Finding HIGH POWER 240V in a 120V Country 

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Traveling around and need a power adapter to run your 240V hair drier? GOOD LUCK!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
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23. des.. 2019





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ElectroBOOM År siden
OK BOOMers!!! I'm sure a bunch of you will be traveling these holidays. May I suggest... LEAVE YOUR $%#@ing HAIR DRIER BEHIND?!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!
arnav gupta
arnav gupta 10 dager siden
The phone u threw was ur old one ☝️
arnav gupta
arnav gupta 10 dager siden
@ChozoSR388 man he created it such that we fear doing it, but usually doing it either kills the fuse or circuit
arnav gupta
arnav gupta 10 dager siden
Man nice editing for multimeter burst with a capacitor since the fuse inside multimeter blows first
Pranav Kamble
Pranav Kamble Måned siden
The background music is lit pls mention the link...#Fan with 0 current...
Amy garces
Amy garces 2 måneder siden
@ayushman vats I'm American
Rajesh Choudhary
Rajesh Choudhary 2 timer siden
Why the house is made of cardboard?
KRAS_BROTHERS21 AK21 3 timer siden
5:15 i jumped of my bed XD
Smith Sam
Smith Sam 6 timer siden
Didn’t know his sister in law has the same voice as lord beetroot.
TimedHit 14 timer siden
6:00 always fear the spaghetti 🍝😵
Mayamoto Art
Mayamoto Art 21 time siden
Mehdi are you muslim
Kamil B
Kamil B Dag siden
Qua, qua, qua qua...
Jackal1412 Dag siden
Fantastic video!
Joel Brito
Joel Brito 2 dager siden
Mann 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this guy made my day
Jose Antonio Medel
Jose Antonio Medel 3 dager siden
let me reiterate, this guy is a electrical engineer
Ghostii 3 dager siden
I love him, he does sponsors at the end
steve gilson
steve gilson 4 dager siden
Your 205 volts is actually 208, two phases of a three phase system, rather than two phases of a two phase.
NavySeal2k 6 dager siden
US electric installation is like NASA tech, and by that I mean tech like it was when NASA was founded.
༄Vishal༄ Singh༄
༄Vishal༄ Singh༄ 6 dager siden
I am an भारतीय ☺️ and I am new at your channel. Your video gives information with fun☺️☺️☺️☺️
ivy spliitz
ivy spliitz 6 dager siden
I learned my skills from experience- electroboom. The guy who blows himself up in every video
PapaKilo -27
PapaKilo -27 6 dager siden
by now im not surprised if this guy blacks out his whole country
Manas choudhary
Manas choudhary 6 dager siden
Bro I think that indian plug.
Hackz GamezYT
Hackz GamezYT 6 dager siden
Just got shocked by my dryer plug came here right after🤣
Derrick Builds
Derrick Builds 6 dager siden
Thanks for the laugh sir.
Enes Tok
Enes Tok 7 dager siden
He is really Crazy
Rimar playz
Rimar playz 7 dager siden
Chee woh Chaw
Chee woh Chaw 7 dager siden
How about finding 120v in a 240v country like Malaysia?
露帝 - Czar - царь
Nice fog machine
Nanomaron 8 dager siden
230V/400V FTW!!!
ajit bansode
ajit bansode 8 dager siden
Wak wak wak 😂😂😂😂
kliford 8 dager siden
Tanmay Wankhade
Tanmay Wankhade 8 dager siden
Does he likes it or what??
Yangadem Enak
Yangadem Enak 8 dager siden
I'll tell ya, this guy have so much fun with his fireworks
Arie 8 dager siden
I know some or all of your accidents have to be premeditated but they are still hilarious.
JackoJaxko 8 dager siden
I wonder whats the name of the song at 6:56,Can anyone help me?
Mr 81
Mr 81 8 dager siden
I dont need to watch a sitcom beacause of this guy
Robert Pirlot
Robert Pirlot 8 dager siden
It's kind of funny when you pretend to electrocute yourself but it's obvious to me you are faking it. What do you use, overload capacitor, explosive device?
Gb studio's
Gb studio's 9 dager siden
She needs a 50 dollar inverter to boost the power from 120v to 240v. That's really all she needs.
magiccookies510 9 dager siden
When he comes to your house
tamer ursavas
tamer ursavas 9 dager siden
We have 400v ac at home
Saturos3000 10 dager siden
only 240V electric stoves in north america? *laughs in 3 phase 400V raw cooking power*
zamreda 10 dager siden
you are good teacher explain about electric.
NiceHerobrine1020 10 dager siden
5:30 ElectroBOOM: turns off breaker. House: Beeeeeeeeeeep!
Yashaswi Narayana
Yashaswi Narayana 10 dager siden
Laughs in 240V or 440V 3-phase
Fear Foxy
Fear Foxy 10 dager siden
"I cant even lift my daughter" oof
Liam Duanan
Liam Duanan 10 dager siden
Rule Britannia
Rule Britannia 10 dager siden
6:05 and 6:15 😂😭
_-NoXXoN-_ 10 dager siden
we have 230V
Daniel Pacheco
Daniel Pacheco 11 dager siden
Bayu Rifki Naisaburi
Bayu Rifki Naisaburi 11 dager siden
Liam Zito
Liam Zito 11 dager siden
“If you’d like to learn a new skill and improve...” Anyone who watches NOsections too much (which probably includes you reading this because you actually look at the comments) is ingrained with the instinct to immediately skip forward.
TRX Guava
TRX Guava 12 dager siden
Alexander Pantin
Alexander Pantin 12 dager siden
2:15 0-100 real quick 😂😂😂
Singe Stheos
Singe Stheos 12 dager siden
Miguel Peiren
Miguel Peiren 13 dager siden
I just sub you make me laugh so hard A to volt easy things with some humor 😂😂
Agustin Garcia
Agustin Garcia 15 dager siden
Eliot King
Eliot King 15 dager siden
He is absolutely insane, I love it 😂
Pyroteam Franken Junior
Maybe you have the back problems due to all the electric shocks
Idlan Syakeel
Idlan Syakeel 16 dager siden
I love when you talk to a frog
lee batt
lee batt 16 dager siden
Wow, his electrician actually took the time to balance the loads on the phases, imagine that.
alun roberts
alun roberts 17 dager siden
More on the 180 deg will be nice
DEEP GAMER 18 dager siden
But u don't have hair
Edy boy Lopez
Edy boy Lopez 19 dager siden
Good multimeter huh
CPONL MINECRAFT VN 19 dager siden
Bà bầu
Elijah Simon
Elijah Simon 19 dager siden
he's not really talking on the phone
Ozzy Helix
Ozzy Helix 19 dager siden
I wanna believe the pasta was put there on purpose but this is Eletroboom so my doubts are high
Rames 20 dager siden
still waiting for the Draw My Life
KINGDOM TAN 20 dager siden
Wished this guy was my teacher
Röhrich Oak
Röhrich Oak 20 dager siden
Translation: "... and maybe we can burn Arduinos to ashes together"
Mr Sol Gaming
Mr Sol Gaming 20 dager siden
3:50 it’s confirmed it’s 120V
Mr Sol Gaming
Mr Sol Gaming 20 dager siden
2:34 the sound that comes from my school dead bathroom
London Walton
London Walton 21 dag siden
7:23. That voice crack when he said “OkAy”
Nikhil Chandra Kar
Nikhil Chandra Kar 22 dager siden
Nikhil Chandra Kar
Nikhil Chandra Kar 22 dager siden
6:56 😇😇🤣🤣🤣
Hasif Naufal Ramadhan
Hasif Naufal Ramadhan 22 dager siden
3:48 6:05 7:29
ŗშıɟ ʎʎoq
ŗშıɟ ʎʎoq 22 dager siden
sorgan 71
sorgan 71 23 dager siden
Its not going to be surprising if this guy just stops posting one day. We all will know why.
John Lattin
John Lattin 24 dager siden
Gotta love electroboom😂😂
Pia Laplana
Pia Laplana 24 dager siden
$&#% the hair dryer
Ivan Valerian
Ivan Valerian 25 dager siden
the segway to the sponsorship is never disappointing
mokshith's craft corner
6:03 I thought he was shocked with electricity
Bevvy Fischer
Bevvy Fischer 26 dager siden
I would love to see that Draw My Life on the Medhitation channel. I've been curious about your experience immigrating out of Iran
Aiden Fritz
Aiden Fritz 26 dager siden
I would honestly say sneaky spaghetti.
Paul Helbock
Paul Helbock 26 dager siden
Man you are hilarious liked the video
AlisterCountel 28 dager siden
Me, who has very poor electrical knowledge: So the eventual solution was just 2 x 120 = 240?
Emran Nakhaie
Emran Nakhaie 28 dager siden
Benjamin Badrakh
Benjamin Badrakh 29 dager siden
electrical death ship
Also I built my own suicidal adapter to use two smaller extension cords to power an electric heater, but the two hot wire from the two plugs are wired in parallel
knucklehead d
knucklehead d Måned siden
I would definitely hire him as my electrician 😃
Janardan S
Janardan S Måned siden
7:24 lmaoo
Janardan S
Janardan S Måned siden
lol I knew he'd use the ammeter terminals
Janardan S
Janardan S Måned siden
hahahaha, I knew he'd blow the hairdrier up
creative kristan
creative kristan Måned siden
I earn my skills from experience too
luiz paulo
luiz paulo Måned siden
I wish a can find the name of that song 6:55
Justine Mark Maat
Justine Mark Maat Måned siden
3:49 epic egsplosion
Josh Ward
Josh Ward Måned siden
Thanks for making my kids and I laugh while they learn about basic electrical theory.
R Denison
R Denison Måned siden
I laughed so hard i cried when you stepped on the pasta 🤣
Aravindhakshan S
Aravindhakshan S Måned siden
So, I am in India. And if i can get two phases of 220 or 240 V, does that mean I can get more power? Just asking
Amazonbox Måned siden
7:31 lol that voice crack tho
Mr. Spongecake
Mr. Spongecake Måned siden
3:48 So that explosion came from his multimeter....
Bakugo UnU
Bakugo UnU Måned siden
*3:50** trust me it’s funny...*
Matej Burin
Matej Burin Måned siden
We in Europe use two 240V phases to get around 500VAC
Santa Six
Santa Six Måned siden
240 doesn't need a neutral to close the circuit? Is that because they're out of phase and use each other as a neutral?
Neuroszima Måned siden
3:45 - HAHAHHAHAHA, i blew up my multimeter like that in my home, but it blew fuse for power switch outside my home and we didnt have electricity
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