Making a Spark-Gap Transmitter 

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
#SparkGap #Transmitter

Vitenskap og teknologi



27. mars. 2020





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ElectroBOOM 11 måneder siden
Hello BOOMers, there are debates on that my circuit which has capacitor parallel to high voltage source is worse than the other type I also showed at 0:02 which has spark gap parallel to the high voltage source, because DiodesGoneWild mentions it here: nosections.info/green/2IigaHusoImMz50/video.html While the purpose of this video was not to make a proper commercial transmitter, because FOR GOD'S SAKE, WHO BOTHERS MAKING A COMMERCIAL SPARK-GAP TRANSMITTER NOWADAYS... both circuits lack many components that could make them better, both would work fine with proper components and both have pros and cons. Like in my circuit high voltage resonance frequency is right across the transformer and although mostly filtered, could stress the transformer to some extent, while if the spark gap is across transformer, it could short the high voltage for extended period of time overheating the transformer. In either case having a larger series inductor to the output of the transformer could protect it better. But WHO CARES?! Both circuits work for demonstration purposes, and need improvement for commercial use. So don't go selling this junk to make money!!
mattt198654321 10 dager siden
I could hear him saying this in my head
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos 11 dager siden
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos 11 dager siden
FreeKing Awwsome
FreeKing Awwsome Måned siden
Keeping it real
oGt 92fromthe1stEp
oGt 92fromthe1stEp Måned siden
ElectroBoom it would appear that I have accidentally created a high voltage resident frequency device when building my three-phase rotary converter and my Milwaukee drill was right next to the capacitors upon a few startups the LED flash light on my drill would come on until I properly tuned the capacitance of each of the legs 😂 was pretty curious as to why that was happening but after your detailed explanation of how it works I'm pretty certain I've created one by accident 😂
Insight Flight
Insight Flight Dag siden
10:40 that sped up part of the video cracked me up lol
Ali Norozi
Ali Norozi Dag siden
Are you irani
Tman2097 2 dager siden
11:16 he sounded like Marv from Home Alone
Lil Lizard dude
Lil Lizard dude 3 dager siden
I love watching these videos as if I know what he’s talking about
Adithyaraj K
Adithyaraj K 3 dager siden
3:26 Gru
Martin Henk Coetzee
Martin Henk Coetzee 3 dager siden
I accidently shocked myself when I was 8. I was traumatized and scared shitless of elektriese for a few years.
Cowbite 4 dager siden
11:14 - Comedy GOLD :)
kevoramma 4 dager siden
Wubba lubba dub dub!
Joel john
Joel john 5 dager siden
I wish this man never dies I don’t wanna fall back into depression :(
Nathan Ezekiel Legaspi
I love it 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😀😀😀
This is your best video thanks mr.electric.
Shashwat Mahto
Shashwat Mahto 6 dager siden
Fresh salt water lol
Amer istanbouli
Amer istanbouli 7 dager siden
dB this shit i couldn't understand until now thanks man
Romain RGAcraft
Romain RGAcraft 8 dager siden
1:01 Is the relay He can’t work like that much time
Adarsh Pandey
Adarsh Pandey 8 dager siden
This guy us much better than my loda lassun physics teacher, he has taught me much more than that teacher could teach in an entire year. Thank you.
speedbuggy16v 9 dager siden
Love your videos, your willingness to cause yourself pain for our enjoyment is only overshadowed by the information you give us. How long did it take a local ham to come and want to kick the crap out of you for this experiment?
Mukesh Sahani
Mukesh Sahani 11 dager siden
Acr Master 😀
Ishav Sethi
Ishav Sethi 14 dager siden
9:23 it should be same instead of infinte.
SuperAlpha Show
SuperAlpha Show 16 dager siden
EMP system is ready :D
prototype9000 19 dager siden
Tesla had a much better system than that
Rogério Pazetto
Rogério Pazetto 19 dager siden
Even the advertisements of your sponsors are funny on your videos! Congratulations man, i really admire you (greetings from Brazil).
Danielo Atheer
Danielo Atheer 21 dag siden
power transmit activated
Bakugo UnU
Bakugo UnU 22 dager siden
3:24 *Bhaahahahahhaa WTF IT FELL XD*
Heyoka Empath
Heyoka Empath 24 dager siden
"Tesla"... the beginning of Handy and Smartphone.
Robin A. Jensen
Robin A. Jensen 24 dager siden
The Dane Valdemar Poulsen did make an arc transmitter in the year 1902 together with the ingenier Peder Oluf Pedersen. So no it's not the first ever eventet... Sorry Mehdi. da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valdemar_Poulsen#Buegeneratoren
The Great Zoom
The Great Zoom 9 dager siden
Wireless communication developed all over the world around the same time, so there really isn't just one person or group that can be credited for the technology. Rowland developed his spark-gap transmitter in 1889, but Poulsen and Pedersen were among the first to design a transmitter that output a continuous waveform rather than pulses.
coders indonesia
coders indonesia 28 dager siden
Really love to watch your content. Never bored to hear your explaination. And btw, your morse hahaha lol
Jeffrey314159 28 dager siden
5:57 Why not 25 microHenries of L, at 1000pF of C
Brett Spillman
Brett Spillman Måned siden
As an amateur radio operator, I appreciate this video.
Tim Mack
Tim Mack Måned siden
Express VPN sucks. Panda VPN is way better
yesterday tech95
yesterday tech95 Måned siden
More shocky shocky boom boom!
Nathaniel Pontinovitz
Your telling me how to do it?
FreeKing Awwsome
FreeKing Awwsome Måned siden
@ElectroBOOM Nice video. You do know then that Resident Frequencies and Bineraul Beats and Rife and Karmic Frequencies all intertwine with each other to form what I call Hertz Resident Sounds they can heal they can give you a better mindset and they can change your presumptuous on reality.
Invisible12345ful Måned siden
I like the idea. It isn''t an air gap, it's a high voltage switch. "Ahh, the high voltage switch smells so good today. Should take a walk!"
Hasif Naufal Ramadhan
1:06 11:16
Vasu Choubey
Vasu Choubey Måned siden
You have great knowledge sir🙏🏻
Bakugo UnU
Bakugo UnU Måned siden
1:06, *11:16** AHOO SHIT-!* 7:17 *the hell haha. 0 after all this-* 9:32, 10:40 *Scope sound* 14:55 *help meh-*
Jack Kim
Jack Kim Måned siden
Funny and and that is a learning fact :3
utuchuck Måned siden
Fun video! You can also do morse code with a series of small hand grenades interspersed with larger ones. Would likely create less interference. Your AARL Coil calculator is in inches of diameter, not exactly the same as the 60 MM you measured
cfb33774 Måned siden
When I was a child I had a Red Radicon remote control Bus that transmitted a signal to control the Bus with a Spark-Gap Transmitter. Sometimes when the bus was close to the refrigerator, the arc of the compressor Contactor engaging would make the bus start or stop or turn. Here is a demo of one of these buses: nosections.info/green/u2lzcGOGanqvzqo/video.html
Marin Mosqueda
Marin Mosqueda Måned siden
Your segways to your sponsors are funnier. LTT should learn from you
MECHA TECH Måned siden
11:12 For some reason, I guess, he wasn't expecting that shock.
Hasif Naufal Ramadhan
Bakugo UnU
Bakugo UnU Måned siden
Hamed Adefuwa
Hamed Adefuwa Måned siden
The fact that I could understand everything in this video makes me so happy beyond belief. I’m just starting my communications module next week and this video has sparked my interest. Thank you 🙏!!
evanleebodies 2 måneder siden
The impudence of those croc clips cracks me up
TH3darkgem 2 måneder siden
ElectroBoom: tests his tazer Ambulance noises in the distance
Nathan S
Nathan S 2 måneder siden
I think i watch these to see the electrocution lol
Noj T
Noj T 2 måneder siden
This one was really real 😂😂😂😂 @11:19
nerdlabs 2 måneder siden
this is actually illegal
Mehmet Gokturk
Mehmet Gokturk 2 måneder siden
You are a good guy.
FatiTank Eris
FatiTank Eris 2 måneder siden
Could someone explain how the capacitor charges up with AC at 3:00?
BiplabisLive 2 måneder siden
Haw to maik the sarkit
HaZe Alfrost96
HaZe Alfrost96 2 måneder siden
This dude is not human,nobody can survive this much time from electrocution 🤣
Issac Clarke
Issac Clarke 2 måneder siden
Meanwhile in a low budget radio station: "and now, the winner numbers for the lottery are PPPZZZZZ....PZZZZZ....PPPZZZZZZ
Ralph Deceus
Ralph Deceus 2 måneder siden
ᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏 -- Take this i totally did not kill 34 people with it
Arturo E.
Arturo E. 2 måneder siden
Good video, but your ads are shit
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 2 måneder siden
Lol.."It's always encouraging to know your knowledge is not absolute-beep-" He has the best quotes
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 2 måneder siden
"High frequency inductive crap" highly scientific term
ryder o'halloran
ryder o'halloran 2 måneder siden
My new favorite school
Electronic Device
Electronic Device 2 måneder siden
Отличное видео, и смешные моменты есть и много полезной информации.
Christian Jimenez
Christian Jimenez 2 måneder siden
1:06 got me SOOOOO good!
Noah Garcia
Noah Garcia 2 måneder siden
11:16 damn you can really feel the pain in that scream 😖
Hoverboard2525 2 måneder siden
my elenco circuit board is for 8 year olds and it's got a 500 micro faren capacitor yours isn't even 0.5 micro farens lol 5:37
The Great Zoom
The Great Zoom 9 dager siden
It's farad, not faren. And more capacitance isn't always better.
ELI Calacal
ELI Calacal 2 måneder siden
can you make a cherger with that ?????????
Nathan Davenport
Nathan Davenport 2 måneder siden
I’m like “the hell is a microhenrie?”, “A nickname for a man with a micro dic-dillemma???”
Unnecessary Talking
Unnecessary Talking 2 måneder siden
0:37 yeah the game got a new update so now that feature dosent work anymore...
Doctor Doge
Doctor Doge 2 måneder siden
11:11 that was the most painful moment. Its like putting a needle under your toenail and kicking it into a wall
Gamerfanbro4760 2 måneder siden
this came out on my birthday
Definite CLO
Definite CLO 2 måneder siden
Hi whats ur name My name is micro henry
Aditya Badara
Aditya Badara 2 måneder siden
5:23 reminded me of mr bean
hani abu
hani abu 2 måneder siden
FBI not being able to trying to track Mehidi after he cut out every body’s WiFi on his block.Them not a able to track him because he has express VPN on all his platforms.
meance 2 måneder siden
Nice job explaining Ham Radio - maybe some of the viewers will get interested in it and join the fun.
Elmo’s World
Elmo’s World 2 måneder siden
How many fuses have you blown
JEREDEK 2 måneder siden
//This will mean that people can read it if they have an antenna, but it's ok for now, since the encryption will be added later
Nebulus The Latex Gaming Dragon
3:35 Mehdi: *sets board down* Board: "ight. I'mma head out"
Représente La nation
Représente La nation 2 måneder siden
Mehdi: talks about electricity and circuits Me: I Like your funny words magic man
Prius Scientia
Prius Scientia 2 måneder siden
Hmm, I trust my internet provider more than an american VPN solution (which can also read my traffic when using it). Also SSL connection is safe and cannot be read by anyone.
Henrique Lausch
Henrique Lausch 2 måneder siden
neighbors listening to an AM radio: BZZZ (radio) -what the hell is that ???
Bruno’s adventures Show
Bruno’s adventures Show 2 måneder siden
Simon Tracer
Simon Tracer 2 måneder siden
Odd question but I have an engine powered by two AAA batteries. The Wire from the batteries to the engine is very not insulated. I wonder what kind of damage happens when both wires are exposed to whatever Energy's that may be around it. Would that break the engine? Things like my tablet give off enough electricity that if I were to touch the cable to the screen I could control the tablet with the cable. But my thinking is that that energy flows through both ends positive and negative and I figured they do not have rectifiers on this machine. If you're wondering what kind of device well it's a toy that turns around and 360 like one of those bottles that dance only it's not a bottle it's a hot dog. You get what I mean. Anyway when placed under stress the engine seems to knots like it very much and this type of hotdog is meant to well you know so stress is expected in its natural operation possibly. Also how damaging is it to force the engine to move on its own.? I hear so many times don't turn your flat fan blades when the fans not moving something like that. If you ever want to order one and find out break it open and find out what is going on inside of it and why it's so terrible of a product I would watch that video because the technology is interesting and also because I want to see you open up a hot dog. Or at least mention the potential dangers or potential solutions to what may have happened to my hot dog. Like running a magnet on the coils probably bad or might help. If only just a small amount of magnetic? Or should I anti-magnetic to let the energy out of the engine? Not like I can't buy a new hot dog. It's one of those hot dogs you stick between your buns okay
The Great Zoom
The Great Zoom 9 dager siden
Insulation won't make a huge difference when it comes to field effects like moving magnets near the wires. We insulate wires so that they don't touch and cause shorts. Your tablet's touch screen reacts to the wires because a touch screen is technically one half of a capacitor. When you touch the screen with your finger or some other conductor, you form the other half of the capacitor and charge accumulates at the point you touched (or the point the wire touched). This can be detected by the screen and used as an input.
Zephelionimations :l
Zephelionimations :l 2 måneder siden
Don’t mess with this guy he’ll tase you with a makeshift taser... and then pop the breaker
Mouse GrayEagle
Mouse GrayEagle 2 måneder siden
"Typicall Iranian Day to Day Life" XD
TCN*S ARMY 2 måneder siden
15:12 fun fact WE SHOULD IN HOME. GO HOME
serverius 2 måneder siden
Now I know how the "wow" signal came about. 😅
Oli Dingin
Oli Dingin 2 måneder siden
[20] Sebuah senyawa non volatil Z, digunakan untuk membuat dua larutan yang berbeda. Larutan A mengandung 5 g senyawa Z yang dilarutkan dalam 100 g air. Sedangkan larutan B mengandung 2,31 g senyawa Z yang dilarutkan dalam 100 g benzen. Larutan A mempunyai tekanan uap 754,5 mmHg pada titik didih air normal dan larutan B mempunyai tekanan uap yang sama pada titik didih normal benzen. Hitunglah massa molar dari senyawa Z pada larutan A dan B!
charandaschor Ekkiss
charandaschor Ekkiss 2 måneder siden
Do some paranormal recievers pls
Loves Puppies
Loves Puppies 2 måneder siden
Thank you so much for explaining this in such a simple way! Seriously, I could take engineering classes at a university that couldn't help me learn electronic circuits and functions like this.
Scott Bros
Scott Bros 2 måneder siden
Another fun filled episode from the best Electrocutionist on NOsections.😃
Aaron Abraham
Aaron Abraham 3 måneder siden
Really love ur videos man
Shaider Riz
Shaider Riz 3 måneder siden
Excellent way of explaining critical principles. Thank you. I liked it.
Jay Akins
Jay Akins 3 måneder siden
Gimme the meter...please n thank you
Hany Elbanna
Hany Elbanna 3 måneder siden
Thanks Good work
Heroine Creeves
Heroine Creeves 3 måneder siden
Wouldn't a TVS diode be able to suppress the induced voltage at the primary side? I mean, is it a possibility that the welding of the relay contacts was caused by increased current flow to the contacts? Please give me a proper explanation for this.
Stefan Salvatore
Stefan Salvatore 3 måneder siden
16:00 😂😂😂 🇮🇷🇮🇷
Nirmala Rodrigo
Nirmala Rodrigo 3 måneder siden
I like the way he just jumps to it without any intro or anything
kepa219 3 måneder siden
Once again Great video! One question: why do you use such a complicated way for calculating the inductance for the coil. Sure that is quite accurate but you could just measure the resistance, connect the coil to AC source that has known voltage and measure the current. Then (inductive reactance) = ((U / I) - resistance). Then you can find your inductance by L = (inductive reactance) / (2*pi*f).
jackgyver 3 måneder siden
That scream at 11:17 was easily the the malt horrific one I’ve heard
LukasNoob 3 måneder siden
what did Mehdi study? or is he just a genius?
Mojtaba shafigh aski
Mojtaba shafigh aski 3 måneder siden
تا حالا یه ایرانیو ندیده بودم که همچین کارهایی تو یوتیوب بکنه دمت گرم داداش
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