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Ganger 3,3 mill
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Vitenskap og teknologi



29. nov.. 2020





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M.Mustafa Ali
M.Mustafa Ali 4 timer siden
"Corona Discharge" 😂😂
Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec
What's the purpose? It soothes my PTSD 🤣💕🇨🇦
Alexander Sherman
Alexander Sherman 11 timer siden
0:31 no you mean our generator
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 15 timer siden
He's a real man, used his arms as a spark gap in circuit.
Drax Sign
Drax Sign 17 timer siden
Youre freaking maniac 😂😂
Izac Owen
Izac Owen 19 timer siden
This is what I call electric music, get it?
Orlando Torres
Orlando Torres 19 timer siden
Try putting it on a breadboard and clear silicone all the metal including the back
KF5OBS 19 timer siden
I heard they now have a vaccine against that Corona discharge or something like that.
Siddhartha maruthamuthu
RexTheFolf_ 23 timer siden
When it keeps arcing and makes the click it sounds like the start of “Mr blue sky”
Renish Oinam
Renish Oinam Dag siden
Watching his videos makes me wanna read physics.
Sriteja Chaturvedula
Dude just use *Rubber gloves*
Dag siden
Hi Voltage:- I will kill you. ElectroBoom:- hold my bear.
The Amazing Blitzø
For fuck sake slow down at 3:05
Rock callahan
Rock callahan Dag siden
0:57 he gave himself a defibrillation
Sounding the Sirens
2:10 you thought too much it will now punish you
Emirberke Yilmaz
That's a "Brilliant" idea
YouTube Shows
YouTube Shows Dag siden
7:53 did u see the sparks in the Tesla coll
Ted hooks
Ted hooks Dag siden
You should use this for an electric discharge machining unit
Asen Dag siden
9:00 That was a real ROFL for me! Extinguishing a high voltage arc by yourself. Brilliant! (( =
حسن مفيد
حسن مفيد Dag siden
keren boss
LYRICOSTER 2 dager siden
Ok i don't understand!
Titmouse Distribution YBGA
Can we get an instant replay of 0:57?
KOKOSNUSS _HD 2 dager siden
I will bildt this at home
EepiTheNewbie 2 dager siden
do not
Jhon Rave Oleza
Jhon Rave Oleza 2 dager siden
Sometimes i wonder how is he still alive
AAhmed Mamon
AAhmed Mamon 3 dager siden
Sir please send me dayogram and part value my email is aahmedhanifbakali@yahoo.co.uk and my WhatsApp number is +919979781079 please sir help me
EepiTheNewbie 2 dager siden
delete this comment immediately
Bomb Pillow
Bomb Pillow 3 dager siden
Some guy:What does a dying mouse sounds like? Me:This 1:41
London Education
London Education 4 dager siden
3:37 lesson to get killed
El Troll de Youtubii
El Troll de Youtubii 4 dager siden
Mehdi: DONT TRY THIS AT HOM Me who has all materials ready to follow Mehdi steps: *._.XD*
Renato Cara
Renato Cara 4 dager siden
At 7:46 if you lower 2 octaves of that sound then you'd have a Meshuggah song.
Suryansh Pandey
Suryansh Pandey 4 dager siden
Those were the days when problem of Corona can be solved by using bundled conductors.
Max Majerowicz
Max Majerowicz 4 dager siden
Marx generator? I didnt know karl Marx dabbles in engineering and electronics I thought he was to busy trying Viva la revolution with communism in Prussia/Germany.
RAIN CITY 5 dager siden
wow you're going the first
MrFuggleGuggle 5 dager siden
Electricity is cool (and painful), but why is it often so loud?
Ernest Soler
Ernest Soler 5 dager siden
What do you think about Rodin Coils, and what can you do with them?
Panthera Leo _ROBLOX
Panthera Leo _ROBLOX 5 dager siden
0:56 it looked like his heart stopped i got scaredd
Rannug Blah
Rannug Blah 5 dager siden
Ahh yes classic Electroboom, changing into a schoolboy with a toy when he nearly kills himself and proceeds to try again. More please!
Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart 5 dager siden
This guy cracks me up. I am a builder of Tesla coils and have experienced surprising shocks also. And that is why I am laughing " with" this fellow.
Baba Me
Baba Me 6 dager siden
Please let me know which way is true and fake. Thanks 🙏
Baba Me
Baba Me 6 dager siden
لطفا بگيد كدام روش حقيقت دارد
Tristan Larson
Tristan Larson 6 dager siden
10:42 had me dying 😂😂😂
sam 6 dager siden
This man be blowing out electricity
HexaGold Process Equipment & Plants
Can such a thing be done in reverse. Reduce 500,000 volts to a low voltage. With such simple electronics.
einstein germano
einstein germano 6 dager siden
how is this guy still alive
rahul patil
rahul patil 7 dager siden
Please try the arcs to flow in the laser light. Then you can increase the distance up to few meters.
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh 7 dager siden
corona discharge is an electrical discharge caused by the ionization of a fluid such as air surrounding a conductor carrying a high voltage. Do some research before laughing 😒😒😒
Zaeh 7 dager siden
Was he saying corona discharge? Lol
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh 7 dager siden
Go and study first what is corona discharge
snowgriff 7 dager siden
1:40 poor thing is screaming for it's life...
Lucus Hylton
Lucus Hylton 7 dager siden
That meme for mee i was keeling over laughing
Psiloxylo 7 dager siden
Maybe the theme "PLL" is not so dangerous for him.
John Sohn
John Sohn 7 dager siden
so... he knows whats he's doing.. i saw this guy before, same supposed time period fu youtube and his gimmick is his voice is annoying and he electrocutes himself frequently :)
Robert Stanbury
Robert Stanbury 7 dager siden
I stumbled on this channel and LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! (SUBSCRIBED)
Tuy Sang
Tuy Sang 7 dager siden
The watcher
The watcher 8 dager siden
Corona discharge😂
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh 7 dager siden
What's wrong in that don't you know corona discharge 😒😒
Crypto Mining Noob
Crypto Mining Noob 8 dager siden
This very educational with a lot of amusement I love it 😇❤️😇
TREDxMUSIC 9 dager siden
Why not submerge in transformer oil? You could then probably go to the component limits and get a bigger arc
Mehdi Fadaei
Mehdi Fadaei 9 dager siden
داداش شما کامیکازه هستی قشنگ ، خیلی میخندم از دستت خیلی هم آموزنده هست .
Hunter101610 9 dager siden
there is a thing called GLOVES
almir mekanovic
almir mekanovic 9 dager siden
NIRAJ KUMAR 9 dager siden
He is insane😂😂😂😂
Ravi 9 dager siden
DJ mehdi @7.48
Rath_Says 9 dager siden
What is Corona in electrical engineering?
Abdulla altayee
Abdulla altayee 9 dager siden
you are Genius
Bigsmoke 10 dager siden
Patryk Rybicki
Patryk Rybicki 10 dager siden
Let's gooo
Fernando No c que mas
Fernando No c que mas 10 dager siden
Este vato la hace al tonto pero es trucha se ve...
a duck
a duck 10 dager siden
imagine michael reeves meeting this guy
Zidan pratama
Zidan pratama 10 dager siden
Ora nana kapok.e
Carkey 11 dager siden
Collab with Michael reeves already. You seem to both have an addiction with electricity
AD SHORTS FF 11 dager siden
😂😂😂 full 0f fun!!
maskvicius564 11 dager siden
I made mistake by ading even more powerful resistors and more of them so it could jump about 50cm
Maija 11 dager siden
7:46 This is what Djent music sounds like
Exploding zombie
Exploding zombie 11 dager siden
7:47 some great drumming.
Mohsen mohsen
Mohsen mohsen 11 dager siden
are you Iranian?
computer worlds
computer worlds 11 dager siden
شکل ایرانی هایی
Jules Dauphin
Jules Dauphin 11 dager siden
He is not an idiot, hes really smart and simply educates us what NOT to do with electricity.
Mariusz Hościło
Mariusz Hościło 12 dager siden
Next step is to make in raw resistors
Norma Guncay
Norma Guncay 12 dager siden
8:54 0:18 0:57
PN Studios
PN Studios 12 dager siden
He says "don't try this at home" BUT HE ALSO IS TRYING IT AT HOME!
Aye Sha
Aye Sha 12 dager siden
Who is here after memes😂
DJ ฟอท Thai FF
DJ ฟอท Thai FF 12 dager siden
Lizz` 12 dager siden
I love this man
abdullah con
abdullah con 12 dager siden
bu adam türk değilse bişi bişey bilmiyorummm
My Creations
My Creations 12 dager siden
11:30 When someone insults your girlfriend
Dinda Vanesa
Dinda Vanesa 13 dager siden
The Jerma985
The Jerma985 13 dager siden
Shit, amazing how the one shock he plays down is the worst yet
Narayan Chandra Sahoo
Narayan Chandra Sahoo 13 dager siden
Use gloves
Eduardo Dátolo Lara
Eduardo Dátolo Lara 13 dager siden
Coronavirus cure is high-voltage?
Ramesh Ganishkar
Ramesh Ganishkar 13 dager siden
Umm... what's a Corona discharge....?
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh 7 dager siden
corona discharge is an electrical discharge caused by the ionization of a fluid such as air surrounding a conductor carrying a high voltage.
Pavel Kriššák
Pavel Kriššák 13 dager siden
Čech dá lajk
Veerni Vishwanath
Veerni Vishwanath 13 dager siden
11:16 Dr.Doom 😂😂
Web Cityx
Web Cityx 13 dager siden
Do you a segment on how to identify fake capacitors ?
Safwan Fathi
Safwan Fathi 13 dager siden
Lộc Sử Chấn Bá
Lộc Sử Chấn Bá 14 dager siden
Hmm... "Marx" -> "M - arcs" -> "Mega arcs"
Atharv Naik
Atharv Naik 14 dager siden
0:56 that was heart touching
master shooter64
master shooter64 14 dager siden
0:57 holy fuck Mehdi!!
Aayush Rajput
Aayush Rajput 14 dager siden
7:51 nice music mehdi
mebrat gebre
mebrat gebre 14 dager siden
Dj boom
brugna456 14 dager siden
1:30: tells people to only touch the circuit with one hand. 1:33: proceeds to touch the circuit with two hands.
Funny Videos
Funny Videos 14 dager siden
I would like to do that but I don't know😆😆😆😆😆
Electrocution in Water
Ganger 3,7 mill
The Amazing Eddy Current
Making a £13000 turntable