Making Water Spin Like Magic, LATITY-002 

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Let's review your deepest questions in another "LAst Time I Told You"
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Vitenskap og teknologi



29. juli. 2020





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lil Smoke
lil Smoke 5 timer siden
My guy should make an intro ngl
hm 19 timer siden
حاجی ایرانی ای
Isaac Taylor
Isaac Taylor Dag siden
Only 15k more likes to go guys, let’s go
Saman Habib
Saman Habib Dag siden
"never trust an electrician with no eyebrows" classic Norm Macdonald
jhon one
jhon one Dag siden
Facebook is garbage we also know the truth
CryptonNite23 2 dager siden
"Art Media Library"? I saw that reportage live on tv.
Daniel Mayo
Daniel Mayo 2 dager siden
You should really do more, I love these episodes. Keep up the good work
random happens here
random happens here 2 dager siden
Mehdi=Good teacha
Xleeper_ 2 dager siden
Jane Hatterworson
Jane Hatterworson 2 dager siden
5000th Comment! Also, We love you Mehdi! You make good videos! Everyone should watch these videos instead of watching PUBG and Brawl Stars!
Mkittredge3 2 dager siden
This is a great example of how 1 man can change the world. Keep it up ElectroBOOM
djblast101 2 dager siden
Damn so close 184k likes
OverWatcher 6863
OverWatcher 6863 2 dager siden
imagine how many *BEEEEEEEEEPS* is in his video to hide the cursed word LOL
Michael Rich97
Michael Rich97 2 dager siden
according to your ground yourself idea, I was work like that🙃.It's work 😁😁
AyZa 2 dager siden
معرکه ای مرددد❤️❤️
The Sturmovik
The Sturmovik 2 dager siden
chittaranjan rout
chittaranjan rout 2 dager siden
At 6:45 tune =play date
Joshua Scott
Joshua Scott 3 dager siden
8:32 anyone know where I can find this video
くたばれTerraan 3 dager siden
Kay Husstle
Kay Husstle 3 dager siden
Want to immigrate that’s a good option but..
Rap of anthem
Rap of anthem 3 dager siden
I have had 3rd degree burns on my shoulders
Rap of anthem
Rap of anthem 3 dager siden
Yes im watching and i am not lieg i need a electro genrstor
Jackal1412 3 dager siden
Did anyone else get nervous when he was waving the knife around while explaining 'earthing' I was just waiting for an accident to happen :O glad it didn't!
Rick Smith
Rick Smith 3 dager siden
4:22. 120V peak? No 120 V RMS. 169V peak.
John 3 dager siden
6:57 if this guy is "the brain" of the outfit, then MABYE he should find another outfit where he's not. (pause and read comment above video)
Mike ultra
Mike ultra 4 dager siden
Hey BOOMers get a life
Cross! sans
Cross! sans 4 dager siden
Mehdi:everything he touches becomes a bomb (jojo fans:KILLER QUEEN BITES ZA DUSTO)
hahaha no
hahaha no 4 dager siden
Guys we'r close to 200k likes he's gonna make electric heater without safety feachures
Cordera Frazier
Cordera Frazier 4 dager siden
My daughter watched this at 7....now she’s 11 she still watches this funny stuff
Huey Iroquois
Huey Iroquois 5 dager siden
9:40 *open circuit
ALFA-K.A 6 dager siden
بچه کجا هستی = were you born in iran?
Anuj Singh Bais
Anuj Singh Bais 6 dager siden
Laughed so much at your FWB LED rectifier. The same happened at my college external when my colleague plugged the ckt to 240V AC auto transformer. Blew the hell up🤣🤣🤣
Uncreative NAME
Uncreative NAME 7 dager siden
9:10 "The Sacred Plant" hmmmm.. I'm pretty sure it's a weed company.
Ret 7 dager siden
"imagine your favorite showor movie is not available in your country? What are you gonna do? Immigrate to another country?! No!" no, i'd neeeevvvveeeeerrrr do that! LoL. (that is on the list of reasons i want to move to America. well not only one movie, but many of them)
OOF MASTERS 7 dager siden
where does the energy go once it gets to the ground?
Andrew T
Andrew T 7 dager siden
He made me nervous with the exact-o knife.
2MilliGaming 7 dager siden
ElectroBOOM: makes something that is guaranteed to not explode. the thing he made: welp guess I'll explode
Ashutosh kumar pandey
Ashutosh kumar pandey 8 dager siden
Ok boomers 😂
WHITEY'S WISDOM 8 dager siden
Your awesome dude
ZachYT Channel
ZachYT Channel 8 dager siden
Bedhi:*sponsored by expressVPN Also medhi:oh yea u can watch neetflix feom hapan oh wait its henta- hahahahahh
Breadsticks 8 dager siden
I got nervous when we pulled out the little exacto knife.
Aran Haydar
Aran Haydar 9 dager siden
This guy should design programs for electrical engineering universities, it will be the only class that is so informative and equally hilarious 😁
Ryan K
Ryan K 9 dager siden
Screw grounding, I'm gonna charge myself with static electricity and terrorize everyone!
Xbox SeriesX
Xbox SeriesX 9 dager siden
Him fucking around with that exact blade.
Rishabh Singh
Rishabh Singh 9 dager siden
5:31 😂😂😂😂
Mr. Pung
Mr. Pung 9 dager siden
I thought if you mark a package as a gift then there are no customs fees.
KBSP YT 9 dager siden
10:57 🇨🇳
Luis Schulz
Luis Schulz 9 dager siden
oh cool die deutschen haben dich im ard gezeigt das heist 60% aus deutschland haben das gesehen
Abdul Qureshi
Abdul Qureshi 10 dager siden
From which country our u?
ItsDevLog 10 dager siden
Electro lol the man of electricity
CreeperBro9000 10 dager siden
8:34 just saving this for myself 😂
ali ali
ali ali 10 dager siden
بزن لایکو🤣
Awesome Amartya
Awesome Amartya 10 dager siden
Just had a crush on your daughter 😅
AnimeKid 9 dager siden
@Awesome Amartya good bro 🔥
Awesome Amartya
Awesome Amartya 9 dager siden
@AnimeKid trying , that was the first step 😂
AnimeKid 9 dager siden
Get a life first man 🤚🏽
zenco_ gaming
zenco_ gaming 10 dager siden
5:12 that is a frikin ps2 man its not pc
Lycanyte 10 dager siden
20k likes left...
Totally Not A Human
Totally Not A Human 10 dager siden
Mehdi: “lets plug it in” His entire nervous system: *ah sh*t here we go again*
Wiktor Tomanek
Wiktor Tomanek 10 dager siden
8:10 He did it and the video still doesn't have 200k likes.
Thelma Dixon
Thelma Dixon 11 dager siden
The quaint earthquake conservatively entertain because dinner reassuringly admire until a serious zephyr. skinny, right helmet
Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye 11 dager siden
1:51 So all the shocks and pains you went through were not in vain
chronxdev 11 dager siden
At 180k likes, getting close to 200k!
automation filtronics
automation filtronics 11 dager siden
How is she , very admirable beautiful...... From Indian..........
LEGENDARY KING007 11 dager siden
180k Likes We are close to no protection inductor heater
Yael Eduardo Ramos Cabrera
De hecho enseñas realmente bien todo lo que haces Y lo dice alguien que solo entiende 2/3 de lo que dices (necesito mejorar mi inglés)
MexicanDre 11 dager siden
That thumbnail is thinking too hard
Thirish P
Thirish P 11 dager siden
DethstruXioN ™
DethstruXioN ™ 12 dager siden
5:08 When Mehdi confirms that "health" & "death" mean the same thing to him.
Joab Kevin
Joab Kevin 12 dager siden
5:07 that's not a pc, that's a ps2 Fat
Parsa As
Parsa As 12 dager siden
فارسی گفتی بزن لایکو؟
Cesar Lucho Tatad
Cesar Lucho Tatad 12 dager siden
You make me laughf and learning somehow.. Goodjob!! And more power to your channel.. May God Bless You
Aayush Lamichhane
Aayush Lamichhane 12 dager siden
Nice Intro
Costa Fudas
Costa Fudas 13 dager siden
I love the wheelchair story, thank you ElectroBOOM, You psycho
R S 13 dager siden
makes me anxient when he play with that scarpy
Samuel Njoroge
Samuel Njoroge 13 dager siden
love u from kenya
Μαριος Μπεικος
dude you re almosta at 200K likes. dont forget your promise
Yacine Khalid
Yacine Khalid 13 dager siden
I want the link of ElecctroBOOM on Reddit
C to the H
C to the H 13 dager siden
That’s not a pc that’s a fat ps2
8225 Vivek Kumar
8225 Vivek Kumar 13 dager siden
5:06 😂 lol
Mikail Mahrus
Mikail Mahrus 13 dager siden
You could try power supply with other end of the wire the other end of the wire has no plug you can join the plug with your covert safe and you have another outlet so join the plug on your covert safe to you outlet
Digital bee
Digital bee 13 dager siden
Electrocuted? Electro-cute Uhm cute?
YG Pro
YG Pro 14 dager siden
7:10 it was me, dio !
HคMMคď MцʂŤคϝค
4:14, I was just expecting that.
GATAZIGMA YT 14 dager siden
man your daughter is so beautiful
Yaseen? Rashid
Yaseen? Rashid 14 dager siden
Yaseen? Rashid
Yaseen? Rashid 14 dager siden
Theeron TerraNova
Theeron TerraNova 14 dager siden
178k likes and no safety less induction heaters
Liam 15 dager siden
Obviously that floating outlet was lacking a neutral
Brett Gibson
Brett Gibson 15 dager siden
Who else is here later looking for 200k likes???
nature Boys
nature Boys 15 dager siden
😂😂😂ای لاو دیس وید
dproduzioni 15 dager siden
let's pray for a world without borders
syrian Hamster
syrian Hamster 16 dager siden
تحية لمهدي من سوريا ♥️
Sadra Ramezani
Sadra Ramezani 16 dager siden
زدم لایکو
Sengisuck YT
Sengisuck YT 16 dager siden
Im sure he'll survived the lighting strike!
alun roberts
alun roberts 16 dager siden
have a look at the EMF guy Leonard Stafford tell me what you think
Syed Suleman Shah
Syed Suleman Shah 17 dager siden
Ur videos show your daughter growing... this is so nice
Pig Gone Crazy
Pig Gone Crazy 17 dager siden
9:51 when you are testing spark plugs and you accidentally touch the electrode
Laurenz Kofler
Laurenz Kofler 17 dager siden
8:07 Were getting there...
Asahi Kenji
Asahi Kenji 18 dager siden
just waiting for this vid to go 200k likes so I can see the induction heater with no safety feature Keyword: nO SaFetY FeAtuReS muahahahaha this is how I study for exams now....
मिहिर मिश्र
Everyone teaches what to do, but you teach what not to do that's why you're a better teacher than others.
GR!M R3AP3R 18 dager siden
This channle is my favourite i swear 😂
ツAOX-JOSHUA-CB 19 dager siden
200k likes, cmon guys
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