Painful High Voltage Levitation Magic 

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I saw a video and had to rectify it! Can you levitate metal using voltage over your body? Watch Jay’s video from @PlasmaChannel to learn more: nosections.info/green/26abi5d9pqaGy9Q/video.html
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Vitenskap og teknologi



19. nov.. 2020





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Jasim Maths and Physics
He's gonna make a real life iron man suit one day
_Rain_ 7 timer siden
This guy hilarious 😂
A R Ray
A R Ray 23 timer siden
8:21 epic moment ever🤣
Rafaeljit singh
Rafaeljit singh Dag siden
Hahaha very funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Max Mccann
Max Mccann Dag siden
Ok so, if anyone is good at electrics or anything that would be great, I went to heat up my tea in the microwave earlier, so I stuck it in, shut the door and everything was ok until I went to turn on the microwave at the plug (I'm in the UK), my right hand was on the microwave not sure if it was the metal side panel or the buttons, and I turned on the plug with my left, and I got a pretty bitching shock on both my fingers, anyone have any idea what the hell just happened? The microwave was ok to use after that, and heated my tea up alright with a couple plastic gloves, but still kinda worried about using it from now on. It was pretty shocking I guess you could say
wrecked funtimefoxy
wrecked funtimefoxy 2 dager siden
it looks like a happy ghost when it bounces
Farel Airo Reglos
Farel Airo Reglos 3 dager siden
electro boom or mehdi always wins
Jackal1412 3 dager siden
hii-people 4 dager siden
JAKE HeIsE 4 dager siden
Look guys i can use the force
xyrone loyd lanorias
xyrone loyd lanorias 4 dager siden
"Stop bouncing you moron" -mehdi, 2020
ThatGuyPlayZ 0nmobile
ThatGuyPlayZ 0nmobile 4 dager siden
His electricity bill must be off the charts
AVENGERS THOR 5 dager siden
8:54 is the funniest lol 😂😂
TheVorran 5 dager siden
"Hi, I was able to make the foil fly"
SnowBone 6 dager siden
It's Even WORKING :D
Rajesh Vaishya
Rajesh Vaishya 6 dager siden
5:19 Me :in front of my cousins after explaing the joke the i cracked
A Big Duck
A Big Duck 7 dager siden
Blue balling the video
Saurabh•7 months ago
Stop jumping you m_ron🤣🤣🤣
Thirdy Abella
Thirdy Abella 7 dager siden
Apperntly flying cars is possible if we cover the earth with aluminum and replace the tires with metal or aluminum with negative energy of we have infinite power that output fast
greg77389 7 dager siden
"Lemme just put the wire on my right arm so the shock won't go through my chest" *Gets shocked on the left arm*
Anuj Singh Bais
Anuj Singh Bais 7 dager siden
Make something on Iron Man
Zayin Gaming
Zayin Gaming 8 dager siden
Ali Minhaj
Ali Minhaj 8 dager siden
This guy is just coool
Pearl Giallanza
Pearl Giallanza 8 dager siden
3:41 reply 5 seconds whenever you hit this time and it is funny
StellaMatutina 8 dager siden
Wonder if alien spacecraft that people see in the sky use the same sort of principle..
Erik Nyström
Erik Nyström 9 dager siden
JUSTJAY 9 dager siden
This part killed me 7:46
IJN Kaga
IJN Kaga 9 dager siden
nosections.info/green/0GKKiIqdeI6GydA/video.html kaiyo
Naveen Vimukthi
Naveen Vimukthi 9 dager siden
Laugh with pain
Smalistics 9 dager siden
PLEASE connect it to your brain so you just think and it levitates
Magenta 9 dager siden
World shוtest jacobs ladder
Avatar Thanos The Super Titan
THE RECTIFIER!!!!!!!!!! A new super hero has arrived
Corrupted anims
Corrupted anims 11 dager siden
7:05 is the part were u see electricity
Haider Ali
Haider Ali 11 dager siden
CptOneEye 11 dager siden
nosections.info/green/16-KsGNzpKOc0tQ/video.html Can be your next experiment :) I have tried it being 9 years old . I have found a plans in old "Radio" Russian journal .
Ben Done
Ben Done 11 dager siden
just use wingardium levioosar
BLAZE๛ FURY 11 dager siden
WolfSpirit 11 dager siden
3:39 wow his arm move was really fast.
Samu Frog
Samu Frog 11 dager siden
Quite the shocking turn of events
GabeTherobloxgamer 11 dager siden
This man went to the speed of light XD 3:39
ARCANE 12 dager siden
his laughter gave me flashbacks to stomedy scary
Hải Đăng Võ
Hải Đăng Võ 12 dager siden
the plasma channel is a cool channel.he did like never fail anything,he just has 137k sb .this humor man alway use electric in the BOOM way has more than 4 million sb.
John 12 dager siden
Listen to the Best man scream that you’re ever here 8:59
David A.
David A. 12 dager siden
3:39 how fast is this guys.
Jacob Olsson
Jacob Olsson 13 dager siden
Nobody, Me when i was three: 8:52
Zecta 13 dager siden
backin down
deadly dude
deadly dude 14 dager siden
3:31 laugh of happiness overloaded😂
Markus Jancis
Markus Jancis 14 dager siden
Raging Gamer
Raging Gamer 14 dager siden
3:39 when my father hits me
Manisha saxena
Manisha saxena 14 dager siden
I was easily able to arcs between his thumb and aluminium foli
Manfred Sabater Joa
Manfred Sabater Joa 14 dager siden
stop jumping moron..... 5 seconds later gets shocked
Auriam 14 dager siden
Love your videos! I think some of the best parts of them are the expressions you make and your delightful reactions. You make learning about electricity fun!
David Tran
David Tran 14 dager siden
“What’s he doing?” *he’s beginning to believe*
Possible science Error
Possible science Error 15 dager siden
This men is unbelievable
AR Jami BD
AR Jami BD 15 dager siden
Are u still alive ... oh man
Felipe Ferreira 6 A
Felipe Ferreira 6 A 15 dager siden
3:39 what hapend here?
Sunlight in Spain
Sunlight in Spain 16 dager siden
3:39 I almost had a heart attack
HAO CUI 16 dager siden
karthik kaushik
karthik kaushik 17 dager siden
Because election flow to possitive terminal
Dave Storm
Dave Storm 17 dager siden
Franklin's Bell
Dark Enthalpy
Dark Enthalpy 18 dager siden
While I was watching the video And he was like... taking all precautions and not getting shocked I was like Why is this so not him And just then Bzzzzzzzt🤣🤣🤣🤣 I paused the video anf laughed for a few minutes ... srsly Why do electrons like you so much Damn🤣🤣🤣
TANYA KALRA 18 dager siden
Me:"waiting for the shock part"
Alejo Montoya
Alejo Montoya 13 dager siden
Hebron Max
Hebron Max 18 dager siden
3:39 bro that scared me
Rishabh Shah
Rishabh Shah 19 dager siden
3:35 gave me a heart attack
ชุติมา โต๊ะมิ
Marshxwalker 19 dager siden
Happy to see that hee is still alive 😂😂😂 . . Just joking sir I love your work I can learn science without feeling lazy You should be the science teacher of our college 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
L O G 20 dager siden
Mehdi: don't try this at home Me: you don't need to tell me that
Micco Bianson
Micco Bianson 20 dager siden
now I know that this man don't die after all of that shocks because her head looks like a capacitor also😂😂😂
Don zhantin Delacruz
Don zhantin Delacruz 20 dager siden
He has the power of electic and levitation power we call him Super Boom
Aayush Deo
Aayush Deo 20 dager siden
Please use Ultrasound levitation to steer the flame in X Y Z hence making a 3d display, hence the flame will be controlled but the ultrasound levitation kit will be controlled by an Arduino. It will be a great science demonstration for a holographic display that will be solid-state and Ultrasound levitation controlled. The current ultrasound levitation tech is not strong that it can levitate more than styrofoam but it is perfect to make air pockets in which plasma can be traped.
thereal we1rq
thereal we1rq 20 dager siden
7:05 set your playback speed to .25
Janbrix Genova
Janbrix Genova 21 dag siden
Like magnet yea like magnet
محمد حسین معین زاده
haji khodeto nakoshi :)))))
Tiago Ribeiro Dos Santos
Kkkkkk você é eletricamente louco. Foi mal , não resisti a piada Há Há Há Há!!!
Aaron Brillantes
Aaron Brillantes 22 dager siden
Its so funny if he gets shock 😂😂😂😂😂
JustinHavesFun ft. CVR Recordings
in 3:39
Swayam Seth
Swayam Seth 22 dager siden
He can create future
Phantom 22 dager siden
this man called a thing a moron how dumb can he be
Jabbie jabbie
Jabbie jabbie 24 dager siden
Watch from 7.02 at 0.25x speed u will see the spark
Farouk 24 dager siden
why does your thumbnail look like my uncle (seriously i'm not joking)
jwr 25 dager siden
other science channels: Don't try this at home. ElectroBOOM: *danger is fun*
Por Vang
Por Vang 25 dager siden
Tech Crafter
Tech Crafter 25 dager siden
9:25 Goldilock distance
Rakesh Sikdar
Rakesh Sikdar 26 dager siden
Khanki....chele morbi naki
daniel kurnath
daniel kurnath 26 dager siden
I always watch these videos like NOOOOOOOOOO, I know he knows what he's doing and is just clowning around but I keep expecting him to die lol.
Rival 819
Rival 819 26 dager siden
Has I said higher....he could not post the video if he died xD
Brwin Mirrow
Brwin Mirrow 27 dager siden
Try a tin foil ball
Stephen SOMERS
Stephen SOMERS 27 dager siden
if 3x 10megOhm doesn't work then put your body in circuit - what's the worst that can happen?
IN LEARNING FIELD 29 dager siden
3:32 OMG😘
SommerwurstHD 29 dager siden
nyo ho!
Inspire ishere
Inspire ishere Måned siden
He's face when he succeeded tho
Heidi Stewart
Heidi Stewart Måned siden
Imagine watching somebody doing this a couple hundred years ago. Black magic
Darpan Adhlakha
Darpan Adhlakha Måned siden
your experiments are awesome.... but shocking youself.. hate it...
Vitaliy Bilyk
Vitaliy Bilyk Måned siden
Мазохізм це взагалі то психічний розлад. Через ізоляцію хоча б через скло мабуть релігія не дозволяє?
W.J.R. Halyn
W.J.R. Halyn Måned siden
Hey instead of simply giving the foil piece a quarter fold, what if you rolled it into a thin cylinder? Same amount of foil, just a shape that equalizes the upper static field......
Zakia Khan
Zakia Khan Måned siden
good time
Joseph .M 101
Joseph .M 101 Måned siden
"Stop jumping, you moron," Medhi said to the energetic piece of tinfoil.
Ask Computers OFFICIAL
7:55 is it me or does it look like he pissed himself from getting shocked?
E. Podolyac
E. Podolyac Måned siden
4:25 PACKMAN )))
Collateral Damage
Collateral Damage Måned siden
Electricity doesn’t shock him. He shocks electricity
The Review
The Review Måned siden
You know, if it wasnt for the dangerously high voltage thus would make a fun game, see who can get the foil to levitate, the more still the foil is the more points you get for the time,
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