Making Super Fast Electrons, Cathode Ray 

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Vitenskap og teknologi



25. jan.. 2021





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Tyler Parrot
Tyler Parrot 57 minutter siden
It isn't an electroBOOM video if he doesn't shock, burn or hurt himself.
Knobsterific 2 timer siden
you don't necessarily need a gasket on a vacuum chamber. just have 2 flat surfaces without major defects and apply liberal vacuum grease. vaseline works wel
Oshadha Gayan
Oshadha Gayan 10 timer siden
Tip:- make the anode fluroucent
Luke Swift
Luke Swift 11 timer siden
Came here for sillyness, actually learnt something
chaneki brahma
chaneki brahma 12 timer siden
Beefsticks Wellington
Beefsticks Wellington 15 timer siden
I mean, it's actually a good thing no x-rays escaped because that means you'd be radiating yourself to some degree... we don't want you ionized! We just want you shocked a bunch :)
XP __D
XP __D 20 timer siden
ray gun.
Joe Fudd
Joe Fudd Dag siden
Be careful! You've made an x-ray tube/x-ray machine!
Bryce A
Bryce A Dag siden
I ran into a ton of these tubes at my chem work study today. Over 10 different elements internally in each different one.
Amrit Mohapatra
Amrit Mohapatra Dag siden
Dude I get it you have a masters degree in electrodynamics but are you sure you are not gonna dies
Max Mccann
Max Mccann Dag siden
Ok so, if anyone is good at electrics or anything that would be great, I went to heat up my tea in the microwave earlier, so I stuck it in, shut the door and everything was ok until I went to turn on the microwave at the plug (I'm in the UK), my right hand was on the microwave not sure if it was the metal side panel or the buttons, and I turned on the plug with my left, and I got a pretty bitching shock on both my fingers, anyone have any idea what the hell just happened? The microwave was ok to use after that, and heated my tea up alright with a couple plastic gloves, but still kinda worried about using it from now on. It was pretty shocking I guess you could say
jaderaptor Dag siden
How much x-ray radiation did it give off?
IRON MAN 2 dager siden
am gonna glue silicon with silicon...fusion right there
Aaron Edwards
Aaron Edwards 2 dager siden
I like how these are finny and educational
Marie Johanna
Marie Johanna 2 dager siden
Thats the actual way xrays are created. My man is going to turn into hulk If he doesnt watch out lol
The_Destroyer_Of_Everything Copyright
Every time I see him holding something I think "Will he be shocked by that?" then i realize No, of course not, thats a whiteboard you god damn idiot.
E B 2 dager siden
Things I learned today: Using ionized air, you can make a fanless fan
Steve-o 2 dager siden
This reminds me of MHD as far as the ionization process, substituting air as the medium instead of Hydrodynamic. I wonder if adding a ring magnet inbetween would increase your Arc range at a lower voltage...
Amol Avhad
Amol Avhad 3 dager siden
You are simply a genius sir.. Huge Practical knowledge rather than just a theory 👌👌👍
Hiper Engineer
Hiper Engineer 3 dager siden
Hiper Engineer
Hiper Engineer 3 dager siden
Hiper Engineer
Hiper Engineer 3 dager siden
SkinnyGandlaf 3 dager siden
Next vid: Hey, today we are gonna build a starwars spaceship
Mario Pucko
Mario Pucko 3 dager siden
the tv's are smaller than the skech at the start
icis4 3 dager siden
Depends of materials and voltage you can get a X-Rays. :)
Kyle Hayden
Kyle Hayden 3 dager siden
It was cool to see the insulating wire cool down each time an arc formed. That's a cool way to visually demonstrate the conversion of electricity into heat into light.
HคMMคď MцʂŤคϝค
I still have Cathode Ray Tube TV.
Vincent 4 dager siden
This experiment can cause Röntgen Rays😬
sokalowy 4 dager siden
everywhere x-rays rain :)
AH LIMON 1 4 dager siden
I was really scared then he show sponsor I thought it's really blast 💨💨💨💨💨💨
efe_babaTR 4 dager siden
0:16 if you are untidy while working you are nothing compared to me
Carlo Pino
Carlo Pino 4 dager siden
What a fantastic sens of humor 👍😊 subbed 😉
Tim Sawyer
Tim Sawyer 4 dager siden
11:55 HEY! Easy....
Tim Sawyer
Tim Sawyer 4 dager siden
0:20 100% fact! My entire world looks like that desk.. haha
itz zedd
itz zedd 5 dager siden
got shocked more than 100 times still doesent want to wear gloves
Xenon Fuel
Xenon Fuel 5 dager siden
Didn't he just make a budget ion engine with the cathode ray?
Jill Sampson
Jill Sampson 5 dager siden
i hate this guy and i hate his BIPOC+ eyebrow
Zangles 5 dager siden
nah make an actual TV next time
Georgie Man
Georgie Man 5 dager siden
high vacuum, high-voltage....definitely X-Rays produced LOL
Gorkha Engineering
Gorkha Engineering 5 dager siden
👁 👁 👃 👄
Mr. Ginge
Mr. Ginge 5 dager siden
My Brain Just Had A Spark Of Thought On How A Light Saber Works.
Midnight Gaming
Midnight Gaming 5 dager siden
Theres not a bideo that he doesnt get hurt
No Commentary
No Commentary 5 dager siden
Make a TV
Nathendov 5 dager siden
I'd really want to see some more of this content. Specifically with the phosphorus plate. Are you going to continue with the CRT?
Musa Can Yoleri
Musa Can Yoleri 6 dager siden
Electricity bill: Not stonks↙️
Askaline21/31 6 dager siden
2:52 When CSGO player mad, their sound be like :
Beardino Beast
Beardino Beast 6 dager siden
He intentionally get into trouble
Malak Daigneault
Malak Daigneault 6 dager siden
Have you ever heard of cold electricity or teslas easy to reproduce hair pin circuit? Whats your thoughts on it?
Kacey Charles
Kacey Charles 6 dager siden
him talking about electricity what i hear blah blah blah blah
Wii play Games
Wii play Games 6 dager siden
denny porter
denny porter 6 dager siden
Close to decribing a microwave magnetron.
Christian S.
Christian S. 6 dager siden
Can someone please remind the undertaker to stick a high-voltage warning label to this tomb stone? Then again.. felines are jealous about the number of lives he has. And if reincarnation is real, he might even have a bright future as a toaster, taser, floodlight ...
Akkbar 6 dager siden
7:23 yo dawg! I heard you like silicon, so we are gonna silicon your silicon with some silicon. Ya I went to the well of old memes.
kenble killa 1238
kenble killa 1238 6 dager siden
7:06 is it bad i laughed at the little slap
Dark_rexYT 7 dager siden
That guy is the dumbest genius bro
Khaled Mohamad
Khaled Mohamad 7 dager siden
Please translate into Arabic because I love electricity and inventions very much. Thank you ⁦❤️⁩🔥
Preetham Karki
Preetham Karki 7 dager siden
Does anyone know the which song is it at 0:28
Kenton Doyle
Kenton Doyle 7 dager siden
What happens to steam in Cathode Ray? Also does electricity have laminar and turbulent flow?
Theophilus Thistler
Theophilus Thistler 7 dager siden
Please invent the Quake lightnng gun!
Szymon Kozak
Szymon Kozak 7 dager siden
Ah yes, cathode rays are streams of negatively charged particles called electrons. They travel in straight lines from the cathode to the anode, can be deflected by electro-magnetic fields and possess enough energy to move a small object such as a paddle wheel.
Jonne van Garderen films
your energie bill is probebly redicules XD
Vishal Thakkar
Vishal Thakkar 7 dager siden
his electricity bill every week must be like 116242626 gigawatt hours
Matyáš Albert Knápek
12:07 How does he not fear, that the glass thing falls down??
sounddude47 7 dager siden
Cathode tubes are actually still used in guitar amplifiers and some rack-mounted gear like EQs and compressors.
Saiyyad ZULFKAR 7 dager siden
Hey mehndi can you put microwave transformers current in the vacuum chamber .🧐
Xx Wolfey xX
Xx Wolfey xX 7 dager siden
Not gonna lie, I'm surprised he is still alive! Edit: I mean, imagine how many times he has been burned and shocked!
nigozeroichi2501 7 dager siden
Wow very interesting, but wow you make me fear for your safety.
JackoJaxko 7 dager siden
Can anyone help me with the name of the song at 0:28 please?
cll1out 7 dager siden
Can’t believe this man was legit halfway through building a CRT
This mad lad is not gonna die when in the electric chair
Dark Mel
Dark Mel 7 dager siden
Ah yes, the hair dryer element
Thurston Torland
Thurston Torland 7 dager siden
Dude knows how to get himself hurt but not killed, very smort
_ CJEMM5D _ 8 dager siden
I'm kinda wondering something... why are electrical arcs that purplish pink color?
Hrishi PM
Hrishi PM 8 dager siden
1:58 I was expecting something but scared the shit out of me XD
Deepak 8 dager siden
12:40 one course not available is, "learn new ways of pain". only available at ElectroBOOM.
Deepak 8 dager siden
5:22 Hair dryer!! hm!!
vaibhav rawat
vaibhav rawat 8 dager siden
In 13 minutes i learned more about this than 2 years of physics in school😂😂😂
s5689rw 8 dager siden
Negative air is like the one in Facebook right now
Masud Reza
Masud Reza 8 dager siden
Y the man burns his fingers every times but he is so funny
Brandon Castro
Brandon Castro 8 dager siden
I like that he says my hair dryer 5:27
abcd ss
abcd ss 8 dager siden
I think that the problem was that you need to use a magnetic field to force the electrons to go trought the hole, and a second one to not let they atach to the back of the anode
Mr. Pidgeon
Mr. Pidgeon 8 dager siden
My man created an eletrical jet engine
Bradlee Knight
Bradlee Knight 8 dager siden
DuGerb 8 dager siden
I love watching this guys videos, even though I have no idea what is going on by the end I walk away I am happy I clicked in his videos
Oh Me
Oh Me 8 dager siden
Xrays for free
Bryan D
Bryan D 9 dager siden
@ElectroBoom can we make one of these next nosections.info/green/q6Zzf6epmKR_vbo/video.html . i very much enjoy your content
SRG 9 dager siden
@ElectroBOOM What would have happened if you had used a ringmagnet instead of this metal sheet with a hole?
Southern Bear
Southern Bear 9 dager siden
Wait...does these contraptions create a lot of Xrays?
Iain Macleod
Iain Macleod 9 dager siden
Arent you creating x rays there ?
parsa seyfoory
parsa seyfoory 9 dager siden
the best iranian in the world
Fenny Gunawan
Fenny Gunawan 9 dager siden
5:25 Wow
High Gaming
High Gaming 9 dager siden
5:27 I didn’t know this dude had a hair dryer
ItzMatrikZ 9 dager siden
My desk is even worse than this.
Gaming Demon
Gaming Demon 9 dager siden
Hey I know u are Pakistani
Mfundo Ngobese
Mfundo Ngobese 9 dager siden
I use to fix CRT monitors 12yrs ago and I'm only now understanding properly why we needed the certain components🤦‍♂️
stopmotion gladiator chicken
Oh shut up
Great Awakening
Great Awakening 9 dager siden
Wouldn't this be an anode ray?
Abhay Gugale
Abhay Gugale 9 dager siden
Hey Medhi,but if the disk is conductive from back also then it will attract the electrons which escape from the hole,so cover the back side of the washer to increase the electron travel distance
•tristam bec•
•tristam bec• 9 dager siden
1:59 oh no oh no *Explotion* OH YEAH
Sumeet Sharma
Sumeet Sharma 9 dager siden
Using a ring magnet around holed disc might solve this I guess 🤔
Maks Grygiel
Maks Grygiel 9 dager siden
have you concidered the formation on x-rays?
Maks Grygiel
Maks Grygiel 9 dager siden
11:25 ok you had
The Amazing Eddy Current