ELECTRIC VEHICLES & My Tesla Model 3 Review 

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I FINALLY bought my first Electric Vehicle (EV) and it happens to be a Tesla Model 3! So, let’s look at EV cars in general and see if this Tesla thing is any good.
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Look What I Bought!
0:53 Why to by an Electric Vehicle
3:36 Why I bought a Tesla Model 3
5:54 Testing Tesla’s Collision Avoidance
6:48 Test Drive the Tesla and Self-Driving
10:19 Regenerative Braking and Travel Range
13:25 Price of Gas Compared to Electricity
14:33 Charging an Electric Vehicle
16:34 Final Thoughts on Tesla’s Properties

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30. mars. 2021





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Aron Eungwoo Klöpping
Aron Eungwoo Klöpping 43 minutter siden
But I have question isn't electric vehicle also not that good for the environment? Because for electricity we need coal and we need to burn it. Coal is limited. I know that it doesnt fart co2 gas etc but i dont think that it is the best.
nathan white
nathan white Time siden
i car that drains energy when standing still doesnt seem helpfull to the enviorment
Ahmad Fakhriizz
Ahmad Fakhriizz 2 timer siden
His subscribers already beaten bobby duke arts, congratulations!
Kelum Abhayawickrama
Kelum Abhayawickrama 2 timer siden
mehdi has the biggest knife to cut the crap
Kevin Luna
Kevin Luna 3 timer siden
Does this car have a **FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIER** ?
Moxxie 3 timer siden
I think the best is the future with hydrogen cars, because they have the same production costs as a classic car and when burned it produces only water (steam) and electric cars have one major problem, batteries. There are many cases of self-ignition or explosion of the battery, then sr such a fire can easily be extinguished for a week and the batteries still have a great burden on nature during disposal.
Hugostar Games
Hugostar Games 4 timer siden
as much as i like your videos PLEASE NEVER HOLD SMTH WHILE DRIVING like wtf?
Bumpkin 5 timer siden
Are you sure the slow display is due to poor Internet connection?
Bumpkin 5 timer siden
Why compare against the worst case of gasoline consumption, not the best, or average?
Vishweshwaraiah Pooviah
electroboom you can use a toy motor as a speaker try it , you can make a video about it
who are u brueh
who are u brueh 6 timer siden
Make a seat heater on it hehehehe its gonna explode soon
Matt C
Matt C 7 timer siden
i have a matrix! 240k miles and climbing. rough but still rolls.
James Lowery
James Lowery 7 timer siden
Please rectify this video nosections.info/green/jqFdq3iRZ66sl9Q/video.html
BRYSON KNIGHT 8 timer siden
1:28 matrix ate him
P455w0rd's 16
P455w0rd's 16 12 timer siden
16:11 Just imagine guys... the city will fall
rageagainstthebath 12 timer siden
I'd get one too ,except that barely anyone has a garage around here.
dad look it's the good kush
noticed that other tesla at 7:22 ?
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 7 timer siden
This mans bought a Tesla Whiteboard
Doderio Larkisso
Doderio Larkisso 13 timer siden
>regenerative braking oh you mean like ENGINE BRAKING?
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 7 timer siden
authority have spoken: I was looking for one, now I'm gonna buy one 100% sure.
16_DEBJYOTI SAHA_1202 15 timer siden
3:35 Fill in the blanks Much cheaper for you to ______
Giorgi Shubladze
Giorgi Shubladze 16 timer siden
Is this guy still alive?
fire surfer
fire surfer 16 timer siden
Try making some concrete blocks out of cardboard as realistically as possible.
nopochoclos 16 timer siden
Greetings from Argentina, Mehdi make a video about the Canadian John Hutchinson experiments, you have a lot of material there haha. Keep it up, your didactic goes off scale, I still have to learn electronics, it's hard to know where to start without getting lost. Success! Fernando
AG. Spice
AG. Spice 16 timer siden
10mm impact socket 🤤
Syntax Error
Syntax Error 17 timer siden
get a 400 volt capacitor and charge it. Then go to the person you hate and say "Wanna play tag" then touch them with the metal things on the capacitor (:
George Shonia
George Shonia 17 timer siden
Omg I'm completely died after watching the end.. I've to subscribe now
štěpán formánek
štěpán formánek 18 timer siden
Ok I hate him now
aditya sharma
aditya sharma 18 timer siden
Imagine if you miss a payment on TESLA and it drives itself back to the dealership. 🤣🤣🤣
George Shonia
George Shonia 18 timer siden
Just realized that you ordered white interior! Here is my like! Kudos to your for that
Dave Dablave
Dave Dablave 18 timer siden
The reason why it requires you to step on the gas and touch the steering wheel is probably not a technology limit. It's probably to manage legal liability. Because you are still maintaining control over the vehicle, you are liable if the car gets in an accident. If the car drove completely on its own, then the manufacturer could be liable. This is the same reason why cars with automatic parking still require you to hit the gas and break manually.
George Shonia
George Shonia 18 timer siden
Damn, congratulation, Why Your accent is reminds one of the GTA characters? Hahah pleas continue sharing your journey with your tesla
donciak 21 time siden
authority have spoken: I was looking for one, now I'm gonna buy one 100% sure.
Yeet Souls
Yeet Souls 21 time siden
This mans bought a Tesla Whiteboard
HansDelbruck53 22 timer siden
Did anyone else find the hand-clapping annoying.
Eeyore 22 timer siden
Dont car battery polute a lot when you throw them away?
Yosi Magna
Yosi Magna 23 timer siden
Hi Mehdi how do we make DC to DC converter
Carlos Fragoso
Carlos Fragoso Dag siden
Self driving technology right now doesn't make much sense for me, unless you have a city full of self driving cars it's not that effective nor safe to use along human operated vehicules. Or maybe its just my poor ass that can't see myself paying the "cheapest" and then the insurrance of such an expensive car in my country (probably would pay more monthly for the inssurance than the car). Now, if the self driving tech is used to help or improve human reaction times and prevent irresponsible or distracted drivers from mesing with other people day, then that's where I see its value. For now I'll stay with my gasoline car but I'm really looking at hybrids (fully electric cars are still too espensive in my country, like really prohibitively expensive)
Adam Hillier
Adam Hillier Dag siden
You probably shouldn’t touch any outlets, especially high voltage ones while they have electricity running through them.
Electricity taster
Whenever you go up a hill in a tesla, make sure to drink something at the top so the extra weight gives you more regenerative breaking. And always pee at the bottom of the hill.
Shaji Aravindakshan
Medi make a spot welder 😀
/\ /\D4J4R
/\ /\D4J4R Dag siden
Hey!... cows burping and farting balances what grass and weeds consumes in See - Oh - Too!!!
Kevin Covert
Kevin Covert Dag siden
What wrong with you muscle cars are awesome!!!!!!!!!!
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Dag siden
0:38 He want to say that if he need powerful brushless motor or battery for his project then he can take it out from it.
Samuel Forsyth
Samuel Forsyth Dag siden
molten salt breeder reactors and carbon capture can have a closed loop for liquid fuel, making dye-methyle ether out of carbon and hydrogen in the air. with a high temp reactor(550~700+ depending on salt and vessel materials) direct thermal use for chemical reactions saves wasted energy of making electricity in the first place IE, fuck batteries.. electric cars have been playthings for the afluent for over 100 years.. they are ridiculous as preformance vechicles but a bad macro move.. whos dealing with the dead cells once you get close to 30 or 40% EV's, the subsidys should not be doctrine..
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Dag siden
1:55 M O O O
princeofexcess Dag siden
FSD beta is way better then FSD now on tesla cars hopefully new updates are coming out soon
Gab Riel Lupisan
Elon Musk must react to this and we'll have a more epic crossover than Avengers Endgame
drago light
drago light Dag siden
Just an fyi electronic cars are the past. They were invented a long time ago I think there were invented around world war 2
Gus Martin
Gus Martin Dag siden
The down side to reducing charge current is in preconditioning. When your car warms up while on your home charger, it is doing so without exceeding the set current limit. In my experience this means that most of your preconditioning is done using the battery. Maybe that’s not a big deal to some people but in winter months it can drain a fair percentage of your battery rite at the beginning of the day. I do agree with your point about loading the grid though. This needs to be considered but can be managed by setting your charge time late at night (at least until EV’s become very popular). Also a charge rate of 32 amps at 240 volts is still a trickle charge when you consider that it’s being divided over about 3,000 cells. That’s only about 2.5 wats per cell. Only about 700mA across each cell. That’s a really slow charge for the 5 amp-hour cells in a model 3. Glad to see you bought a model 3! It’s a great car. I drive the same model 3 SR+.
Ian Goode
Ian Goode Dag siden
Almost like the RCS of cardboard boxes is smaller than something that's an empty cardboard box.
Gribbo9999 Dag siden
What no sparks and explosions when Mehdi plugged in the electricity? It's a first. As for the tear down. I can't wait until Bigclive gets an EV and reverse engineers it with his spudger.
debatosh ray
debatosh ray Dag siden
Ev for electrical man 😂
Dat Boii
Dat Boii Dag siden
if everyone got an EV it wouldnt be sustainable so more power plants would need to be built to supply the electricity, so the fossil fuels that wouldnt be burned in cars would be burned at power plants, having to convert energy more times and therefore making it less efficient. EVs are a scam. If you want to be a real ecologist drive your grandpa's car till the wheels fall off.
Zbytovsky Customs
Any idea on how long it will take to be more efficient? Will the battery last that long or after the point that it is better will it die and need to be replaced there for increasing the carbon footprint again?
i lysm nohomo
i lysm nohomo Dag siden
i rather walk than driving electric
Kshitij Desai
Kshitij Desai Dag siden
Whaaaat I didn't know you live in Vancouver 🤩🤩🤩 you're my fav❤️
Ltr Dag siden
Simeon Yetarian: The Beginning
rouzbeh fathi
rouzbeh fathi Dag siden
آیا ایرانی هستی؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
Guillermo Leon
Guillermo Leon Dag siden
1:55 *M O O O*
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Dag siden
0:38 He want to say that if he need powerful brushless motor or battery for his project then he can take it out from it.
Nícolas Piano
Nícolas Piano Dag siden
this guy is full of creativity, cmon, who uses the hood to make a chart and uses the letter "t' from Tesla to represent the time on the chart, genius
ayden Esteves
ayden Esteves Dag siden
With all of it or it asesorys
ayden Esteves
ayden Esteves Dag siden
If you giving away a scope pls it is my dream
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Dag siden
Imagine if he was using a permanent marker 2:15
Jeremy P
Jeremy P Dag siden
How was your ski trip?
Octamed Dag siden
Maybe it knew they were just cardboard? ;) ps That's not self driving, that's just Auto-pilot. A nice lane keeping/changing assist for highways. The $10k option is the full self driving (which is only in limited beta atm)
Reasoning Guy
Reasoning Guy Dag siden
I am getting a white Tesla. Not because it looks classy but it can used as a whiteboard.🙄
sweet misery
sweet misery Dag siden
I agree about everything you said here except about cow farts... You know... There are more human farts than cow farts...
N J 2 dager siden
Tesla's are good in the same way Apple products are good. If you're interested in a great product without the nonsense hype, Kia/Hyundai EV's are the equivalent of Android phones. Does all the same stuff, sometimes better (further range than a Tesla's) and are much cheaper...
Rohit SLB
Rohit SLB 2 dager siden
Try putting random number plate on the cardboard box.. Hopefully, it might stop.😀👍🏻
Hunter Biden's Crackpipe
Tesla is far superior to others
Etu Suku
Etu Suku 2 dager siden
Its totally realistic to expect a good processor on the display. You plan to use the car for years, the processor needs to keep up with the programmers upping the demand.
Anielius 2 dager siden
I have a Nissan leaf
TheAndGproject Z
TheAndGproject Z 2 dager siden
Shrek Ytp :)
Babylord Metal
Babylord Metal 2 dager siden
Gimme! That car!
旺旺里德 2 dager siden
Bilal Güvenç
Bilal Güvenç 2 dager siden
I think all EV cars will have about just 20% of first day full charge distance about 2 years later without changing battery. Cardboard obstacles and end of the road test and cpu of screen review were very well, congratulations 🎊
Syed Moosa Hassan
Syed Moosa Hassan 2 dager siden
Hahhaha nice
A stickman
A stickman 2 dager siden
Imagine if he was using a permanent marker 2:15
Ryan Fowler
Ryan Fowler 2 dager siden
Time to get a hold of Rich Rebuilds
Richard Greene
Richard Greene 2 dager siden
Hay, build a edm arc generator
Syalin 2 dager siden
cars would be a lot safer if their speed was capped at 60 mph. there is little to no reason they should ever go faster then that. would help stop people from, yknow, KILLING OTHER PEOPLE WITH CARS.
Zozo lambo
Zozo lambo 2 dager siden
2:44 Why you draw a diagram on your tesla still respects it
Jean-Philippe 2 dager siden
I love your no bullshit approach, your channel is definitely one of the best informative mixed with comedy. Thank you !
Stefano 2 dager siden
i can see the line you installed for the patio heater :D
Agustinus Reynaldi
Agustinus Reynaldi 2 dager siden
From $5 to $7.5 for charging an electric car? Less $1.2 from common gasoline car (the car is KIA Picanto) *Quite interesting for electronic vehicle*
binu byju
binu byju 2 dager siden
Electro boom pls make a video of try to laugh
Peter Griffin but Mexican
Now make it a conductor to attract women
JONH VREIDER 2 dager siden
Instant Shark
Instant Shark 2 dager siden
the 3 is actually not bad
Phantom YT
Phantom YT 2 dager siden
But me I love classic cars
MrSeekLoad 2 dager siden
Actually you would need 2 cars. One electric car for daily use of short distances, and a gasoline car for long driving roads. This is because the gasoline car charges with gasoline fast and on long roads you need a fast charging time.
MrSeekLoad 2 dager siden
With gasoline cars it depends how steep you go downhill. Were I live there is a huge hill, you burn tons of gas going up, but it goes without any gas usage at all down.
Kees Boterhoofd
Kees Boterhoofd 2 dager siden
Happy in europe 230v is default.
Niloy Barai
Niloy Barai 2 dager siden
2:42 Time by Tesla. Creativity mannn😎😎🤘🤘🤟
xm11 2 dager siden
17:51 truth. Coming from him, this opinion matters to me.
xm11 2 dager siden
When u realized u used sharpie instead of expo
Captain Acer
Captain Acer 2 dager siden
You should call it the ElectroVroom
Mihai Chisoi
Mihai Chisoi 2 dager siden
Hi man. I like you video's. Can you tell me or guide me for changing polarity for one coil with L 298 N ? I want to see how is work 100 times per second. Thanks
Owain Key
Owain Key 2 dager siden
Interior quality? Upholstery?
Androbola 2 dager siden
Pls make a video about crystal oscilators
Anurag Singh
Anurag Singh 2 dager siden
make TEA laser
ikerchuloko 2 dager siden
could you rectify this? nosections.info/green/sZp4jqOkbJuxl8g/video.html
ᴀɴᴏɴʏᴍᴏᴜs ᴇᴅɪᴛz
Didnt know it has a white bored feuture
Making a log carving robot
Ganger 2 mill
Making a log carving robot