more?) Unreal, Psh! I'm a huge fan Electro Boom, even if DARPA and Raycon paid for this endorsement. Brain tumors are up 10,000% in the U.S. since cell phones hit the masses. If not the radio waves, maybe it's the radioactive, toxic minerals used to polish phone screens? Phones also contain mercury and lead in them that I assume vaporizes/vents a little bit every time the phone gets hot. Technology just might save the Earth after all, by removing it's human mites from it's surface muhahahahaha. I do remember a story from the early 90's in the U.S. where many cops were getting testicular cancer and it may have been linked to their radar guns sitting too close to them? The got paid in a class action lawsuit. (I've been shocked a lot, too. If you couldn't already tell) Any who, love ya dude, keep up the great and informative content. You have taught me a great deal of info over the years. Peace
terrablade boss
terrablade boss 4 dager siden
Instead, the subtle increases are more likely related to other factors - such as increased access to medical care and improvements in diagnostic imaging. In one study that followed more than 420,000 cellphone users over a 20-year period, researchers found no evidence of a link between cellphones and brain tum -google basically its not more cancer, but more discovered cases of cancer
Martiddy - Sama
Martiddy - Sama 4 dager siden
why would DARPA sponsor a youtuber that has nothing to do with military content?
CODE PLAYS 5 dager siden
11:43 that face
dr .n0
dr .n0 5 dager siden
3:26 lololol
A random Zy
A random Zy 5 dager siden
7:35 which video?
Kanchana Bunplook
Kanchana Bunplook 5 dager siden
Stop 5G
3yanlis1bos 5 dager siden
7:51 Of cooourse... But maybe, just mayybee...
MrMisterMan 5 dager siden
if you're worried about 5g killing you, then you have way too much free time
it's me zius
it's me zius 5 dager siden
I see electroBOOM is now a biologist
Owen Yacoe
Owen Yacoe 5 dager siden
This is so good
Rohan Pal
Rohan Pal 5 dager siden
Does 5g affect birds?
Sababugs112 Dag siden
Not really
Martiddy - Sama
Martiddy - Sama 4 dager siden
Eve ill Anderson
Eve ill Anderson 5 dager siden
yes because bees were using it to communicate before us, it's how they taught a water witch (jesus) to levitate
B24Fox 5 dager siden
And yet, the effects upon the body are much MUCH more complex than only heat (which is a byproduct of friction, which in itself is a byproduct of vibration); and the safety guidelines imply way lower doses than what we're subjected to daily: www.baubiologie.de/downloads/english/richtwerte_2008_englisch.pdf www.degruyter.com/document/doi/10.1515/reveh-2016-0011/html Having a WiFi router blasting low doses of radiation at your head 24h/day, at the same freq as as your microwave oven (2.4Ghz), is pretty obviously idiotic. Not to mention that a wireless routers outputs way more power than a cellphone, and cellphones were NEVER ment to be used continuously... because of their ill effects... obviously :-|
ASDALIDL1 3 dager siden
​@B24Fox "Also learn about resonance.. and (for example) why 2.4Ghz is used to heat food (or more precisely, water), and not any other random frequency..." Microwaves do not use resonance to heat water, they instead use dielectric heating which switches the field causing molecules to rotate and collide with other molecules and radiate heat. They use the frequency due to it being an available allocation from the FCC at the time and also due to the efficiency. The power used in 2.4ghz wireless access points is tiny compared to that used in microwave ovens (0.1W compared to 800W) so the heating effect will be next to none and would dissipate almost immediately. Another thing to consider is that the SAR standard is set at a "level well below that at which laboratory testing indicates, and medical and biological experts generally agree, adverse health effects could occur".
Rowyn Official
Rowyn Official 3 dager siden
@B24Fox are you hearing yourself?
Ora nge
Ora nge 4 dager siden
@B24Fox "Power has nothing to do with the wave frequency." Correct. What I am saying is that yes, the waves have the same frequency, but the amplitude is much higher. For this reason if you try to cook food with a phone it simply won't work. You are correct in saying that the SAR restrictions only look at a finite amount of time, however they did this as they cannot realistically conduct a study of the effects over an infinite period of time. I would suggest you have a look at the channel EEVBlog as he explains how this works in great detail. Just search EEVblog EMF. You may wish to reconsider that saying...
B24Fox 4 dager siden
@Ora nge I'm not gonna turn this into a 3page-long reddit thread about microwave radiation. So this is gonna be my last response. - Didn't say frequency equals power. I don't know where you got this from. In any case: the higher the power, the bigger the amplitude of the wave. Power has nothing to do with the wave frequency. - Wifi Router = Wireless Router. Sorry if i gave the impression that i was referring to 2 different things. I didn't. And I think almost everybody on the face of the planet knows what a Wifi Router is & does, so there's no point to dwell on this. - You need not look any further than the creation of the SAR standard that all the manufacturers still have to comply to. Which, among other things, specifies LIMITATIONS to certain amounts of exposure, within a finite(not INfinite) length of time. And this is barely the start of the research that you (and anybody else) should do on their own. If you want to be right, you'll be right no matter what. Otherwise, i suggest starting by trying to prove yourself wrong, not right. That's the way you should test any theory. --Another thing: I did not, at any point, say that the higher the frequency, the worse it is (actually past a certain point, it doesn't even penetrate past your skin --that's why the sun's radiation gives you skin cancer, not bone cancer). You should really learn to properly read the initial statement, before arguing against it. Also learn about resonance.. and (for example) why 2.4Ghz is used to heat food (or more precisely, water), and not any other random frequency... There's an old saying: The more a wise man learns, the more he realizes what he doesn't know; while the foolish are contempt knowing only enough to be dangerous.
Ora nge
Ora nge 4 dager siden
@B24Fox Frequency does not equal power! 1) What is the difference between a "WiFi router" and a "Wireless router" 2) Routers are almost never wireless. Routers are usually connected to your modem and then connected to the Wireless access point. You probably have a "Home hub" that combines a Wireless Access point, router, and network switch. 3) Find me a scientific paper or other reputable document that says that "cellphones were NEVER ment to be used continuously... because of their ill effects... obviously :-|" :D Another thing, the frequency of visible light is from 400 - 790 THZ. If you are going to claim that 2.4ghz (0.0024THZ!!!!) communication is harmful, maybe you should campaign against visible light instead.
CasamSaturnBOİ is cutie - Enjoy
And what about 300 Yottahertz.
Jayson Hung
Jayson Hung 5 dager siden
This guy is a slapper.. Hello Slappers...
shivendra mishra
shivendra mishra 5 dager siden
Wowwww... Such a to the poin, accurate and decisive explanation... thnx.. Although i know all this stuff, but I often find it difficult to explain it to people... I will suggest this video to those who are misguided.. Thnx again..
Brendon Williams
Brendon Williams 5 dager siden
Love the Louise CK reference. That's easily one of his funniest bits.
D 5 dager siden
I tried learn about the topic but got distracted by his legendary editing instead
Donald Petersen
Donald Petersen 5 dager siden
This video gave half of us cancer. That's kind of a bummer :/
Grumpy Drop Bear
Grumpy Drop Bear 5 dager siden
These flange-heads conveniently overlook the fact that 5G is NOT ionizing radiation!
The True Independents
The True Independents 5 dager siden
You're imagining it wrong, we're not concerned about 5G frying us.. cooking us... heating us up... we're not afraid of all that you said, what we're afraid of is hundreds of studies that show each cell in our body is reactive to a specific wavelength of light that when interacting with it will disrupt normal functionality. So, it can reduce or increase permeability for instance of a membrane to allow for viruses to pass through more easily, or inhibit vitamin absorption properties, and a lot more COMPLEX C O M P L E X stuff you aren't touching base on for some reason.. stupidity? Evil?
The True Independents
@Patrick Simpstar Excuse me... thats amazing what I'm reading here. So go look up 1995 study it's in the journal of med or whatever main science publications.. linking how when Epstein Barr Virus is exposed to 65hz or some number I don't remember it under goes a mutation. It's a complex science of how every cell in our bodies is reactive to specific wavelengths that cause an obstruction of normal function. I'm not just saying all these words you f'in idiots.
Patrick Simpstar
Hundreds of studies...I urge you to link even three such studies from any accredited organizations, otherwise there's no conversation to be had.
MadDog95 2 dager siden
@The True Conspiracist cosmic radiation doesn't have to be ionizing.
The True Independents
The True Independents 2 dager siden
@MadDog95 Ye that's right, they gotta be specific wavelengths, you should try reading the replies it's not about *damage, normal function of cells can be obstructed by certain non-ionizing wavelengths depending on which cells, each is different.
MadDog95 2 dager siden
@The True Independents I'm surprised our cells haven't been damaged by cosmic radiation or simply sunlight. I guess "science" says it's only bad if it's man made.
The True Independents
The True Independents 5 dager siden
but it couldd be hitting us with direct energy over time prolonged exposure causes cancer. Also what you dont understand is how it doesn't have to be ionizing to inflict harm, they could use any wavelength they did studies to know how it affects a specific cell in our bodies, so for instance they could make our cells not absorb vitamin D as efficiently. I'm not just talking, and i'm not just saying this.. theres hundreds of studies on this stuff.
Kairice 2 dager siden
can you link one of these hundreds of studies?
TruthΦfZero 5 dager siden
"Unless, you hug the antenna, i guess" xD
Julian 5 dager siden
The sound quality is UMPF
SpryrixHD 5 dager siden
Teacher: There are no stupid questions Student: 10:13 Teacher: 10:21
Marshall's Creek Farm
Marshall's Creek Farm 5 dager siden
at the beginning I said myself that what kind of accident he can cause on a topic like this? until I see that he puts a 9-volt battery in his mouth.:)
You're not on fire yet.
The problem is that most of us with common sense can try to understand this to try and counter the thinking of idiots.. but I just looked at one thread here going for months basically trying to convince and idiot that he is, in fact, being an idiot... and well you can probably figure what the real problem is, and it's not just that this video didn't exist before...
Neptune 6 dager siden
Of course... BUT MAYBE.
Adolfo Henriquez
Adolfo Henriquez 6 dager siden
Is anyone going to comment that the binary at the start of the video says "OMG"?
Hamza Fatine
Hamza Fatine 6 dager siden
I want you as my teacher
Soham Verma
Soham Verma 6 dager siden
Thanks man, just proved my mom 5G can’t kill me if i have my phone all the time 😂
Kareem N
Kareem N 6 dager siden
Can u translate the enchantment table upgrades?
Kaylle Salvado
Kaylle Salvado 6 dager siden
when he siad 5 gigahertz my phone crashed
It's Omega Tech!
It's Omega Tech! 6 dager siden
13:24 the best song I've ever heard!
TheOneToRuleThemAll Johnson
Use the technology to protect your brain at all cost
TheOneToRuleThemAll Johnson
In actuality either using one earbud or a wired connection is best having two devices on either side of your brain with an electro Matic wave going between one ear through the other constantly rather you’re listening to videos songs watching your movies audiobooks constantly have you ever checked your brain activity in your brain waves and how much you’ve altered them so bad I have a pair air buds that I’ve never worn and I still use a wire connection
540 Inc.
540 Inc. 6 dager siden
The ambient radiation we receive from the universe and the sun on a daily basis is higher than and man made radio signal possible.. Even the LHC can't produce the same level of power in comparison..
sTeVe 42
sTeVe 42 6 dager siden
I live in Germany and do only have 1 G 😔
Teier Myler
Teier Myler 6 dager siden
Yea the sun has always been the most dangerous electromagnetic radiation that we commonly come into contact
ali hemed
ali hemed 7 dager siden
how about x-rays used in hospitals, we would like to hear something.
Brandon Yeo
Brandon Yeo 6 dager siden
It’s safe to use but not too often
Hazard Fraud
Hazard Fraud 7 dager siden
Radiation does not need to be "ionizing" to cause biological harm, please revisit: Biological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (Masoud et all., 2019) -An analysis of 421 published works for the period 1990-2018 www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0079610718301007 Papers discuss many mechanisms including oxidative stress and protein regulation. Not to mention the statistical correlations in the cited lab experiments.
entitydotexe 7 dager siden
You know that these stupid conspiracy theorists don't know the difference between Gigahertz and Terahertz right???
cteodorbogdan 7 dager siden
Isn`t the intensity of a electro-magnetic radiation that harms you? A big intensity of a 5G radiation is more dangerous that a low intensity of an UVC radiation.
Sababugs112 Dag siden
It can cause burns but outside of that nothing unless its ionising
ASDALIDL1 4 dager siden
Yes it heats you up more but below uvc that's all it can do
Cat Videos
Cat Videos 7 dager siden
Definitely not cancer but brain tumor like bad things will happen overtime to a human also vegetation around us will be bad. Sun is natural also the harmful ultra violet rays gets filtered by ozone layer. Thanks to us humans the ozone layer is dying slowly but it’s still strong enough the filter out all the harmful ultra violet rays and providing us good sun rays. So it’s definitely a stupid thing comparing 5G with Sun. Talking about Flashlights. We don’t have flashlight turned on everywhere faced towards humans all the time. 5G will be
God alien
God alien 6 dager siden
Visible light is more ionizing than 5g So it does not matter if the ozone layer filters shit, we see all the Visible light from the sun, if 5g causes cancer or tumours then the earth would be a cancer fuckfest.
ghostsintheforum 7 dager siden
What if got on top on the 5G antenna and did a handstand and lowered my head into the center of the antenna and wore it like an upside down crown, would I get cancer then?
mr. pigeon
mr. pigeon 7 dager siden
r the karens gonna start saying light causes autism?
Mikhail Schmalzried
Mikhail Schmalzried 7 dager siden
Love your videos. Thank you.
Shaolin Rasta
Shaolin Rasta 7 dager siden
You are amazing, sir.
Bruzzun Ath'tuch
Bruzzun Ath'tuch 7 dager siden
I'm planning to sell a metal grated trashcans as a "5g blockers for your wifi routers" on craigslist in order to scam conspiracy nuts and make some money XD
Predsednik Mimoslavije Darko
Ereder 8 dager siden
but if it can heat up tissue even by just a littlebit ... why is that not an issue when a few degree in global warming affect a lot of the environment. Doesn't 5g heat up not just human tissue but all living things? Isn't the whole global warming thing an issue that come from an imbalance and how 5g will tuther increase that by adding even more "artificial" energy into the mix ? especially because they are constantly on and global?
m3phisto23 8 dager siden
i do have 5G internet now for a few weeks, it works great! but when i first got it, i put the router right next to me on the window sill. it was about 30 cm away from my arm. after a few hours i noticed a tingling feeling in my arm. when hovering my hand next to the router (5cm) you can feel something like electrostatic engergy - not sure what it is, since it my arm hair does not react. i thought i am crazy and had my GF test it out (without telling her what i am intending her to look for), it seems to router is giving off some kind of energy. the router is a huawei 5G cpe pro 2 right now i put the router in a corner further away from me. i am not worried, but i am curious. does anybody have an idea on this?
m3phisto23 2 dager siden
@MadDog95 i agree with you on that. but i also think that the biggest thing science has over superstition is that it is always ok for science to be challenged, and if if turns out it does not hold up, that it can be improved
MadDog95 2 dager siden
@m3phisto23 Science says humans shouldn't be able to sense things in the hundreds of gigahertz areas but let me know if you find out something new.
m3phisto23 2 dager siden
​@MadDog95 i konw where you are getting at and my first thought when i noticed this was " i am not sober, i can not be trusted on this". the next day i spend thinking about confirmation bias and how i could do a test without buying test equipment i can not effort i actually know this episode of mind field and was already thinking of setting up blind tests for my friends. i was think of using a big peace of cardboard. maybe have someone else place the router at random spots behind the cardboard and just be feeling trying to figure out where the router is.
MadDog95 2 dager siden
@m3phisto23 I think this might be some kind of bias (not in a bad but totally human way). If you're scared you will start hearing strange noises, if you're sure you won't like this new food you won't like it, If you think there's something in the darkness you will start seeing things. It's the same for other people, You tell someone "go there, do you feel something?" they will feel something because you just suggested there is something. Michael Stevens made a Mind Field episode this topic. I recommend watching it. Edit: nosections.info/green/snlzmqd1e4aA3b4/video.html
m3phisto23 2 dager siden
​@MadDog95 i am not 100% sure if i agree. (i am not into 5G conspiracies, if anything i try to debunk them) since i first experienced this, i had multiple people test this, without me telling them what i wanted them to feel for near the router. all of them agree that there is something off and they can feel it too. i can assure you, a blood deficiency is not the cause of this phenomenon.
NewYoung 8 dager siden
Help, I sent this to my parents. Now I lose every logical argument we have.
Felix Guo
Felix Guo 8 dager siden
I love the Louis CK reference: of courseeee but MAYBEEE
LordOfMasters 6 dager siden
I swear by the I time I read your comment it poped in the video, WOW
[][][] 8 dager siden
Toilet paper resellers probably don't believe you lol.
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