WOW! ⚡AC VOLTAGE⚡ Detector Circuit?! Can It Be?! 

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Is it possible to detect high AC voltage by just 3 transistors or the circuit is fake??
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Vitenskap og teknologi



25. nov.. 2019





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ElectroBOOM År siden
I cleaned up good at the end! That's a once in a lifetime opportunity!
Tejaskumar Hiremath
Tejaskumar Hiremath 9 timer siden
i am your biggest fan I have almost seen all your videos I showed your channel to many people and they even subscribed it.
Sam_1_am 27 dager siden
My favorite part was when you started cleaning by standing in one spot looking around for five minutes, blew something up, and then stood around for a few more minutes before actually cleaning anything.
ryan ramlal
ryan ramlal Måned siden
Like your videos
FreeKing Awwsome
FreeKing Awwsome Måned siden
@james pinuela look again 359000000 million virws
james pinuela
james pinuela Måned siden
you only got 1m views
Rushikesh Chandak
Rushikesh Chandak 47 minutter siden
Sir can you please make video on different Transistors.....sir you are best 👍🙏😇 Thank you sir
Std Ali
Std Ali Time siden
Are mehdi a muslim?
Tejaskumar Hiremath
Tejaskumar Hiremath 10 timer siden
i am your biggest fan i always like your videos because you do so much comedy
Steve Klassen
Steve Klassen 10 timer siden
Here’s to 10,000,000 views
RMS Titanic
RMS Titanic 20 timer siden
Jagjit Singh
Jagjit Singh 23 timer siden
You are awesome sir .I would be very happy if I had a teacher like you in my college.
Old Gamer
Old Gamer Dag siden
I wasn't paying attention and thought I heard, "The Rectum Fire". 🤣
Змеелов змей
Ахахахах Привет из России😹✌️
GamerDragonXTRM Dag siden
The earbuds cost Php 3,690 in the Philippines
mirabela manita
mirabela manita 2 dager siden
Cool ear buds
Michael Rich97
Michael Rich97 2 dager siden
Watching you from Myanmar🙂
evgeni moskovih
evgeni moskovih 3 dager siden
Жаль,что нет субтитров
wrecked funtimefoxy
wrecked funtimefoxy 3 dager siden
2 mil views nice
Daft Fox
Daft Fox 3 dager siden
Why lie about raycon? They are really bad quality.
super and inv
super and inv 4 dager siden
me: see's the white board and see's the stickman after a long time not seeing a stickman drawing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Man Mohan
Man Mohan 5 dager siden
New 10 million view idea. This kind of TikTok video now viral. Explain why detector beeping at distance. Is it coz wire loop acts as a coil generating em waves or something? Replicate the test and give some explanation. nosections.info/green/pGaXfIJkfGugy64/video.html
Артём Браун
Артём Браун 5 dager siden
Русские вперёд, кто не с нами, тот под нами!
Nicolaie Ciprian
Nicolaie Ciprian 5 dager siden
Bro ... by far wath You doing there im impresive HOw happy You are
video master
video master 6 dager siden
hi im a big fan i made ur circuit and it worked thx so much!!!
happy Rust admin
happy Rust admin 7 dager siden
в первые вижу что ютубер переводит Русский на видео :)
Aisaaax 7 dager siden
I have just watched 2 minutes of a man cleaning his room.... Should I clean mine now?.... .... Nah...
John Paul Z. Laguna
John Paul Z. Laguna 7 dager siden
Since this is true im used to be electronic student grade 6 wanna try
Dragon Khy
Dragon Khy 7 dager siden
Sonal Paul
Sonal Paul 8 dager siden
ElectroBoom videos are incomplete without circuits bursting......🤣🤣🤣
Beebz 8 dager siden
"another nail in the jihad"
The Kabishkaba Show
The Kabishkaba Show 9 dager siden
U still don't have 3 million 😂😂
ashwin mhaskar
ashwin mhaskar 9 dager siden
Slow down the playback for watching electroboom cleaning his room in all the glory
Rxpz 9 dager siden
كحك هق سح يهوز
André Jugador TV
André Jugador TV 11 dager siden
7:26 When your mum tells you what to do and not realising your headset's still on.
AttackAffection 11 dager siden
He thought he deserved 10 million.... He only Got 2 mil😂
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar 13 dager siden
Kabir 13 dager siden
3:02 at this moment, I laughed so hard that my mom scared and through her shoe🥿 on me😂😂
Zachary Nash-pate
Zachary Nash-pate 13 dager siden
So much joy
Jaden Dealba
Jaden Dealba 13 dager siden
Hi voltage gets me scared as shit
RUSNUKER Lab. 14 dager siden
Джихад и кнопка выключателя на пилоте: история обмана.
Tanmoy Mridha
Tanmoy Mridha 14 dager siden
still the video hasn't got 10M views....shame on you guys.
Котяра 15 dager siden
Джихад без детонатораXD орнул
Wefeonto 15 dager siden
His smooth sponsorship transitions are the reason im alive rn
Pavloskar 15 dager siden
Where is the bjt 101?
Prince Akilesh
Prince Akilesh 16 dager siden
" Always unplug all your wires before touching them " : said by one wise man in every video and yet this is what he does @ 8:20
Risk Adam
Risk Adam 17 dager siden
bu transitorler kaclık
Reaper X
Reaper X 18 dager siden
ElectroBOOM: well at least I'm pretty happy 😐
Viper vids gaming plus
Viper vids gaming plus 18 dager siden
1.8 million
john doe
john doe 18 dager siden
So they connect this to a bomb and place it near an extension cord waiting for someone to trigger it?
Anurag singh
Anurag singh 19 dager siden
Watching your video in one go.🧐🧐
अनुभव त्रिपाठी
Still waiting for 10 mils??
Mohammad SojiB
Mohammad SojiB 19 dager siden
Tui vai morbi na?? Amon ka tui
Abdullah Arslan
Abdullah Arslan 19 dager siden
bu patlatmaları kasıtlı yapıyorsun....
Brett 567
Brett 567 19 dager siden
So I made this on breadboard and the craziest thing is happening.... It won't detect AC voltage very well however it does detect the proximity of my hand amazingly from like 5-8cm away.. how is this happening aha
Vikash Thakur
Vikash Thakur 20 dager siden
Wow your expression and dialog very prity and Osam , You experiment is very interesting and you see full Well done 👏 ✔ Thank your idea that's is no cost money Thank for your saring on NOsections your idea 💡 Thank ji (?)
UB8JDA 20 dager siden
Привет американцы из России! У вас там вижу хорошо, только не хватает коммунистов у власти, как и у нас. Всего хорошего!
Ceejay Cipriano
Ceejay Cipriano 21 dag siden
men this guys is funny
Nyx 21 dag siden
i really like ray khan earphones
Kenneth Jade Orocay
Kenneth Jade Orocay 22 dager siden
Mr.beans brother
Mr Regret
Mr Regret 22 dager siden
Nobil Kwt
Nobil Kwt 22 dager siden
Jihad is a Muslim name
Лего Бог
Лего Бог 23 dager siden
Hello from Russia)
DARIUSH ALI KHANI 23 dager siden
Kheilia midoonan to irani hasti
Praveen. M
Praveen. M 23 dager siden
You drawing better than me
CarlosD 23 dager siden
7:17 “uuumphh”
Davidcockerfield Shidt
Davidcockerfield Shidt 24 dager siden
I predict this man is gonna get shocked in this video 6 times ( I haven’t watched this yet)
Arilson _ CJ
Arilson _ CJ 24 dager siden
Thor o principe dos raios não sente choque kkk
Nandu S Kumar
Nandu S Kumar 24 dager siden
Hasif Naufal Ramadhan
Hasif Naufal Ramadhan 24 dager siden
Jason Pick
Jason Pick 25 dager siden
#Mr පිනා
#Mr පිනා 26 dager siden
ඔයාගේ මෝඩ වැඩ වලට මං ආසයි
Dima Крылов
Dima Крылов 26 dager siden
Да ты шо я тоже (Рашин)
dolce_gabana_st 27 dager siden
0:36 They should add "Do not sniff your earbuds" in the user manual
Алексей 161
Алексей 161 27 dager siden
Мамбо джамбо 🤣пздц какой-то нах я это смотрю херь какая-то.
Dima Крылов
Dima Крылов 26 dager siden
Ахахахахах оруууу
Алексей 161
Алексей 161 27 dager siden
Ебать копать чувак паходу чёт подъедает
nope outahere
nope outahere 29 dager siden
MinecraftCoderPro 29 dager siden
"if that video got 3 million views we can easily get to ten million." Two years later: *2 million views*
Jonathan Maurer
Jonathan Maurer 29 dager siden
"like the video and appreciate my dedication" don't you mean medication. oh wait.... shit. that would have been a good pun.
Jonathan Maurer
Jonathan Maurer 29 dager siden
why sell yourself to raycon?
Dam Vedios
Dam Vedios Måned siden
Setup tire setup ture
канал Доброго стримера
ебать русские есть
zion and jerusalem
zion and jerusalem Måned siden
No death for him 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😆😁
Anthony Volkman
Anthony Volkman Måned siden
Thanks bro!! I'm from Ukraine!
Thomas Luggiero
Thomas Luggiero Måned siden
exactly, this isn't exactly groundbreaking technology!
Piotr Stawiski
Piotr Stawiski Måned siden
alexys gaming
alexys gaming Måned siden
And that my friends, is how you can steal energy wireless from your neigbours!
Suraj Yadav
Suraj Yadav Måned siden
Great explaination . This haven't reached 2M till now . Guess click-baits are never leaving the house .
*Linkzy Zeus*
*Linkzy Zeus* Måned siden
9:06 Glad I'm not the only one who does this!
Yuppi Måned siden
Still only 1.8 million views a year later 😠
Bakugo UnU
Bakugo UnU Måned siden
*when u have ur mom headphones on and it gets stuck to the chair and it fall out ur ears I be like: **7:29*
Nefarious Noob
Nefarious Noob Måned siden
5:21 says he'll explain a BJT in his electroboom 101. it's been over a year now and I'm still waiting :'(
rodanvideo Måned siden
Love all your "tutorials"A LOT!! But someone tell how 'you' can need a 100 times smaller current when ONE time smaller [100% smaller] is already zero! Imaginary numbers anyone [I'd imagine]?? I guess correctly stated, you might say "one one-hundredth of the current," but then again.. I'm just an electrical engineer and not a junior high school math teacher. ;-} But don't be disgruntled . . I heard on a TV add that with one brand of toilet paper, 'you' can use 3 times less. Now - IMAGINE THAT.
Faraz Ali
Faraz Ali Måned siden
Blessed friday 😠 Its blessed friday Not black 😠
Slifer Måned siden
Wow is this mumbo jumbo's alt account?
Ryu zaki
Ryu zaki Måned siden
I read Darlington pair as Darlington pain. Works either way for Mehdi i guess.
Scorpio Måned siden
Why the FUCK in usa nobody ever saw a fuckin Cyrillic?!!
Yogesh waran P
Yogesh waran P Måned siden
I did this experiment,it works very fine.... But it also works[led glows] while I touching my finger on that antenna.... What is the reason behind it, please clear my doubt?
Bessafi Benturki
Bessafi Benturki Måned siden
Can it detecte hot wire inside the wall ? For example: i want to drill holes in the wall and there is hot wire but i don't know how it's going in the wall So can i find it without having to destroy the wall or drilling into the hot wire ⚡ Thank you in advance
Still Render Production
WOW ⚡⚡
SemNikit Måned siden
Lol Джихад here is a nickname, not a message
Anas Abukaff
Anas Abukaff Måned siden
Jihad is a name
No Pain No Gain
No Pain No Gain Måned siden
thanks a lot for this explaining
Scott de Jong
Scott de Jong Måned siden
Sensational ending!
firenutz698 Måned siden
I only came here to watch the room cleaning. Moar videos on rooming cleaning please
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