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Let me review some of your submissions. Maybe we learn something?!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Vitenskap og teknologi



1. juni. 2020





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Reio Ollo
Reio Ollo 4 timer siden
Team chrisfix where u at
Janet White
Janet White 7 timer siden
na.to/womancamot3qs È difficile dire perché gli Stati indipendenti ci stiano chiamando a nuovi traguardi che, a loro volta, devono essere resi pubblici. Considerazioni ideologiche di ordine superiore, così come l'analisi semantica delle contrazioni esterne, nella sua rappresentazione classica, consente l'introduzione del rafforzamento dei valori morali. C'è qualcosa su cui riflettere: i rappresentanti delle moderne riserve sociali, superando l'attuale difficile situazione economica, sono considerati esclusivamente nel contesto del marketing e dei prerequisiti finanziari. Prima di tutto, un prototipo di alta qualità di un progetto futuro è in gran parte responsabile dell'importanza di dare la priorità alla mente rispetto alle emozioni.💕 平凡だが反駁できない結論、および競合他社の注意深い調査は、全体として非常に興味深い特徴を明らかにしますが、特定の結論はもちろん、その存在自体が社会に疑いの余地のない利益をもたらしますが、笑いの種になります!しかし、社会志向の国家プロジェクトに向けた道筋は、深い推論に直接依存しています。しかし、現在の困難な経済状況を克服するインターネット上の起業家は公表されました。インターネット上の起業家は、マーケティングと財務上の仮定の観点からのみ考慮されます。
Aditya Thakar
Aditya Thakar 7 timer siden
I just cant take the intro out of my mind...its hilarious and a piece of art at the same time😂😂😂
Miku AuahDark
Miku AuahDark Dag siden
1:45 You know what, he's man of his words.
Janncris SG Ph
Janncris SG Ph 2 dager siden
Janncris SG Ph
Janncris SG Ph 2 dager siden
Janncris SG Ph
Janncris SG Ph 2 dager siden
Isaac Silva
Isaac Silva 2 dager siden
Poor microwave guy, that's sound of cancer D:
The Providence Gaming
The Providence Gaming 2 dager siden
I was there when it born
Nate B
Nate B 3 dager siden
2:40, also some stud-finders have a built-in function that beep when it senses AC voltage!
MINECONG YT 3 dager siden
Look at this now you need to show us the gang boomer :)
MINECONG YT 3 dager siden
Jackal1412 3 dager siden
BWAHAHAHAHA Amazing content, as always :)
Matthew Crews
Matthew Crews 3 dager siden
I want him to make me a ringtone
Matthew Crews
Matthew Crews 3 dager siden
His crew is the best .you want it done right you do it yourself 😁
Cloudy 4 dager siden
they re not fake they just got patched
Zhilvan Mirei
Zhilvan Mirei 4 dager siden
ویدئو هات عالیه خودت و تیمت موفق باشی
PrimagenistW10 Irish
PrimagenistW10 Irish 4 dager siden
Okay boomers if you have questions of quality post it on are subreddit no matter your entity i may or may not read it in the next episode of latity
Si Da
Si Da 5 dager siden
you should say ZAP LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Valerio Gaming
Valerio Gaming 5 dager siden
7:28 someone is in the background
Leroy Casterline
Leroy Casterline 5 dager siden
Why AC passes through capacitor: That was the way we were taught to remember *what* a cap passes/blocks in Navy basic electronics school back in '70.
pouria rahmany
pouria rahmany 6 dager siden
Zadam likoooooo
gamer unknown
gamer unknown 6 dager siden
where is the team electroBOOM?
ACB IXI 7 dager siden
Davie 504 and captain d .i watch them both
CODE 7 dager siden
Princess Pokemon
Princess Pokemon 7 dager siden
Song at 9:54 please
Alexander Cellante
Alexander Cellante 20 timer siden
@Princess Pokemom Cartoon On and On
Kalum Batsch
Kalum Batsch 8 dager siden
0:04 "and there I can sort them easily by the number of volts"
Yang Sun Tsukuda
Yang Sun Tsukuda 8 dager siden
6:07 I Choked On My Milk 😑
Vadym Zakrevskyy
Vadym Zakrevskyy 8 dager siden
You're at 4m subs - time to reveal your team, yes?
Nuclear Fallout
Nuclear Fallout 8 dager siden
Don’t do it but I should find a way to make it safe
IJN Kaga
IJN Kaga 9 dager siden
nosections.info/green/0GKKiIqdeI6GydA/video.html kaiy
Homem do Penis enorme
Homem do Penis enorme 9 dager siden
7:28 Ghost caught on youtube play button reflection... must be Van de Graff's ghost
Ryan Ringer
Ryan Ringer 9 dager siden
“BEZAN LIKE-O!!” If only that stuck as long as mehdi’s electrocutions
Sajjad Masoumi
Sajjad Masoumi 9 dager siden
If u were an anime character, you would be megumin from konosuba
Marek Zeman
Marek Zeman 9 dager siden
This intro is so good, im really amazed what a man like Electrboom can produce these days. No honestly its really nice. Well done Electroboom.
Starkilla55 9 dager siden
Latity is a rip off of Lwiay which is a rip off of Yiay wtf
Starkilla55 7 dager siden
@Parallax Perception i know the joke is its a rip off of Lwiay, but the funny part is lwiay is already a rip off and a lot of pewdiepie fans dont know that. fuck your reddit shit
Parallax Perception
Parallax Perception 9 dager siden
Insoul Gaming
Insoul Gaming 11 dager siden
00:57 its illigal
Senpai Goblok
Senpai Goblok 11 dager siden
Karolina Svobodova
Karolina Svobodova 12 dager siden
The capacitor joke.... priceless.
Markus Jancis
Markus Jancis 12 dager siden
Lifi = wifi 🤣
sauravmaddog 12 dager siden
4 million subs done.. now pls show us your entire crew .. as promised in this video. 1:45
مریم کوپایی
مریم کوپایی 13 dager siden
زدم لایکو
Space Dolphin Corp.
Space Dolphin Corp. 13 dager siden
So.. Why dont we use this lifi music idea on a broader scale.. Direct information transferring with lasers?
Danger Bear
Danger Bear 13 dager siden
Those old ass phones weren't even 5G . One didn't even look like a smart phone. One was a blackberry.
Danger Bear
Danger Bear 13 dager siden
Those spark plug videos were made by " big spark plug " to convince kids to run out and buy spark plugs.
HARDCHIP studios
HARDCHIP studios 13 dager siden
Are you Iranian?
HARDCHIP studios
HARDCHIP studios 13 dager siden
Where are you originally from?
damon btc
damon btc 14 dager siden
Did u meet up with big Clive when u came to UK??? ...if u didn't visit Scotland or iom when u were here in sorry but I was a wasted visit...England and the ppl there are sad ..so so sad....
Naveen's TV
Naveen's TV 14 dager siden
Hey ur team now its 4 million
Simon Kivinen
Simon Kivinen 14 dager siden
Boom like
LaroTayoGaming 15 dager siden
I guess the only thing I want mehdi to do, is make an electric bass (featuring davie)
Mateusz Grzybek
Mateusz Grzybek 15 dager siden
If you don't want to buy a cable detector, you can use a coil ( I used ~20 turns, 0.15mm wire and diameter of the coil 6.5cm ) connect it to the probes of the multimeter and set it to ac voltage (in my multimeter the best is 2v ac). Bring it close to the wall and if there's a live wire, you should have a voltage rise
Music Implemented
Music Implemented 16 dager siden
12:52 I like that cute boy... Lol
Kira Sama
Kira Sama 17 dager siden
Well you have 4 million now
Bored 17 dager siden
When you understand what "Bezan Like 'O": ●___●
PRO- - -KING GAMING 18 dager siden
Sir I am begging your don't hurt your self😢😢😢😢
Steve super
Steve super 18 dager siden
My micro wave door safety gets stuck so I open it to take my food out it and get a hit from it lol
Rishabh Shah
Rishabh Shah 18 dager siden
Now he has 4 million subs You know what to do
John Boudouris
John Boudouris 18 dager siden
I liked the led to solar panel transmission but then I remembered where I've seen it made more elegantly... fiber optics. :)
Parallax Perception
Parallax Perception 18 dager siden
it's pretty much the same thing
Faking Gaming
Faking Gaming 18 dager siden
Is this latity 1?
Parallax Perception
Parallax Perception 18 dager siden
Tech Vlogs
Tech Vlogs 19 dager siden
0:32 why didnt youtube demonitize this?
Naman Garg
Naman Garg 20 dager siden
1:48 where is your team??
Tom link
Tom link 22 dager siden
I just came here to watch intro 0:41
Wacker 93
Wacker 93 22 dager siden
Mehdi watches a joke Also mehdi:i DoN't GeT iT
Jmoney 25 dager siden
I guess you have to reveal your team
basic__lee 25 dager siden
and as always thanks for watching ♥
arthur zeller
arthur zeller 25 dager siden
Hey Mehdi did you move to the states
Dam Vedios
Dam Vedios 26 dager siden
Where is your team? 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Rugtoyisgaming7 26 dager siden
I AM SURE 26 dager siden
12:52 keep clicking on the time .. you are welcome hahahhahahahah
Prodigy Smit
Prodigy Smit 27 dager siden
Waiting for that team reveal. Unless it’s your oscilloscopes like the 1st comment says?
Isaias Juarez
Isaias Juarez 28 dager siden
(Insert: Skeleton on the chair meme) just here waiting for the team intro. 4 million subs reached.
SKARPMU 29 dager siden
La Titty
serbianmde 29 dager siden
The popcorn thingy clip video is in Bosnian maybe Serbian or Croatian
Rishikesh Kanchi
Rishikesh Kanchi Måned siden
8:45 That guy wanted to make it more attractive
WuffyWolffoot Måned siden
11:10 Here's a thought; do you think it is possible to achieve the same 'Li-fi' effect using a laser instead of an LED?
Mohammed Omer
Mohammed Omer Måned siden
Like # 95,000
Red valley
Red valley Måned siden
How did you edit your song? (I mean vocal processing and autotune?)
Adamo Monardo
Adamo Monardo Måned siden
u should say zap the like button
priyanshu here
priyanshu here Måned siden
9:34 that's real I did this for my school project
rishikesh suresh
rishikesh suresh Måned siden
13:24 why did percy spencer and robert N. hall invented and made the microwave and made it :(
Gordon Chin
Gordon Chin Måned siden
I don't like the words you make up because they don't make sense even when explain them.
Gabriel Dorner
Gabriel Dorner Måned siden
Did he ever reveal his entire team that works on his videos?
Benz Jeasther Fabroa
It's 4 million subscribers now, where the hell is that team that Medih's talking about?
Zayne Almurshidi
Zayne Almurshidi Måned siden
What a quality channel
Szacsesz Måned siden
So is it gonna happen?! Entire team reveal?
Alessandro Pellegrino
Davie approves this video...
hosam park
hosam park Måned siden
Love you mehdi
Spyrodiego 96
Spyrodiego 96 Måned siden
Why LATITY sounds like SDAIAY??????
Bakugo UnU
Bakugo UnU Måned siden
Saad Goumr
Saad Goumr Måned siden
لماذا تتكلم بالفارسية يا إلكترو
Garin Anggara
Garin Anggara Måned siden
Electroboom now has 4M subs
trash gaming dump
trash gaming dump Måned siden
4:09 hope that the channel explode Realising that if it explode it ger very popular
Reema Singh
Reema Singh Måned siden
When will you show your team bro
Yursa Luna
Yursa Luna Måned siden
11:30 isnt this just what a fiber optic cable does but without the cable?
Virgin Potato
Virgin Potato Måned siden
Electroboom YOU REACHED 4 million subscribers (congrats btw) but said that you were gonna show your entire team if you reach 4 million so where's our end of the deal? (1:45)
dead memes
dead memes Måned siden
9:50 there is also that the cellphone stops the video youtube which should stop the music (if the music was from the youtube video)
John Doe
John Doe Måned siden
We want to see your team thank you 😂
Lego Mini Movie Productions
Hey @electroboom I have 2 magnetrons from two microwaves, I am from germany but maybe you could have a use for them ;)
himura128 Måned siden
which video did he play that had the lion king parody!!! i so want it 😂
GioGio Måned siden
What is this electricity language
Hawk Skull
Hawk Skull Måned siden
It's Already 4.17 million... Show us your team MEHDI
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