LUMPED MODEL, Kirchhoff Circuit Laws (ElectroBOOM101 - 008) 

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
#ElectroBOOM101 #Lumped #Kirchhoff

Vitenskap og teknologi



18. juni. 2020





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Hugh Glassey
Hugh Glassey 9 timer siden
Me: Plugs in circuit The circuit: self destruct activated
Max Mccann
Max Mccann Dag siden
Ok so, if anyone is good at electrics or anything that would be great, I went to heat up my tea in the microwave earlier, so I stuck it in, shut the door and everything was ok until I went to turn on the microwave at the plug (I'm in the UK), my right hand was on the microwave not sure if it was the metal side panel or the buttons, and I turned on the plug with my left, and I got a pretty bitching shock on both my fingers, anyone have any idea what the hell just happened? The microwave was ok to use after that, and heated my tea up alright with a couple plastic gloves, but still kinda worried about using it from now on. It was pretty shocking I guess you could say
Viktor Velikov
Viktor Velikov 3 dager siden
This is fake video nosections.info/green/x42mepaLaqCE2a4/video.html
INviS Gaming
INviS Gaming 6 dager siden
My understanding is lagging your explanation by 90°.😂lel
kh n
kh n 7 dager siden
Who is Kirchhoff
Predsednik Mimoslavije Darko
Stretch Clinton
Stretch Clinton 7 dager siden
Aaaaaaaaaaaaah electrics AAAAAAAAAAH
Stretch Clinton
Stretch Clinton 7 dager siden
I remember when electrics were just switching an on and off button. Now look at what has become of it.
Sandy mintz
Sandy mintz 10 dager siden
Aryan Gariga
Aryan Gariga 14 dager siden
Waiting for your 101-009...🤩
arjun poudel
arjun poudel 15 dager siden
Kindly make vedios regarding transmission lines, antennas, ...
Eda Var
Eda Var 16 dager siden
I need this series to continue. Love your videos! Thanks
Beachcomber Bob
Beachcomber Bob 21 dag siden
This subject used to to make my head ache at college 44 years ago. It still does now, so I guess it's a constant.
Sam_1_am 23 dager siden
But those that do use LUMPED MODEL also shall eventually perish.
muddy moisturizer
muddy moisturizer 24 dager siden
تعرف تقرا عربي؟ او تكتب عربي
Jason Pick
Jason Pick 25 dager siden
Seriously, i wish i had an engineers brain, im a technician but i understand the engineering concept because my classes were engineering based.
Charliechoes 29 dager siden
Make a 009 about MOSFETs in the name of science.
enricmm85 Måned siden
What happened to this series?
Sascha Wedler
Sascha Wedler Måned siden
You Are Awesome!!!
SOUL MASTER Måned siden
Me who is in 9 th standard: 😶
PangSub Måned siden
and some comments believe he's really stupid. obviously he's a genius who has style.
These 101 videos are really helpful for my studies. Desperately waiting for new videos ❤️❤️
chiku the PRIME
chiku the PRIME Måned siden
Thanks for entertaining and helping me for the boards at once 😅😅
Sai Shankar Ganesh M
when will the next video of the series gets released?
we'll be right back !
The man tries to make a little summary of what he has taught us Fails thrice to make his point
Samuel Andrade
Samuel Andrade Måned siden
What about transistors?
tomas coppitters
tomas coppitters Måned siden
My god, I want you to be my networks and electromagnetism professor
Suveer Singh
Suveer Singh Måned siden
Please make a video on Quantum Physics ❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏 Please Please Please
Rachit Kumar Sinha
Rachit Kumar Sinha Måned siden
If Mehdi was a terrorist, his ammo would be hand capacinades
انا أسطورة
انا أسطورة 2 måneder siden
✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌Arabic language text the language iraq 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Yusuf Khan
Yusuf Khan 2 måneder siden
I disagree with the random association of polarities. Wouldn't the battery always have to have polarity in reverse to the components for the sum to equal zero. For example If you have a single loop with a battery and resistor, if you label the battery in the same manner as the resistor you will end up with +V +V=0 But from my understanding the sum of the voltages around the battery and resistor, if you take both of them as positive, could not be zero, Either the battery or resistor/component has to be negative. Can someone please explain.
Potato 2 måneder siden
This video is so helpful with high school physics. Really helps understanding everything. In Finnish high school books those are called the first and the second law. I just now looked it up and realized that we also use current and voltage in the names, but the books just don't tell it to us.
imho 2 måneder siden
This is not for beginners. It's probably TAFE cert 3 electrical. It fits uneasily in the cert 2 syllabus end but is presumed to be easily understood for Elecronic Engineering, week 1. You will need to do a lot of work to understand it, and Jim Pytel and Ben Eater are good exponents.
Muhammed Almusawi
Muhammed Almusawi 2 måneder siden
هوة بلاك ليش عاف الاوم
After_Tech_Industries 2 måneder siden
4:11 - 4:12 I got an ad...
amin 2 måneder siden
گوستاف کییییییرچاف😂😂😂
Humberto da Silva Jr
Humberto da Silva Jr 2 måneder siden
This series of tutorial videos is just wonderful! Please keep it going!
Nathaniel Pontinovitz
Nathaniel Pontinovitz 2 måneder siden
Thanks for watching
Nathaniel Pontinovitz
Nathaniel Pontinovitz 2 måneder siden
Nathaniel Pontinovitz
Nathaniel Pontinovitz 2 måneder siden
I'm sorry I can't help it covid 19 lumped model
Nathaniel Pontinovitz
Nathaniel Pontinovitz 2 måneder siden
And I thought I was wrong and bad and crazy
Nathaniel Pontinovitz
Nathaniel Pontinovitz 2 måneder siden
4 what's true horseshoe
Nathaniel Pontinovitz
Nathaniel Pontinovitz 2 måneder siden
Nathaniel Pontinovitz
Nathaniel Pontinovitz 2 måneder siden
Yasin Akşit
Yasin Akşit 2 måneder siden
taught more than years of school
Harris Papadopoulos
Harris Papadopoulos 2 måneder siden
You are just my favorite youtuber and teacher. I study electronics 😅
Oved Appr
Oved Appr 2 måneder siden
It is why the best way is still airgap !
Oved Appr
Oved Appr 2 måneder siden
The various leakage he talk about? Is the main cause of issue ! Why? people assume that the protection prevent leak ! The funny thing is the leak is not one way ( like the circuit it self
Andrey K
Andrey K 2 måneder siden
so, where is the next video? need more
SHIVANK SINGH 2 måneder siden
Best teacher for physics
DetectiveSketchy BaconHair
im a programmer why am i watching this
Harshal Sardesai
Harshal Sardesai 2 måneder siden
I hope when he asks us to design something together we won't get shocked to almost death like him 😂😂 I don't want 2 more like me talking to me 😁 it would be fun though
Maui Bill
Maui Bill 2 måneder siden
Wow, this is why I went into digital electronics......so much easier..... and gates, nand gates, or gates, nor gates and flip flops. Oh yeah.
Jemuel B Jeroham
Jemuel B Jeroham 2 måneder siden
you've got a new subscriber : -)
ابو لؤي Abo loai
ابو لؤي Abo loai 2 måneder siden
كلي اول عربي في القناة
Tomas T
Tomas T 2 måneder siden
use at least safety glasses lol....
Danial Mirzaei
Danial Mirzaei 3 måneder siden
خدایی عشقی. افتخار مایی استاد
Yogesh super
Yogesh super 3 måneder siden
You teach kvl and kcl more good and funny way😁😁😁 than our teachers
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis 3 måneder siden
Thabnks for the video Sir. Please make the equivalent circuits videos!
Elliot Williams
Elliot Williams 3 måneder siden
Elliot Williams
Elliot Williams 3 måneder siden
How to set up and diagram components like diodes, etc
boytik tikboy
boytik tikboy 3 måneder siden
John de Haan
John de Haan 3 måneder siden
I understand your argument but why do the Dutch push back the south sea and create land while Bangladesh drowns?
Canzandridas Joe
Canzandridas Joe 3 måneder siden
So, if a wire is a superconductor it wouldn't heat up AT ALL, right?
yosef kashkoul
yosef kashkoul 3 måneder siden
لامبد مادل وما ادراك ما لامبد مادل
Chandan Kumar Rath
Chandan Kumar Rath 3 måneder siden
I must say you are a great teacher..
NinjaOnANinja 3 måneder siden
To be honest my dude, more people would be educated if teachers were interested in their lessons and not just doing it because it pays or keeps them out of jail. I mention this because your intro and how you said people are interested because you over edit your videos. Nah, I watch because you actually have a passion for what you do and its fun to watch someone share their passion.
Vaibhav Rajput
Vaibhav Rajput 3 måneder siden
@Electroboom complete the series man, waiting for more
꧁𓆩F.B.I ༒ I.G.X𓆪꧂
7:08, I thought he's talking about _Potassium chloride_
꧁𓆩F.B.I ༒ I.G.X𓆪꧂
0:31, and _Impedance_ ??
deadlyduck11 3 måneder siden
At 8:44 when he started writing while looking at the camera kinda freaked me out for a second. I'm impressed!
Favour Eddie
Favour Eddie 3 måneder siden
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Lokesh Wankhede
Lokesh Wankhede 3 måneder siden
Just one problem you speak too fast Please talk slow
gillanis multimedia
gillanis multimedia 3 måneder siden
post more informative video on circuit analysis
Phil H
Phil H 3 måneder siden
...good to see you are still around...alive...lol
Rahul Maurya
Rahul Maurya 3 måneder siden
So when are we designing circuits together💀
Th3OfficeBeefalo s
Th3OfficeBeefalo s 3 måneder siden
Alright, now all we need is Series/Parallel component formulas, Nodal Analysis and Mesh Analysis and then you will have basically covered an introductory circuits class.
Jordan Dennis
Jordan Dennis 3 måneder siden
I wish I had know about this series earlier, great stuff!
Sewen55479 3 måneder siden
LiterallyCanadian 3 måneder siden
Congrants, by watching this video you could pass my first year eletrical circuit analysis midterm.
Tanya Figueroa
Tanya Figueroa 3 måneder siden
1:25 Wtf was that
Salem Dervisic
Salem Dervisic 3 måneder siden
Damn, why hasn't this have been interesting when I needed it in High School 😌
Eric Li
Eric Li 4 måneder siden
3:34 song?
SHAHEER PLAYS 4 måneder siden
I have been watching this channel from last 3 years and all I have learned is anythinfg that has electricity goes BOOOOOM
maccnigg brine69
maccnigg brine69 4 måneder siden
I dont have an idea what mehdi is talking about but im entertained.
ChromaCat248 4 måneder siden
4:20 that looks like a feynman diagram
Alex Ivakhnenko
Alex Ivakhnenko 4 måneder siden
I really like the ElectroBOOM 101 series. Please make more!
Jintaro Kensei
Jintaro Kensei 4 måneder siden
I can't see 4 loops...
Meme Emem
Meme Emem 4 måneder siden
Could you make a video on mesh current method and node voltage method?
Maddox Reetz
Maddox Reetz 4 måneder siden
your whiteboard was upside down :)
Jay Cee
Jay Cee 4 måneder siden
This is a lot easier than how I learned this. Using a pdf of a textbook I just sat myself down and spent ~12 hours (all night) watching videos and trying this stuff over and over and over until it finally clicked and I could go to bed the next day. Mcdonalds made a lot of money off of coffee that evening.
HellsGun 4 måneder siden
One part im struggling with a bit in learning electronics is the (in my opinion) dreaded diodes and transistors and diodes as devices. Please find a way to download your knowledge on these so i can input it into my brain.
Emin Berk Ünal
Emin Berk Ünal 4 måneder siden
I am currently studying in Electrical Engineering and this ElectroBOOM101 series is like that lesson in high school that you've been enjoying the most but this time it actually teaches you somethings xD
Pouria Mansr
Pouria Mansr 4 måneder siden
Goddamn! you’re the best teacher
Joshua Crooks
Joshua Crooks 4 måneder siden
I always learn so much when I watch your videos. Keep up the great work brotherman!
Pluto _demon33
Pluto _demon33 4 måneder siden
Love the intro so much
Unidorsal Icosahedron
Unidorsal Icosahedron 4 måneder siden
So, applying backwards, when people overshare their thoughts and feelings, it affects other people, making thoughts and feelings bounce around to the point where you don't know whose they are or where they come from? Huh, makes a lot of sense, actually...
THE VOID 4 måneder siden
0:44 you can see it swelling up
Debayan Mandal
Debayan Mandal 5 måneder siden
Sir , Why you stopped making. These types of videos ?? make more videos in 101 series , please . Love from India
paNdA 5 måneder siden
0:50 OMG ......... heart attack ............. dead
Sameer Kasysp
Sameer Kasysp 5 måneder siden
Video about transistors
harvyx gaming
harvyx gaming 5 måneder siden
the arabic writing is literally the spelling of the english one
Travis Wilson
Travis Wilson 5 måneder siden
Is Space Travel Possible??