Almost MELTING Metal with Induction Heater 

Ganger 1,2 mill
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I finally made an induction heater with NO PROTECTIONS with ZVS Circuit!!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Vitenskap og teknologi



26. okt.. 2020





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ajay nirala
ajay nirala 3 timer siden
The two mehdi,and time travel man this video has a lot of hidden
The Unofficial StrikeYT
just shorted a raycon buds, epic
Ekheee 8 timer siden
If Mehdi made all advertisments like this I would never skip any single advert @ youtube
drain267 15 timer siden
Must have high voltage
Anubhav Garg
Anubhav Garg Dag siden
Nishant Bandre
Nishant Bandre Dag siden
I Litteraly dont understand anything but the way Mehdi mess everything is too comedy😂😂😂
Exotic_Adam Dag siden
79.99 hell no
Bryce DonFrancisco
I may have to build one of these for my rusty ass car
Kitsudōte Dag siden
03:31 how to spot a devoted electrician.
Brett Juneau
Brett Juneau 2 dager siden
Song at 11:07?
Arturo Dela Cruz iii
Arturo Dela Cruz iii 2 dager siden
looks like flipflop circuit
SpaceX FALCON-9 2021
SpaceX FALCON-9 2021 2 dager siden
Good for melt metal
Jacob McAndrew
Jacob McAndrew 2 dager siden
A-stable Multi Vibrator= Two observers facing eachother in minecraft
Body9oo9 2 dager siden
You are Arabic
MR DUMB 3 dager siden
I watched all your videos maybe 100s of times for those moments you shocked yorself and for the education you gave to me
MR DUMB 3 dager siden
Mehdi always rocks 😉😉
Koopa Croop
Koopa Croop 3 dager siden
I thought you have a twin... Guess your editing is magnificent or is it??
Andrew Willard
Andrew Willard 4 dager siden
I love when he edits it to look like 2 different people so funny
ScrotumTotem 4 dager siden
Seeing this makes me want to switch my major 😂
Re0x 4 dager siden
so that's how minecraft repeaters work
THE TOM TRAP EMPTY!!! guitar licks
Lol the guy wants a twin hahahahahaa
Gorkha Engineering
Gorkha Engineering 5 dager siden
👁 👁 👃 👄
Union of Soviet Socialists Republic
Mehdi: "Isn't it obvious?" Me, who doesnt know anything about electricals: "yes, very obvious"
Leo The Gamer Lin
Leo The Gamer Lin 6 dager siden
I got AirPod pro
Marcus 6 dager siden
"That's the power of *resonance*!" I saw that video. Fun and trippy.
64-Bit Warriors
64-Bit Warriors 7 dager siden
You know when he plugs something in, there going to be a sh*t
Yummy _
Yummy _ 7 dager siden
9:54 is when he starts actually building it if you were wondering 10:46 is when he's done
James Wallace
James Wallace 7 dager siden
Your sponsor transition was outstanding.
TriAlphKill Ammo
TriAlphKill Ammo 8 dager siden
Rayscon*** @dankpods
Adam Jombo
Adam Jombo 8 dager siden
One of my favorite NOsectionsr extremely funny
Troyan Generic
Troyan Generic 8 dager siden
Make an blaster from star wars by using electricity
Jan Lüthi
Jan Lüthi 9 dager siden
I was thinking: "PLEASE TAKE OF YOUR RING" the entire time he tested it
diNDin koveli
diNDin koveli 9 dager siden
I like to hear 'UMfffff'
Jason Hernandez
Jason Hernandez 9 dager siden
I swear I love these videos
Marclint Tacloy
Marclint Tacloy 9 dager siden
If I'm your student I would fail this subject, but at least I enjoyed your lecture.
Kanchumarthi Venkat Hemanth
😂😂😂😂😂😂 playing with electronics...
Ivan Antipov
Ivan Antipov 10 dager siden
More spice tutorials please? Loved the video!
N 10 dager siden
5:12 lol
Matthew Nepomuceno
Matthew Nepomuceno 10 dager siden
1:45 When you tell your mom just 5 more minutes in gaming but you play for 5 more hours
poki6041 10 dager siden
i have a idea use your 500 000 volt circuit and make a induction heater with
Omar A. S.
Omar A. S. 10 dager siden
9:20 that's what she said
Deepesh Verma
Deepesh Verma 11 dager siden
Are you Indian
John Reeves
John Reeves 11 dager siden
I like your channel a lot. I recently discovered you because of the LTT crossover. I found this video and from the title alone I knew you had made an inductance heater, and would absolutely love it if you showed how to make one that was heavier duty and would work on a larger piece of metal, and get it hotter. Maybe to orange? Because that dull red glow was nowhere near the melting point. Here's a color temperature chart for you. i.pinimg.com/originals/3f/9a/09/3f9a0932eb444db1337b07c7cc83da63.jpg And to cut off any comments from people about the color depending on the metal composition, no, that's not how it works. To quote an old metallurgy/blacksmithing book I found that I cannot remember the name of, "any material will glow the same color at the same temperature. It doesn't matter if it's steel, rock, glass, or horse whiskers."
X3NO 11 dager siden
Electroboom says anything. me: yes yes I completely understand. (I have no idea what he's talking about)
Mr Trickyfingers
Mr Trickyfingers 11 dager siden
Can I learn this power?
loquacious 11 dager siden
I used to swage Titanium aircraft parts, we used a WW2 era induction heater the size of a small box truck to preheat the parts. We used Kerosene as a lubricant and when the heated part hit the swage machine 1 meter flames shot out of the back. So cool.
Chris Lesmerises
Chris Lesmerises 11 dager siden
I watch all your vids to the end without skipping. I hope that earns me an oscilloscope!
Cow Studios
Cow Studios 12 dager siden
This is how we need ppl to advertise thier earbuds
Stephen Nehrbass
Stephen Nehrbass 12 dager siden
I like to how symmetrical the circuit is
David M
David M 12 dager siden
Currently learning about RLC circuits in university!
Technical Ghauri
Technical Ghauri 13 dager siden
From pakistan
Technical Ghauri
Technical Ghauri 13 dager siden
Great man
Technical Ghauri
Technical Ghauri 13 dager siden
You are My Hero..
William Howatt
William Howatt 14 dager siden
Remember the rule wire then plug or unplug then wire
AttackAffection 14 dager siden
5:53 Cool Fly
bmw123ck 15 dager siden
This is getting out of control, now there are two of them
daraobong isonguyo
daraobong isonguyo 3 timer siden
Double the trouble
HคMMคď MцʂŤคϝค
Is he muslim?
Janardan S
Janardan S 15 dager siden
Liam 15 dager siden
The advantage of switching at zero volts is avoiding the miller effect. This reduces the switching losses. This circuit would benefit from a gate driver. The slow rise time leads to too much cross conduction (or wind L2 and L3 as a common mode filter).
Jack Wagner
Jack Wagner 15 dager siden
It’s sorta like a minecraft T flip flop except that is a mono stable circuit
FATE'S END 16 dager siden
1:45 😂😂
jordanas pranaitis
jordanas pranaitis 16 dager siden
coolio crib
coolio crib 16 dager siden
I loved the old school now everything has ads
mahan usb
mahan usb 17 dager siden
how he is still alive
Hamid Ali
Hamid Ali 18 dager siden
Kevin Cook
Kevin Cook 18 dager siden
Anyone mind telling me the program he used to map the circuit? New and interested :) ty
IlIlIIlIllI lIIll
IlIlIIlIllI lIIll 18 dager siden
I dont understand shit but its still entertaining
Miguel 18 dager siden
Alex HO
Alex HO 19 dager siden
Good way to learn!
HartlessAce 19 dager siden
I love even tho he shows us his circuits through whiteboard, then shows us a site that does it and shows more info about that circuit. I love this mans dedication to simplicity and the whiteboard
DHEVESH 22 dager siden
If u start a gaming channel it would be asowome
sboori hub
sboori hub 22 dager siden
you are from iran
Karan Goradia
Karan Goradia 24 dager siden
I feel like mehdi needs to make more electronics 101 so that common folk like me can actually understand what he did in the vid
Jaime Vazquez
Jaime Vazquez 25 dager siden
At 1:40 he is like boom
Torrey Whiting
Torrey Whiting 26 dager siden
It's kinda like a monostable circuit, I think?
Pratik Karve
Pratik Karve 26 dager siden
What is the major difference between a capacitor and a transistor??
chomiaquitox 26 dager siden
I saw in many design that you can place two ferrites together, like one piece, and wind the coil into them. Maybe you can upgrade your coils design! Check this amazom product to see how they made it in the pictures: www.amazon.es/dp/B075S3VGS2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_MC4RZ8FKS57QG7RPYQZP
blue monster134
blue monster134 27 dager siden
He has 100000000Iq
Lotte Da
Lotte Da 28 dager siden
I’m not a smithing expert but I wander if this can be used in the making of knifes.
Dito 28 dager siden
4:09 Mehdi explains Qanon
Dipta Dutta
Dipta Dutta 28 dager siden
You are great.... All videos from you are too interesting.
dolce_gabana_st 28 dager siden
1:54 Simply stupid.
Matthew Bono
Matthew Bono 28 dager siden
The whole address immunochemically retire because larch oppositely spray apud a overconfident green. black, premium women
Brd 29 dager siden
I never fully understood the importance or purpose of flyback diodes.
Andrew Reedy
Andrew Reedy Måned siden
I am attempting to model the circuit that he has in LTSpice (essentially copy what he has up at 7:56). I am not getting the response when I simulate that he does I. The video. All of my probes show 12V. Any suggestions?
TrucBidulleChouette Måned siden
It's fun, if i copy exactly the same circuit in Ltspice, it doesn't work...
TrucBidulleChouette Måned siden
C'est marrant si je copie exactement le montage dans Ltspice, ca ne fonctionne pas......
moralesmar Måned siden
:v no hablo ingles pero me gusta el canal
Benjamin Badrakh
Benjamin Badrakh Måned siden
crazy_mind1262 Måned siden
I love how hard he flinches at the lights when they work normally.
Without L
Without L Måned siden
Im having trouble with the details of thw swotching woth the ZVS circuit My problem is i dont really understand how the gate voltage is pulled through the diode I thought that parallel LC circuits in resonance act like an isolated circuit and dont affect other things If someone could explain it in detail i would be very grateful as i need it for my college project. Thanks
The hollow night Blader
Plz don’t die and your face
Yadbegir hamechiz
Yadbegir hamechiz Måned siden
خیلی باحال و آموزنده... فقط مواظب شوک ها باش البته خودت مهندسی و استاد و با مهارت تدریس میکنی مرسی
Specifix Måned siden
BotyToD Måned siden
7:01 you have lost me since you got the white board out
Lucas Rafael
Lucas Rafael Måned siden
the strangest thing was when it didn't explode 1:34, thanks from Brazil
VALLEY Måned siden
the only gene your daughter didn't get us the one responsible for your constant failures
Abdul Ghani
Abdul Ghani Måned siden
djebooom situation is just iconic of his
Oriole Alventa
Oriole Alventa Måned siden
that power supply is my hero
Nigel Johnson
Nigel Johnson Måned siden
Why did you not elect to use a centre tapped heating coil, would this not have reduced the need for the inductors feeding dc to the coil? At the center tap, maybe less high frequency current would have leaked onto the power supply? When adding a soft start, would it not have better to switch the common bias supply to the gates?
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