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Arcs Change Shape in Vacuum: nosections.info/green/uIJibKKHpqmGqNA/video.html
Physics Fun Flowing Gasses: nosections.info/green/yHaohomidK6s2qY/video.html
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
#Oscilloscope #KeysightWave

Vitenskap og teknologi



2. mars. 2020





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LOST SOULS 13 dager siden
So I got hit by 20,000 volts yesterday trying to charge the air to Summons spirits did not go well
WonITKorea Måned siden
You really look like a PRO.
ALIF AL SHAHARIER 2 måneder siden
carson Mozell
carson Mozell 3 måneder siden
Benjamin Badrakh
Benjamin Badrakh 5 måneder siden
a REAL OSCILLOSCOPE: nosections.info/green/xZSDcIuld3CQlMg/video.html
IRON MAN 23 timer siden
with the huge display of a multimeter why not stick in an arduino and show the changing voltage...gofundme guys
Nyzex Nyrize
Nyzex Nyrize 2 dager siden
Man, oscilloscopes are beautiful(you know what I mean), but so costly here. Would have used them everyday with my projects if they were affordable here.
s s
s s 3 dager siden
Giff me the scope..
Wasin Silakong
Wasin Silakong 3 dager siden
Rzxkp7 I
Rzxkp7 I 5 dager siden
Good video. Thanks.
Souvik Dey
Souvik Dey 8 dager siden
"why are you watching science stuff when you aren't even a science major" - My mom i cant help but watch him shock himself everyday
m k
m k 8 dager siden
is that an iphone
Louiesa Malicdem
Louiesa Malicdem 8 dager siden
am here on youtube just trying to watch videos about oscilloscopes for school i rented one at mygaragerentals.com and the owner said he'll teach us use it, but wanted to learn more about it too thank you for this video
wonderful bees
wonderful bees 9 dager siden
Huh ? I do enjoy your humor.
sleipnirish1 9 dager siden
i love your videos
MystWalker 9 dager siden
I've never participated in giveaways so i don't know how
GameSlayer600 12 dager siden
Who else understood only half of the words in this video
LOST SOULS 13 dager siden
Looking to educate my technical abilities for paranormal investigation but dude you keep me rolling never laughed so hard omg
Nils Berbers
Nils Berbers 13 dager siden
Best videos I’ve ever seen on NOsections. I can improve my English here very well. I know all that stuff from my shool but I learned it in german so thank you very much :-)
MIKE DRUMS 13 dager siden
FANCY !!!!
Sai Pulimamidi
Sai Pulimamidi 14 dager siden
Thank you sir for giving more information and I got an very good idea about scopes.🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️
Mop's backup account
Mop's backup account 14 dager siden
Anything is a light bulb if you use it wrong enough.
Kagan Soylu
Kagan Soylu 15 dager siden
Every school should hafe one of these, if they try to teach something with electricity... You can learn so damn much and you need only one of them to teach everything the class nerds to know.
Eric Davey
Eric Davey 15 dager siden
Haha! I've had this conversation. Yup. Nailed it.
Marius 17 dager siden
Just set it on autoset lol
Pratham Kinjavadekar
Pratham Kinjavadekar 18 dager siden
Heyy is Cathode Ray Oscilloscope similar to this or they are same or different things
Mr. V Gamer
Mr. V Gamer 18 dager siden
I think you should at least use safety goggles
Moussa Sanogo
Moussa Sanogo 18 dager siden
Mr electroBoom, are you still giving away those oscilloscopes
Wisnu Wicaksono
Wisnu Wicaksono 19 dager siden
Can you explain PID Controller please?
Marc Kenner
Marc Kenner 20 dager siden
Yeah, tbh I barely understand half of what you're saying. I mostly watch for the snap-crackle-scream.
niceguy60 22 dager siden
More precisely it's a DSO
Steve-o 24 dager siden
The inverse law applies to heating up a magnet and you can create a magnet...
Advancering Newholder
Advancering Newholder 26 dager siden
What he's saying about scope teaching you electronics is recently proven to be true for me. I was having trouble figuring out the behavior of my 555 timer circuit. I was pulling my hair out when at last i figure, "i should prob around the circuit instead of speculating on paper". And there, lo hand behold, my answer, which is I'm a noob and stupid. I ca! See how the capacitor voltage changes shape and that's the answer to all my problem
juan simon
juan simon 26 dager siden
thats funny. "entry level scope is nicer than anything ive ever had" he has a 20 thousand dollar scope right behind him.
EKINC EKINC 27 dager siden
- Me: "How expensive can be?" - Keysight website: " Price: Request Quote"
James Falzon
James Falzon Måned siden
I want one of these just to charge my phone from the usb port
Someone Someone
Someone Someone Måned siden
0:08 to 0:24 wtf 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Benjamin Badrakh
Benjamin Badrakh Måned siden
*takes a deep breath* I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED A SCOPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. The kit oscilloscope are ugly and my father wont let me get a proper one.
Benjamin Badrakh
Benjamin Badrakh Måned siden
the kit ones only have like 130MPS/s
Jezminator el Grande
Here in Philippines we run for almost 250V on an outlet with no ground
Nananana Måned siden
Ha im so glad you made this video. Im trying to plug things directly into the wall and then get kinda scared to touch anything >.
allan b
allan b Måned siden
somebody stole my scope! now Im like a blind person, and my walking stick is my multitester.
Concordia Måned siden
need one boom
Merijn Måned siden
thank you I needed this for an essay
Mr. Joe
Mr. Joe Måned siden
imagine i entered and i won. i would scream OMG!!!!!
TrillerVogel Måned siden
I mean he really seems to know what he’s doing, but I‘m still amazed that he is alive
Ultimate Zelda
Ultimate Zelda Måned siden
0:18 Seems accurate.
Pixie ChiKu
Pixie ChiKu Måned siden
People getting bored on Keysight's promotion ElectroBOOM :- Should I make a whole video on it :P
Brian Ortega
Brian Ortega Måned siden
I was so fascinated by the oscilloscope that I forgot he tends to shock himself.
Benjamin Badrakh
Benjamin Badrakh Måned siden
After watching this video i keep getting adds about rigol, Keysight, signet and many other scope brands. It also keep sending me 75% of on logic analyzers rubbish from Keysight.
Ayliose Måned siden
Definitely thought for a second that the scope started playing the music at 8:04
Jonathan Seculles
Jonathan Seculles Måned siden
You’re so fantastic sir and you are so amazing , I really wanted if a beginner like me will be able to learn how to use scope even if I only learn electronics from the you tube ?
Edward Science Innovations
Neutral serves as ground
Hakuna matata
Hakuna matata Måned siden
Picoscope ftw!!
The Bird 2 Electric Boogaloo
I feel like he messes up on easy mistakes so he has a good segway into explaining how to avoid what he did
Ali Choudhary
Ali Choudhary Måned siden
what is he taking about
Quince johns jr.
Quince johns jr. Måned siden
Amazing !!!! how I wish you were my teacher .i like the way you create shocks and then explain why it happened . Am a pro..fesional😂😂😂😂😂
Let's Do It, Maria!
Let's Do It, Maria! Måned siden
I've been learning electronics ..thanks for this...
Avinash Mishra
Avinash Mishra Måned siden
10:04 this channel is fiscal great.
HawkFest Måned siden
Hey thanks for this fun intro to oscilloscope! One little question... At 0:30, what's that multimeter you say is able to measure *_inductance_* and "transistor stuff"? I've looked up thoroughly to find a DMM that can also measure inductance (on top of capacitance and resistance), which is not common among many cheap/average DMM (even among bench top DMM): I haven't seen one. If it exists and is not a gimmick I'll grab it right away (maybe that my search was actually a big irrelevant walk along Google's algorihms).
Kelly Kapoor
Kelly Kapoor Måned siden
The mundane streetcar histochemically plant because partner precisely drain near a fanatical kilometer. greedy, magnificent cousin
newSogn Måned siden
Is Japan not a grounded system?
nosections.info/green/smZ8bqxpqYyLrqY/video.html maybe some mad fan made this..
Juan Quiroga
Juan Quiroga Måned siden
but... can it run Doom?
Subliminal Castillo
Subliminal Castillo 2 måneder siden
I think I may be one of the only few that watched this video to learn more about an oscilloscope
Kelly Kapoor
Kelly Kapoor 2 måneder siden
The nauseating engineering disappointedly fetch because fairies jointly press opposite a guarded throat. spooky, feeble feigned bedroom
Fix The Tempo
Fix The Tempo 2 måneder siden
as a keysight repair engineer i would say that this cheapest little scope offers a wide range of capabilities, can you imagine what capabilities can offer models up to 100K USD :)
Jacob Powers
Jacob Powers 2 måneder siden
i wish i could afford one but corona got me down
Jacob Powers
Jacob Powers 2 måneder siden
are you gonna do it again this year? i really really want one
CrazyC0d3r 2 måneder siden
flashfire157 2 måneder siden
How is this guy still alive lol. Also, great video. In my line of work we used to have oscilloscopes but for ultrasonic testing. I imagine they're similar except the ultrasound type converts the electrical signal to a mechanical signal using a piezoelectric crystal.
Chiefweak_ Keif
Chiefweak_ Keif 2 måneder siden
can i get one im really trying to learn more
Jiapsi Gomez
Jiapsi Gomez 2 måneder siden
Hellooo!! Do you have anymore?? Those are wonderful!! I'm grateful for the knowledge you share
Frank Zapp
Frank Zapp 2 måneder siden
I really like your channel. I really need a oscilloscope. Really bad. Can you help me. Thank you.
Simatigerko2 Streltsov
Simatigerko2 Streltsov 2 måneder siden
I like EBoom because he tells not only a simple stuff for beginners, but also something special. For example I didn`t know that scopes ground is connected to PE.
Sana Ne
Sana Ne 2 måneder siden
Dammn, I am late... These oscilloscope are god damn expensive...
waseem wahba
waseem wahba 2 måneder siden
Love your videos
Okaro X
Okaro X 2 måneder siden
Such ground cheating adapters are highly illegal in Finland - though everyone use them in the 70s when they needed to connect TVs into grounded sockets. One should use an isolation transformer instead. Some Japanese sockets have earth. It is a different screw to which one screws the earth wire. For me that is a disaster. If you have two equipment next to each other and forget to ground one and it fails that is very dangerous.
Roger Wilco - justice and really clean floors
If electromagnetic interference can be such a problem especially when the signal is so small compared to noise why is the probe and scope not optically connected? Or would the electronics to convert the signal cause more noise?
Maanus Mei
Maanus Mei 2 måneder siden
Would you give me one now :D hehee damn I'm so late.. been searching about scopes for days now
Mike Ashton
Mike Ashton 2 måneder siden
How to make learning fun... another great lesson.
michał botor
michał botor 2 måneder siden
Tanmoy Das
Tanmoy Das 2 måneder siden
Hey, have a look into this: nosections.info/green/smZ8bqxpqYyLrqY/video.html Mehedi on oscilloscope, funny!!
Jake Prosser
Jake Prosser 2 måneder siden
Will this tell you about lithium batteries capacitance? 🔋
shivamoorthy vishnumoorthyshiva
I would really like a OSCILLOSCOPE Please:)
Hshhsj Hahsvs
Hshhsj Hahsvs 2 måneder siden
But does it run crysis?
Some guy idk z
Some guy idk z 2 måneder siden
aysv_9w9 XD
aysv_9w9 XD 2 måneder siden
I watch you only to see electrical explosions😂
Elmo’s World
Elmo’s World 2 måneder siden
Sounds like I would die before i can fully enjoy an oscilloscope
Kay Bürcky
Kay Bürcky 2 måneder siden
The more i watch your channel, the more i want a scope... But I never understood why you keep talking from "your meter"... I mean you don't need to shove it in my face like that... But at least some canadian using the metric system thoroughly... (Right, LTT???)
Francium Wave
Francium Wave 2 måneder siden
If the oscilloscope can measure higher frequency do they call it Network Analyzer?
Daniel Pacheco
Daniel Pacheco 2 måneder siden
Man understanding electric engineering is like learning a whole new language 😂
Taher Patrawala
Taher Patrawala 2 måneder siden
8:18 wait? So he wasn't wearing any pants this whole time? lol
Francium Wave
Francium Wave 2 måneder siden
@MikeCZR Thanks for your sense of responsibility :)
MikeCZR 2 måneder siden
@Francium Wave cause the guy questioned if he has pants or underwear and i looked closely and responded
Francium Wave
Francium Wave 2 måneder siden
@MikeCZR I just kidding, 😅 Now the next question is why you look such closely? 😅😅
MikeCZR 2 måneder siden
@Francium Wave cause if you look closely right under the shirt there is underwear or shorts
Francium Wave
Francium Wave 2 måneder siden
@MikeCZR How you sure? 😅
Elena 2 måneder siden
Can anyone recommend a relatively inexpensive scope for beginner hobbiests?
bignando77 2 måneder siden
Is it too late to get one of those mofos? Lol
Roy More
Roy More 3 måneder siden
in school we first test the circut in orcad capture then we measure the real circut. And the sine wave are almost exactly looking like in the simulation.
FindLiberty 3 måneder siden
100% great scope tips told in ElectroBOOM's *FAST PACED* and uniquely entertaining way. NICE. As usual, the sparks and shocks are cringe worthy: You and your scope will be dead; so be careful and don't do any of that! The tip to use two ungrounded probes with the scope's simplest math mode (INVERT and SUM) is very clever and almost completely safe. For America/Canada, two conductor "Zip" AC power cords; the smooth one (and narrow prong) _should_ be the *dangerous* "hot" side. The other wire with the slight rib (and the wider prong blade) is *current carrying* neutral headed back to eventually become ground.
The Road To Mars
The Road To Mars 3 måneder siden
😂 wtf!? Did all of that just really happen🤣🤣ROTF!!
Nikola Minev
Nikola Minev 3 måneder siden
My multimeter costs 20 bucks and my jyetech DSO138 mini osciloscope costs 25 bucks. What a shame
ultra king doge
ultra king doge 3 måneder siden
He keeps on messing up lol
Blackened Terror
Blackened Terror 3 måneder siden
Electroboom is one of the best channell on youtube
JOSEPHINE MAGBANUA 3 måneder siden
Tiny Dancer
Tiny Dancer 3 måneder siden
We watch your chanel daily, especially my hubby. This oscilloscope is something he doesnt have. Would love to surprise him with one for Christmas. I don't know Anything about them. Can u tell me what is a good buy or product and we're to buy?. Thanks Boom. Love your channel!!.
Arnold A. Lampel
Arnold A. Lampel 3 måneder siden
WOOWWW :-O at 03:39 you really got me jumping up and almost pee in my pants :-O That's some scary sh*t :-O
John Henry
John Henry 3 måneder siden
does your house even have a circuit breaker lol
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