Legend of BAGHDAD BATTERY, How Batteries Work 

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Is Baghdad Battery from 2000 years ago… even a battery?
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
#BaghdadBattery #PseudoScience

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17. jan.. 2020





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Kaligath 4 timer siden
That transition to rubbing a pole cracked me up its just perfect. :D Vinegar is a good disinfectant and well being in say a copper container would contain the smells so maybe they used it to clean stuff.
Valerian Pratama
I’m grateful that I found this because for some reason TOEFL just decided to give me an article on this in the writing test lol
Not_Derfu Dag siden
4:02 prefect explonaition😂
city in the stars
I swear i was baked when i first watched this and believed every word
Eli Chouinard
Eli Chouinard 2 dager siden
If the Baghdad battery isnt a battery then what is it? Its clearly not random that they had everything you need to make a battery next to each other. Even if it cant create enough current to do anything useful its obvious that they knew it was storing energy of some sort.
Er. Niraj Kandel
Er. Niraj Kandel 2 dager siden
Research done in Ved ( ancient hindu scripture) shows how to make a battery and even an aeroplane! nosections.info/green/p3l1kZ2dn6CCvMg/video.html
Leonardo Heinrich
Leonardo Heinrich 3 dager siden
Wait wouldn’t a change of the electrolyte result in a fast charge? And the old electrolyte could be Recycled outside the Battery while the circuit is powered by the new electrolyte
Max Tyson
Max Tyson 3 dager siden
Nice video.
MotoDanKZ 3 dager siden
3:10 AHAHA this man is so funny!
Arlo 2
Arlo 2 3 dager siden
plot twist..... it's a battery for dildos
ThatsDank 4 dager siden
I think I did read some papers on this years ago when this battery thing popped up, how It helps with wine fermentation or smth, they were not conclusive tho.
Auriam 4 dager siden
Best explanation of electronegativity I ever heard ;)
Nailaga 4 dager siden
3:14 i died
Captain boomerang
Captain boomerang 5 dager siden
Can please anyone tell why do one Electron comes and other electron go in 4:43
3am BaCh
3am BaCh 5 dager siden
4:11 My heaaaart 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Caleb Renegar
Caleb Renegar 5 dager siden
They built these to power trimmers to tame unibrows like what’s in the thumbnail.
Ray Byrnes
Ray Byrnes 5 dager siden
That Praveen guy has some voice....
Brennon Stevens
Brennon Stevens 5 dager siden
probably the best promotion I've heard in yt
95rav 6 dager siden
But it clearly shows a bunch of these batteries can make 6volts. So obviously a bit less than bunch of these batteries can make 5volts. And what uses 5volts? USB. Yeah baby! So logically the Bagdad cavedudes and dudettes used the batteries to charge their mobile phones! Clearly if these archaeologists searched a bit harder, they will find a clay Nokia 3310. (Sounds like a job for Indiana Jones!) And I'm sure Eric von Daniken can prove some iron pillar is actually a communication tower. Wake up sheeple! Just watch, 5G will bring about the fall of our own civilisation just as the Bagdad battery caused the collapse of the great Abbasid caliphate and all of Mesopotamia! You have been warned!! Hahahahaha!!! (Where are my pills...)
the stickman animator
the stickman animator 7 dager siden
i learned more from this guy then school ever will learn me
Gaming52 7 dager siden
5:11 so you're saying i can super quickly recharge my batteries if i shoot ionizing radiation at them?
scotia 3d
scotia 3d 7 dager siden
why dont they use solar magnifying lenses to charge steam boilers for generators, and could decelinate salt water and pump it to were its needed.
CHOAM Nomsky
CHOAM Nomsky 7 dager siden
Not to be confused with "Bad Dad Battery" where CPS gets involved.
Peter Tiddy
Peter Tiddy 7 dager siden
6:23. So all I need to do is put 24 giant Bagdad Batteries in series and repeat 1000 times in parallel and I don't need to buy a new car battery. Cool.
MidgetMan 420
MidgetMan 420 7 dager siden
1:34 I'm just going to leave this here
iBO IQ 8 dager siden
Maybe you hate it because you are from Iran
horrovac 8 dager siden
Ah, you're just saying that because it's the BAGHDAD battery!!! You'd be speaking differently of it if it were from Isfahan!!!111
Nyx Unown
Nyx Unown 8 dager siden
A long time ago I heard they found these batteries inside altars and other holy objects. So maybe people used it to zap people and feel a connection to god.
WoodsyGarlic 8 dager siden
3:10 to 3:15 is the funniest thing ever
Sven Sjolund
Sven Sjolund 8 dager siden
Who edits these they’re amazing
Filipe Aguiar
Filipe Aguiar 8 dager siden
It could have been the first experiment found of a battery or, somebody that kept a copper sheet and iron rod in a jar/urn with some bitumen to keep it air/water tight just because it was fun to hide that type of melted metal shapes. Since when wine is prohibited in Arab countries? Stolen battery?
Siri 9 dager siden
عراقي و افتخر 🙂
Siri 8 dager siden
@البزنس مان باذنجان :))
البزنس مان باذنجان
هلو :))
Yumn Jame
Yumn Jame 9 dager siden
3:10 Tell me electricity is not hot.
ok fine
ok fine 9 dager siden
bruh he is Iranian
Lagha Nizar
Lagha Nizar 10 dager siden
I like ur videos but the ancien persia was a part of the big civilisation of baghdad, not the opposite, because the persian was used like slave in Baghdad by irakian (at this time)
Power Gaming GD
Power Gaming GD 10 dager siden
What is this Baghdad battery thing that I don’t know about when i live in iraq
MexicanDre 10 dager siden
Thanks btw on this video and others, im doing my master's right now and im learning about Lithium ion batteries and thought about seeing your videos to get a glimpse of what i can learn. Thanks again
Lucy Davie
Lucy Davie 10 dager siden
“I’m 100% sure I don’t know what it was for.” Basically me when somebody asks me about cars
Ameer Sumary
Ameer Sumary 10 dager siden
حسب كلامه استهزاء في اختراع بغداد ، وحتى تهجم عليهم وكال شنو فائدتها اذا طاقتها كلش ضعيفه ، الغبي مايدري بداية الاختراعات بدات من العراق بس بسبب الحروب بعد سقوط الدوله العباسيه انتهت بغداد وبدا عصر الجهل ليومك هذا ، بس الي استغلوا هذا العلم بعد الحرب الاهليه وبداية حركة التنوير او العصر الفلاسفه وهنا بدا البحث والتساؤلات في عصر النهظه وبدات الامم الاوربية تتطور بس العراق بقى ملتهي بحروبه الداميه والى يومك هذا . تاريخ غير مشرف مع الاسف 😔
البزنس مان باذنجان
يا اخي يمزح
Ameer Sumary
Ameer Sumary 10 dager siden
I proud of My country Iraq 🇮🇶
8Pixels 10 dager siden
I'm start to wondering you hide something... Cancer cure, world hunger, and the one who shut down the oxygen 😒
Glenn Viking
Glenn Viking 11 dager siden
7:08 *n o*
Mack Outlaw
Mack Outlaw 11 dager siden
learn about real history before you open ur mouth.
CaptainCaboose 11 dager siden
Taste like balls lol man burned piper
Curt Bundy
Curt Bundy 12 dager siden
Maybe it was a great way to get drunk back then.
Dan Simms
Dan Simms 13 dager siden
I think they all misunderstood, I think the "battery" they found was actually a perfume diffuser, or oil lamp used for light or to make your house not stink like literal shit.
bromiso valum
bromiso valum 13 dager siden
Bummer. I easily imagined some antique Parthian ancestor of Mehdi zapping himself with clay batteries in ancient Baghdad.
Yaseen? Rashid
Yaseen? Rashid 14 dager siden
Faham Parsa
Faham Parsa 14 dager siden
dude what if we say they knew about electricity and they where researching and this was a prototype for experimenting with it
Nathan EverLast
Nathan EverLast 14 dager siden
Can you make a Circle of Delazenne invented in Germany 19th century, a woodern circle with a coil of a few hundred turns, apparently oriented in the right direction it crosses earths magnetic field and produces a small current.
Liam 14 dager siden
A scroll container, from the Sassanian empire, but plot twist.. it once contained a scroll on electricity...
Almost Famous
Almost Famous 14 dager siden
Smart guy but anti Muslim.its jst because it's found in Muslim country you don't class it as battery though it produces current.
ya3goob master
ya3goob master 11 dager siden
Parthia (ancient Persia) was before Islam
ismail iyada
ismail iyada 11 dager siden
@almost famous damn i felt that too... such disapointement to see how he, a well educated guy, would do this
harmony celestial
harmony celestial 15 dager siden
Nice explanation...
Langrand Alexandre
Langrand Alexandre 15 dager siden
Hahaha! This is hilarious 🤣
Mr Sol Gaming
Mr Sol Gaming 15 dager siden
2:52 14 years old dating girl
Narayanan R
Narayanan R 16 dager siden
hey , it is proven in ancient Indian texts that people did use electricity but not these batteries
John Doe
John Doe 16 dager siden
2:56 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Masoud J
Masoud J 17 dager siden
خدا نکشدت مهدی، اونجا که لوله پی وی سی رو با حوله میمالیدی ترکیدم.
Pallav Kakkar
Pallav Kakkar 18 dager siden
i wish you were one of my teachers at engineering school!
BES ‘ 18 dager siden
I am from 🇮🇶 Iraq
SimpleGamingPC 18 dager siden
i mean the egyptian build the pyramid that take 20-30 years,alot of man power and 2.5 million 2.5 ton stone just for dead people. what make you think, people in that era cant build hundreds or not thousand of this thing for them to use?
Captain Cripplenipple
Captain Cripplenipple 20 dager siden
The way he says booger is hilarious
raffiq R
raffiq R 20 dager siden
abdulrahman eslam
abdulrahman eslam 21 dag siden
9:14 will skillshare enhance my sexuality🤔?
Chris L
Chris L 22 dager siden
I think they DID understand it was a battery, or to them "lightening in a bottle". They could have even used the battery for something like acupuncture, cause I mean they understood how that worked in ancient times so maybe they were able to feel a slight tingle from this thing and thought it felt good, or maybe it was just something for entertainment like a curiosity or a toy. Just to say "hey, check this out, this feels funny" and that's it. Either way I don't think they were so stupid they didn't realize what they did. The battery was built in such a way that would require planning and built purposefully in that manner. If that wasn't the case then they would have just wrapped an iron rod with copper and stuck in some grape juice. But no, they made a pitch stopper for it, left room between the rod and the copper and everything. They may not have knew WHY it worked but they understood HOW to make it work and what they were doing. We don't give ancient cultures enough credit. They weren't idiots, they were able to understand cause and effect from simple observation. I mean they figured out stuff about the stars that we didn't know until the invention of the telescope for Christ's sake.
Parallax Perception
Parallax Perception 22 dager siden
Prashant Shevade
Prashant Shevade 23 dager siden
ive seen this video so many times and the "Booger tea" always makes me laugh out loud :D
Praveen. M
Praveen. M 23 dager siden
Donate your money to charity
Parallax Perception
Parallax Perception 22 dager siden
Holy Crap
Holy Crap 23 dager siden
"as if LED is an ancient technology" can you imagine if it was? XD
John Slugger
John Slugger 23 dager siden
Baghdad was smashed by the USA 😂😂😂😂😂
RangO ArtS
RangO ArtS 24 dager siden
i know what Baghdad battery was mad for: the guy who made it just liked the feeling of putting his tongue on it and feel that bit tingling. he just found out it by accident and made it. imagine if it was developed and 2000 years ago they have electricity, we would be living in the future like 2000 years from now.
Jj. 24 dager siden
@7:42 What about static electricity? How much capacitance has it?
Ahmed Arcadia1
Ahmed Arcadia1 25 dager siden
I'm from Iraq🙂
Tech and cube
Tech and cube 25 dager siden
his next video how to get shock by a lightning
Aten Music
Aten Music 25 dager siden
Dude, when that Praveen guy started talking.... totally didn't expect for him to sound like that lmao
KamoGaming [ かも]
KamoGaming [ かも] 26 dager siden
shows that ten of these in series barely lights an led and then says that the notion that they were useless stupid. what peak genius
DustyReaver :Rebel:
DustyReaver :Rebel: 26 dager siden
MFDONKEY 26 dager siden
they may have used the power generated for stimulation of any kind...Or they may have had an addiction to shocking the tongue like a 9 volt
Harpax99 26 dager siden
I wonder if it was used to store food or drink? Since copper does kill bacteria and viruses, it may have just used to make sure what ever food stuff would not spoil as quickly.
Jamie Loppy
Jamie Loppy 27 dager siden
WOW That guy sounds like Mickey Mouse from India!!
PA Outdoors
PA Outdoors 28 dager siden
Dito 28 dager siden
2:51 That's why Mehdi needs a Netflix Comedy Special
Wojciech Zgodowski
Wojciech Zgodowski 28 dager siden
Once they connected enough batteries in series and achived 20v they could use it for torture. One wire in a person's asshole😳 and another one in their mouth and it was a torture device. 🤔
Katie Grey
Katie Grey 29 dager siden
I know an astonishing number of people who would buy that Baghdad battery juice with that mock-advertisement you generated for it... I need to get some normal friends.
Adolfo Flores Aguilar
Adolfo Flores Aguilar 29 dager siden
That transition was so hot
John Wall
John Wall 29 dager siden
Is electrolysis is happened in that experiment?
Jacob Persico
Jacob Persico 29 dager siden
I think it was an attempt at a battery.
Jacob Persico
Jacob Persico 29 dager siden
6:43 but they did NOT have LEDs back then!
Bóbr Bobrowski
Bóbr Bobrowski 29 dager siden
stainless spoon is far away form pure-ish Fe so if you trying to be ultra smart try to be consequent, im not to suggest it is or it is not ancient mambo ufo jumbo something but come on... you may be more accurate with recreation....
RDCST 29 dager siden
I like how he refutes itself. LMAO!
Hamza Malik
Hamza Malik Måned siden
6:34 He is Holding 3v Coin Cell To Power Up Led!!😶😶
Tyler Wells
Tyler Wells Måned siden
6:45 is where my ears started bleeding, ngl.
END TIMES PraiseJesus
the bearded lady healing thing is cool
END TIMES PraiseJesus
Dang who did the Chinese subtitles?
END TIMES PraiseJesus
I'd trust a persian battery over a baghdaddy one anyday!
GLAZZ INFO Måned siden
Sir you are amazing, brilliant and best teacher.
P. K.
P. K. Måned siden
The correct way to pronounce BAGHDAD is Bug-Daadh😎🔥👍🙏
Allfathe-r Måned siden
I think this is an argument between ancient people and mehdi
Allfathe-r Måned siden
Rubbing that rod was epic 😂🤣
TheBlueAce Måned siden
1:30 to 2:12. This guy's sense of humour is on another level.
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