Tour of My New House!!! 

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I have been so busy renovating and moving, so let’s SEE IT!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Vitenskap og teknologi



21. aug.. 2020





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Has80n Gam8s
Has80n Gam8s Dag siden
this guy A.K.A mehdi is dead
skyler salzer
skyler salzer 2 dager siden
Fukin dead
searching for god
searching for god 3 dager siden
I literally thought this is going to be a home tour. What a dummy
HaasiAustria 3 dager siden
1:06 Is it "Hinterholz 8"? :-D
sleuth 4 dager siden
ElectroBOOM casually producing Chlorine Gas at 8:18...
Eoin sheehan
Eoin sheehan 4 dager siden
medhis cv: expert slacker
ByakugaK 4 dager siden
8:00 mans making chlorine gas
Thomas A.
Thomas A. 4 dager siden
Very strange the voltmeter has no reaction on the short with the breaker panel. Don't get too hooked on the effects huh Mehdi?
Sayel Farid
Sayel Farid 5 dager siden
I thought he lived in a wall socket or smt 😂😂
Reilly Dunn
Reilly Dunn 5 dager siden
Where was the house tour
Avatar Korra
Avatar Korra 5 dager siden
yes it is 240V
Aimless Idiot
Aimless Idiot 6 dager siden
Electrolysis on salt water produces chlorine gas! You were making a WO1 chemical weapon by electrocuting that water 😋👍😀
Mighty Keys
Mighty Keys 8 dager siden
Ryan Ashby
Ryan Ashby 8 dager siden
Wait you don’t sleeve the earthing in North America what the fuck
StellaMatutina 8 dager siden
Your turning that glass of salt water into liquid gold?
Vrushabh Magadum
Vrushabh Magadum 9 dager siden
3:10 The house was initiated to ElectroBOOM much earlier. In the video Finding High Power 240 Volts in 120 Volts Country. The electrical hissing and then one short bam.😆
IJN Kaga
IJN Kaga 9 dager siden
nosections.info/green/0GKKiIqdeI6GydA/video.html kaiy
Ahsan Shah
Ahsan Shah 9 dager siden
you almost gave me a heart attack
handidrummed 9 dager siden
Mehdi is lucky that insurance companies don't look at a client's social media 😂
russofamerica 9 dager siden
Your commercial segues are nicely done, and I never click away. I also bought Raycon earbuds using your code. You're welcome for the $2.
Carlito 9 dager siden
You seem like a wise guy can you do my 8th grade science homework for me
EXILØ 9 dager siden
Ive noticed in America well there and where my American friend lives anyway why are all the wires avobe the street looking messy instead of mostly in the ground here in the UK
x lxxlxxxlx
x lxxlxxxlx 10 dager siden
I love this dude, I dont even care about electricity, but u make is so interesting.
Trish Alvarez
Trish Alvarez 10 dager siden
Other peepz giving house tour: So, this is the common room Mehdi: This is our fuse panel 😂👌🏽
Mihai Achim
Mihai Achim 10 dager siden
10:38 and with a well-insulated house :P
Matt Stitz
Matt Stitz 10 dager siden
Great. My breaker panel is outside, on the side of the house, in the rain at the moment... I know what I doing this weekend.
Pavan Gupta
Pavan Gupta 10 dager siden
Oh man! I wrote my comment too late! I just want to see @ElectroBOOM test the AFCI against modern laundry machines! They seem to trip the heck out of all kinds of circuit breakers. :(
Vincent Koehler
Vincent Koehler 10 dager siden
Mehdi is so nice about the planet! 😊
Naveed Ahsan
Naveed Ahsan 11 dager siden
3:00 Just when I thought this would be a peaceful video, this happened with earphones in full volume
Antun Nitraj
Antun Nitraj 11 dager siden
Apartments and Houses are like Laptops and PCs, PCs and Houses are better.
Riko Horikawa
Riko Horikawa 11 dager siden
how to greeting new houses step 1: check the circut panel and test it with Electroboom's stuff
Siddhant Mishra
Siddhant Mishra 11 dager siden
did i just see a house tour?
Gerrit 11 dager siden
I just realised how beautiful underground electricity makes a city :-D
Raju Raina
Raju Raina 11 dager siden
7:04 which was that video
Goldwyn Sarmiento Jr
Goldwyn Sarmiento Jr 11 dager siden
yep 240
Röhrich Oak
Röhrich Oak 11 dager siden
Even when he's just pointing at the transformer on the street poles I prepare for the short circuit and explosion.
Aijaz Bhat
Aijaz Bhat 11 dager siden
11:00 That city inspector definitely watched your videos.
MemesGalore 11 dager siden
I like how honest he was in the thumbnail lol🤣
Emik Zotic
Emik Zotic 11 dager siden
Almost at one million views
Hothead 12 dager siden
Let’s be honest no one watches these because they understand anything he’s talking about 😂😂
Tech Vlogs
Tech Vlogs 12 dager siden
3:00 now his house is officially his house
dev1- 12 dager siden
Mehdi: House toor me: cool i wanna see it also Mehdi: So this is my breaker and thats how electricity feeds into my house
computerpro 125
computerpro 125 12 dager siden
0:52 he’s using Dankpods music
Apex 12 dager siden
Shubh Srivastava
Shubh Srivastava 13 dager siden
We have underground cables in most areas in Mumabi, India
christiannielsen 13 dager siden
If have seen 3 of your videos now and all I can say is: how can you still be alive?
Annas's Toca Boca Channel
electro BOOM electro BOOM electro BOOM
Mikail Mahrus
Mikail Mahrus 13 dager siden
Your house does have GFCI 12:15
Mister AAA
Mister AAA 13 dager siden
Caveman mehdi
Darknight Zerp Mc
Darknight Zerp Mc 14 dager siden
Electroboom : let's go buy a new house The house owner : showing medhi the house medhi: so,where's the fuse
mr shimary
mr shimary 16 dager siden
خبل ههه
Ricks 16 dager siden
3:17 Nobody: Me: Intensly shaking head meaning yes
Joel A
Joel A 16 dager siden
Priorities, computer first. Always!
LEDx 17 dager siden
EVERY ONE WHO'S BUYING A HOUSE: hows the community? is it close to schools? ElectroBoom: where's the breaker box?
Kerim Mededovic
Kerim Mededovic 17 dager siden
The house is initiated to electroboom
luicecifer 18 dager siden
You can't say "confuse" without saying "fuse" and I think that's beautiful.
Rutuparn Pawar
Rutuparn Pawar 18 dager siden
3:00 I was waiting for the sparks ;-)
Haris Ahmadi
Haris Ahmadi 18 dager siden
Technically he didn’t click bait
Hilarry Henry
Hilarry Henry 20 dager siden
whenever he blows something, my heart went BAM!
Kaustubh 21 dag siden
Not clickbait yos
Cody Marro
Cody Marro 21 dag siden
Im actually here for the eyebrows at the end.
Ben Grocott
Ben Grocott 23 dager siden
Wonders why a wet live wire doesn’t trip e breaker when a couple years ago the same house had a live wire dripping and speeding and it wouldn’t killed the house unless he spotted it 😂
Miichi5 23 dager siden
ElectroBOOM: my grandma just died....... ANYWAYS AUDIBLE
seekingseaker 24 dager siden
Can't wait for solar panel video!
Moltike 26 dager siden
mainly waste time to ad the audible....dont work on me -_- cuz Im Deaf :P ......GIMME DAT MEETER !..... will do the trick :P
Alexaction127 27 dager siden
Oh my goodness, 2:15 you can see that nail that's driven into the fuse panel that he takes out in the more recent patio heater video!
Christopher Burns
Christopher Burns 29 dager siden
looks like an old crabtree C50 panel
anshu anand
anshu anand Måned siden
Sometimes I think how much he pays for electricity bill
Hussain Manshah
Hussain Manshah Måned siden
Have you noticed no matter what he gets his hands on, he manages to make an explosion everytime😂
reifukaiyukikaze Måned siden
Still have time to slip Sponsors!! XDXD
Cailliau Rune
Cailliau Rune Måned siden
Omg America is so dangerous
Patricia Heitman
Patricia Heitman Måned siden
You mom
buggsy5 Måned siden
He made the usual mistake and stated that the two legs in the distribution panel are different phases. That is false and his description later is also incorrect. If the two hot legs were 180 degrees out of phase as he stated, the result would be 0 volts, not 240 volts. The only place where the currents are out of phase is in the neutral from the distribution panel to the power transformer.
thenewbgamer64 Måned siden
8:00 has this guy realized he is making chlorine gas?
Mister Extra
Mister Extra Måned siden
It hurts so much to see these landlines over the streets. So badly made (I'm from Germany btw.)
Lol Måned siden
In the uk power lines connecting to houses are actually getting rarer.
Normal operations
Normal operations Måned siden
Let me measure it for you is a sentence that can always lead to potential harm or death
Sassafras Sapling3014
New home with new shock.....feels like old house 🤣🤣🤣
J AND TECH Ahmed Måned siden
I don’t know why he looks like gargamell magician from smurfs...
Duwindu Tharinda
Duwindu Tharinda Måned siden
11:44 A Theme..
Neil Rusling
Neil Rusling Måned siden
You got transformers and 11kv lines open in residential areas?...That just seems like a bad idea....I have never seen anything like that in Europe, must be a American thing
Poxiy Måned siden
TR ON POWER PLUGS WUT ???????????????????????????????
Gamer64 Måned siden
12:25 “So a stupid kid can’t shove a metal object in there” I’m dead 🤣🤣🤣
Rodrick Anderson
Rodrick Anderson Måned siden
re: NA electrical system, its to clean the gene pool, watch USA tv for a while and tell me that were doing a good enough job cleaning the gene pool
Ꮙꅏꅏ ᏉꅏꅏᏉ
All that electric talk is a foreign language to me
Monsterxcraft TV
Monsterxcraft TV Måned siden
So A Stupid Kid Can't Shove A Metal Object In Them 😂😂😂
Abhijeet Ghosh
Abhijeet Ghosh Måned siden
Just change your water heater to electric. Then, the baseboard heaters don’t have to be changed, and less natural gas is used
Max Christian Potaß
10:50 As a German this looks really like a developing country. Over Earth wiring is really not common here...
Morgan Addison
Morgan Addison Måned siden
this is funny i pissed my self and im watching you in school
Spawnster Måned siden
what, powerlines in the streets? last time i saw those in my country was in the 90's
SUBHAM DEY Måned siden
Make a transmiter
camo lion
camo lion Måned siden
according to tom scott all this confetti is increasing data consumtion or decreasing video quality
Nick Greene
Nick Greene Måned siden
Is that Bath Abbey in the thumbnail??
Aashutosh Kote
Aashutosh Kote Måned siden
3:05 i have to fucking get up from my bed at middle of night
nbarrager Productions
The AFCIs in my last apartment would trip if the outlet arced when you plugged something in.
Ahmad Danish
Ahmad Danish Måned siden
Medhi: Hello i am your new neighbor Neighbor: Hello its nice meeting yo- Mehdi: WHERE IS THE BREAKER PANEL?
Suveer Singh
Suveer Singh Måned siden
Please make a video on Quantum Physics ❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏 Please Please Please
Avinash Mishra
Avinash Mishra Måned siden
Gave a heart attack 🤣🤣
Comrade Elmo
Comrade Elmo Måned siden
whats the yellow stuff forming in the cup of water?
Big GPU News From Intel!