MAGNET IMPLANT Gives You Powers!!! (LATITY-003) 

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Can I implant a MAGNET in my finger and FEEL ELECTRICITY?! Let me check your submissions...
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Vitenskap og teknologi



30. sep.. 2020





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ElectroBOOM 5 måneder siden
Hello BOOMers! Some of you talk about how Cody'sLab or "The Thought Emporium " did the magnet implant and it worked. Well I couldn't find Cody's video [found now, read more]. I watched Emporium's video and all it says is how to install it, and how it sticks to metal and potentially can feel electricity. IMHO it is still a pretty useless body mod! So it can attract ferromagnetic stuff, and he doesn't show what current level you can feel with it. I also confirmed you can feel high enough electric current. But it is pretty limited application to stick a foreign object in your body for. If you think it would help you with electric works, IT WON'T! Don't stick magnets in your fingers for SH$%s and giggles!! It can cause bad infections. [edit] Found unlisted @Cody'slab videos thanks to @Dawnflare if you like to watch below. Kind of confirms my experiment, can feel high current or strong magnetic field of transformers. Can't feel wire with low or no current. AND later removed because of infection! Its an old 2014 video, but here it is: nosections.info/green/1YuGi4WKdGd_uLo/video.html He also removed a few months later: nosections.info/green/umZ_aJN5YI5-mNw/video.html
Matt Stroker
Matt Stroker 2 dager siden
More power out then in is reality. Has been for a while. Please look up: "nuclear power plants". Glad to have been of assistance.
Mr Sol Gaming
Mr Sol Gaming 10 dager siden
The PC Explainer
The PC Explainer 22 dager siden
Make more Lattity Episodes
Eric Chen
Eric Chen 25 dager siden
wow you almost said hentai at the end of the vid
S.IΠDUSTRIES 28 dager siden
We need latity 004
really reasso
really reasso Time siden
The knotty titanium randomly snore because kite postoperatively reign apud a undesirable suggestion. healthy, brown deer
DJ kalan
DJ kalan 2 timer siden
It's me
It's me 3 timer siden
Ya i wanted to get magnet implant but I'm so AFFRIED about the consequences
Riley Bolling
Riley Bolling 13 timer siden
Just saw this and saw my man Larry. What a guy
ᴄ ᴀ ɪ ᴏ delas
ᴄ ᴀ ɪ ᴏ delas 16 timer siden
Meteram um meme brasileiro kkkkj
gabriel isobol
gabriel isobol 16 timer siden
orbital.candy_yt 17 timer siden
Mehdi is a cultured human
Adolf 17 timer siden
I’ve been watching Larry Lawton for like a year now damn
burning stuff
burning stuff 18 timer siden
When the magnet is in your finger its much more sensitive
MISSINGNO 22 timer siden
2:05 congratulations mehdi, you made dasani
johnba291972 Dag siden
lol i already subbed to larry's channel. They do feed you in prison but the food sucks and you only get very limited basic size meals, so making more is vital. And you have no access to any cooking utensils or equipment.
mr link
mr link 2 dager siden
Stealing leway from pewdipie
scot kaufman
scot kaufman 2 dager siden
I *WANT* you to do a touch circuit that requires body energy to work.
Rodello L.
Rodello L. 3 dager siden
but don't induction cookers electrocutes food too?
York Barnes
York Barnes 3 dager siden
Everybody has something like this now Maybe Jack's gonna do LTISSMS LAST TIME I SAID SEND ME STUFF
Jackal1412 3 dager siden
Simply amazing!
Ender Elohim
Ender Elohim 3 dager siden
i know how to get free energy/electric. just sneak a cable to your neighbour's home and plug it. here you go
Liam Jenkins
Liam Jenkins 4 dager siden
"Hey jimmy heres a knife" "Thanks bo- AHHHHHH MY HAND" is what im imagining when i saw this video
Kaime Kaimietis
Kaime Kaimietis 4 dager siden
well you used 110v DC for hotdog and it changed chemestry and AC does not have electrolysis so and some water boilers for coffee they use 2 plates for seqating on 240v here in UK so
Hyluk 4 dager siden
Let's get Amal Graafstra to do a collab with mehdi
Switch TheChannel
Switch TheChannel 4 dager siden
@ElectroBOOM Can you try making panko?
Declan DCanadian420ehhh
I honestly feel bad for you Mehdi I do just all those memes of you
Mike ultra
Mike ultra 4 dager siden
Hello boomers get a life
Leafie Queen
Leafie Queen 4 dager siden
11:45 wtf
Eliezer Frazer
Eliezer Frazer 5 dager siden
if you send electricity through water it makes hydrogen and oxygen not chlorine
Andrew Willard
Andrew Willard 5 dager siden
Larry made that video to show how they did it he always says it’s never to show people how to make stuff but to inform them how he did it in his story
Pedro Pelegrini Alves
Pedro Pelegrini Alves 5 dager siden
The guy of the wire and the grapes survived, in fact he is a senator now
Quintin Kaio
Quintin Kaio 5 dager siden
Mason Michael
Mason Michael 5 dager siden
9:32 listen close
AgentPredator Gaming
AgentPredator Gaming 5 dager siden
I like how he keeps his mouse next to the track pad on his laptop
Inferior Toaster
Inferior Toaster 5 dager siden
It gives you powers allright
Inferior Toaster
Inferior Toaster 5 dager siden
The power of shortened-lifespan
Pretty sure running current through salt water makes sodium hydroxide and chlorine, NaCl + H²O -> NaOH + Cl² + H². NaOH is highly caustic and can melt flesh so you know don't touch it.
Donald Petersen
Donald Petersen 5 dager siden
I was not prepared for the quality Skeletor impression.
Ultra marine chaplain with a ketamine addiction
the magnet superpower is just a speaker
Jerónimo Vásquez Camargo
12:07 Lol ElectroOtakuBoom xdddddd
Dan Dan
Dan Dan 6 dager siden
Glue magnet to finger Use a transformer soldering gun Vibration mode engaged! The indicator bulb on my soldering gun broke, so that's how I can tell it's working xD
aimangothits 6 dager siden
Mehdi: Oh My God, he's going right into the power lines isn't he The video: Yes they are
NGN Gaming
NGN Gaming 6 dager siden
12:07 hen...?
ink sans
ink sans 6 dager siden
Peter Tropoli
Peter Tropoli 6 dager siden
i hope mehdi understands that vpn's dont help other than watching netflix in china
Bobby Hinner
Bobby Hinner 6 dager siden
I died when he did the skeletor voice
catmaster56 6 dager siden
keep it up man funny vid love the channel POG POG POG
Joel Arseneault
Joel Arseneault 6 dager siden
Cody From Cody'slab put a magnet in his hand... twice, I think ... and he was able to detect live AC and other things. I wasn't able to find the videos ... I think he had put it in once and it was rejected and then he did it again and took it out some time later.
Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams 7 dager siden
I think your iron just exploded when you did that mad neck thing
Trinity 7 dager siden
wait is this the meme guy who was trying to kiss the battery?
Nakuzski 7 dager siden
0:38 Wait that's actually really fucking helpful because I don't know much about electronics
Joedoeem 8 dager siden
how to become a fake jedi: 1. get a magnet implant in all fingers 2. make a magnetized sword
Michael Panariello
Michael Panariello 8 dager siden
Spicy taco 59
Spicy taco 59 8 dager siden
La tity
WHITEY'S WISDOM 8 dager siden
Hey boomer..lol in prison with a stinger we don't eat the water we would put it other clean water in a cup or tie I in a bag and sit the sealed bag or cup in the boiling water warming the clean water
Marlin Somers
Marlin Somers 8 dager siden
la titty
The Central Scrutinizer
microwave ovens do the same thing to food, it pretty much kills all the nutrients, minerals, vitamins contained within
Tymek Krawczyk
Tymek Krawczyk 9 dager siden
1:21 plug it in and put it in sh*t
Siddharth Malik
Siddharth Malik 9 dager siden
i never miss to see his outro :)
Fernando Canhos
Fernando Canhos 9 dager siden
ahudhahdfhquewh vai brasil
DEEPU CHOWDHARY 9 dager siden
😂😂😂😂 education with fun ❤️❤️❤️... Nice work sir .. love from india
Gage Kelley
Gage Kelley 9 dager siden
Make a robot that swears every time you get shocked
Vytis Dainys
Vytis Dainys 9 dager siden
I love latity
ZachYT Channel
ZachYT Channel 9 dager siden
I love so hard that medhi says hentai but its anime🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Fran Mandalupe
Fran Mandalupe 9 dager siden
I like the intro
Dustin 9 dager siden
Dustin 9 dager siden
IntelliPocalypse 9 dager siden
Well they measure power usage electronically now. Don't need meter readers anymore
-Redux_BBX 9 dager siden
Man: *dies* Mehdi: 5:29
nick loladze
nick loladze 10 dager siden
Jose Antonio Medel
Jose Antonio Medel 10 dager siden
electricity and salt water is how you make chlorine gas
Nomicon music
Nomicon music 10 dager siden
Are ads personalised because I just got an ad for this black topless dude repeating ladies look at me an now your man 3x
Tess Tezuka
Tess Tezuka 10 dager siden
i have a biomagnet and it works fine but its mostly a party trick lmao
Brodie Barber
Brodie Barber 10 dager siden
Can you blow a can up
The Hopeless Geek
The Hopeless Geek 10 dager siden
7:38 I'm dying.. help 😂😂
Justin McKee
Justin McKee 10 dager siden
Not even his expressVPN can stop the medhi government from jumping through his monitor
Christopher Evans
Christopher Evans 10 dager siden
I thought the hair on his arms was sleeves for a second
Geir Kåre Varholm
Geir Kåre Varholm 10 dager siden
4:32 why did he say russia ya know some russians know english im russian
LifeEcchi 11 dager siden
8:17 i will jump and run away (If possible but atleast i will try ) ,,,, who the hell is trying to retake control of fucking ballooooon!
Colton Hardin
Colton Hardin 11 dager siden
U have to actually have the magnet inplanted in your finger it binds to your nerves
raNn 11 dager siden
About stoping that meter - I know a guy who did this, but with water meter. Also, it's working only with old "mechanical" meters. You need big enough neodymium magnet and boom, free, illegal water.
kayra gür
kayra gür 11 dager siden
İf I know correctly the white thing in water is sodium hydroxide so lye. When you electrolyze water with sodium chlorade chlorine vaporisez with some water but the left sodium ions join with water to make sodium hydroxide molecule
God alien
God alien 11 dager siden
The thumbnail hurt me
José Pedro Ribeiro Belo
5:30 "aqui do lado Pederneiras... aqui por exemplo, tem... es... AIIAII!!1!1!!"
Abhilash prince
Abhilash prince 12 dager siden
>yo bro not 10 amps< use a battery charger it will vibrate more (im not supposed to say this) JUST GIVE A TRY U CAN FEEL IT ...
sixtysixstyx 12 dager siden
Is this guy the Davie504 of electricity?
ScracE 12 dager siden
I like Mehdi
HankCraft 12 dager siden
ArtukMAD -
ArtukMAD - 13 dager siden
There is free energy everywhere bro, just look up
Jazween A
Jazween A 13 dager siden
2:03 but wait! How do water heaters are safer to use this pls explain how water heater works
henrique troll gamer
henrique troll gamer 13 dager siden
5:45 it became a meme here in Brazil KKKKKK
Danger Bear
Danger Bear 13 dager siden
THERE IS ONLY 1 WAY TO GET FREE ENERGY! steal it from your neighbors The magnet implant is legit, sort of. Check out Codyslab
Hiro-Kun 13 dager siden
They should add the Latyty Intro into the history book.. WHO AGREES?!
Animal Skateboarding
Animal Skateboarding 13 dager siden
the LATITY theme song never fails to make me smile
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 14 dager siden
Nobody: Mehdi: EyeRRRon
HคMMคď MцʂŤคϝค
I am from Pakistan and I wonder why he searched Pakistan.
Average mug
Average mug 15 dager siden
Really I guess the closest we have to free energy is a self-generating nuclear reactor, but even that is 100% free.
hung horse
hung horse 15 dager siden
6:50 what is this app called?
majid ehtemali
majid ehtemali 15 dager siden
خيلي باحالي مرد ❤️❤️
Neo Dong
Neo Dong 15 dager siden
he's dumb enough to get hurt but he's also professional enough to not kill himself.
Matt Sturtz
Matt Sturtz 15 dager siden
Some whole-house humidifiers work by running current directly through the water to heat it. Look at AprilAire model 800. :-)
Joker 16 dager siden
You know I really don’t understand anything you’re saying but i love watching your videos
Hookahrai 16 dager siden
The man who Get shocked in Journalism is from Brasil, he is taking about Eletric Grapes and the Idiot touched the Grapes and Get Shocked
Shell Studios
Shell Studios 16 dager siden
Electrobooom is not child friendly.
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