Body Jump-Start and BioCharger RECTIFICATION 

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Can someone Jump Start a car using their body? Is BioCharger real??
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Here is a list of good references used in this video:
Cranking a car with Supercaps: nosections.info/green/1YCboGprpqhnvL4/video.html
Arcs Change Shape in Vacuum: nosections.info/green/uIJibKKHpqmGqNA/video.html
Physics Fun Flowing Gasses: nosections.info/green/yHaohomidK6s2qY/video.html
Power of Suggestion (Placebo): nosections.info/green/snlzmqd1e4aA3b4/video.html
Immeasurable Disappointment: nosections.info/green/lpllhXyZgmpvpao/video.html
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
#RECTIFIER #JumpStart #BioCharger

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25. feb.. 2020





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ElectroBOOM År siden
Hey fellow BOOMers! I uploaded my fake video editing of powering the heater through my fingers in the link below. Go ahead and share it if you like and see how many people will believe I have special powers!! I bet half of them will say I can do this because I'm not grounded!! nosections.info/green/0IWZkaqne6KAt7I/video.html
Gaurav 5 dager siden
@Easy Circuits Thanks😊 I will look for it then.
Easy Circuits
Easy Circuits 5 dager siden
@Gaurav sorry for being sooooo.. late I've seen an article on Discovery Sc. (India) about that years ago
Gaurav 15 dager siden
@Easy Circuits Hey there, I actually tried to look up for sources of Tesla coil being an Indian tech but I can't find anywhere so would you mind sharing with me any links you have. I just really want to know about it. ✌
Vegan V
Vegan V Måned siden
@Gracioso Valentino .. you are a vegan or are you an animal abuser ??? Simple question. Yes or no question ?
Gracioso Valentino
Gracioso Valentino Måned siden
@Vegan V HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO PLANTS. Also that sentence of "Use your brain wisely" Dumb if i don't use my brain literally stop thinking like Kars did when Joseph launched him to the space. I DO NOT HURT ANIMALS. Use your eyes to read atleast, my brain is where all the brains are. How to switch on the brain of a person who is dead since he stopped thinking??? Please be more especific and don't talk without contents, btw stop using emojis that makes me think that you aren't tlaking seriously. And please be more logic :)
EndOfLineTech Dag siden
Master part replaces (aka mechanics) don’t know what they are actually talking about. A general mechanic knows more then like a dealer mechanic or master part replacer. I’ve been dealing with multiple dealers for 6 months now over an electrical problem and it somehow surprised me how stupid they are. Even though I already knew that…. Like to begin apparently (and listen closely if you have electronics knowledge) I cannot use a fuse tap on the internal fuse box because it is integrated with the BodyControl Module; and each of those many fuse circuits are not like normal fuses (big ass bus bar on one side, and the circuit on the other). Each of those circuits are individually controlled by the BCM, that limits the current and the BCM will only provide the current the said module asks for over the communication network. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I kid you fucking not. 🤣🤣 3 separate master part replaces have told be that… should of saw the face of the one where I asked back “then why the fuses?” You could see the dial up modem starting to go off in his head… I had no proof other then “no fucking way” and I’m not one to be told I’m wrong without a fight. So I found one on eBay for like $50 and riped it apart. What would you know. The body module has nothing to do with the fuse section except driving the power relays on and off… and the fuse section is literally any other fuse box in existence anywhere. Imagine that.
pog champs
pog champs 2 dager siden
If the recharging thing was actualy true electricians , or Medhi would be more hyperactive than some guy who has multiple ammounts of drugs flowing inside their body
Anuj Singh Bais
Anuj Singh Bais 2 dager siden
What did you mean by Idols?!🤔🤔🤔
Phantasm 3 dager siden
I would just buy it because it looks cool
Phantasm 3 dager siden
I mean the Tesla coil
Jackal1412 3 dager siden
I love it!
Kaiser 36
Kaiser 36 4 dager siden
Yay Mehdi called me big brain ;)
MarkoCloud 4 dager siden
You are superhuman. You just waste it by blowing up stuff on NOsections. Hey, whatever runs you brushless...
Sajed Othman
Sajed Othman 4 dager siden
I am thinking that he is doing sponsoreing the video to get money
NoOne Cares
NoOne Cares 6 dager siden
Yeah, i am now *big brain*
CasamSaturnBOİ is cutie - Enjoy
Why isn't "bull" a swear word?
SnowBone 6 dager siden
Ronen Aprils
Ronen Aprils 6 dager siden
7:01 iam dying🤣🤣
Electro 6 dager siden
fabiansw8 6 dager siden
Not that many days ago i touched two out of three 13 MW Electrodes. but im fine
R2 K3
R2 K3 7 dager siden
8:28 But Mehdi... You're already a superhuman
engineerstillplays 7 dager siden
*me BIG brain*
Mango_CH 7 dager siden
I hate when the ad says “we all have electricity inside us” Like bitch we have energy not electricity go to school some time
miguel poggio
miguel poggio 7 dager siden
9:25 maybe you were inhaling ozone (O3)... Ozone is toxic! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ozone#Health_effects
Swaraj Sao
Swaraj Sao 8 dager siden
akkhaj hai sala
Vailedbug 8
Vailedbug 8 8 dager siden
I actually was able to slap the like😂
WoodsyGarlic 8 dager siden
Juan Carlos Chavez
Juan Carlos Chavez 8 dager siden
That vídeo si super famous in latinamerica
ssspike1 9 dager siden
Thanks for taking away my healing powers with facts
Vethum Gamage
Vethum Gamage 10 dager siden
Endless Possibilities of arudino
hi Mehdi can you tell a cheap oscilloscope please
Jim Y
Jim Y 10 dager siden
"if electricity had healing powers id be a superhero by now." funniest line I've heard from him yet. (I'm only 6 videos in so far.)
Luke Redmore
Luke Redmore 11 dager siden
Guys it’s fine he’s not grounded! ;)
FrankieC420 12 dager siden
i wish you was my high school teacher i watch allot of your videos :)
Woof Woof
Woof Woof 12 dager siden
I was thinking "wow, ElectroBOOM is like Captain D but it's electricity instead of video editing" and then a minute later you mentioned him
XantheFIN 13 dager siden
I get too headache when there is someone claiming very poorly on something. If person cold use facts to show something possible but still being wrong i wouldn't get headache.
Roi Gipot
Roi Gipot 13 dager siden
"You gotta study and experiment.." Me: experiment? ok lemme connect myself to a high voltage battery to see what happens brb
Matthew Hehhdhdhd
Matthew Hehhdhdhd 13 dager siden
Pat watching this right now 👁 👄 👁
Sam 14 dager siden
Speaking of charges on a cell, cells Do maintain a special charge on the membrane by utilizing Na+ K+ pumps, and channels. The cells are at -70mv normally(resting potential) and could utilize the ion gradient by opening the channels to trigger an action potential, making the membrane potential increase, which is how nerve cells work. However, charging the body to get better health is still an unproven hypothesis.
INSIGHT LABS 14 dager siden
Whoever has been in 10th grade knows our body's energy currency are ATP's
啊HA 17 dager siden
Soham R
Soham R 19 dager siden
1:57 i am not a big brain
Co Ke
Co Ke 19 dager siden
When you come back months later and he makes you feel good for being big brained again but you have to realize you already liked the video
Ian Farley
Ian Farley 21 dag siden
you forgot the sh*t quality when making the example
Jaimie Loren
Jaimie Loren 22 dager siden
if i were to ever get a tOtaLLY woRKinG biocharger it would probably be to just watch funny lights going brrr
de a-animator
de a-animator 25 dager siden
The first one he would be fried
Ardhyan Trisnanto
Ardhyan Trisnanto 25 dager siden
do touching + and - in one single hand in same time = electrical shortcut , we still could get electrocute , even not grounded or using shoes , but if we just touching + or - it still save, correct me if im wrong?
Khalid Khan
Khalid Khan 25 dager siden
The internet warrior was probably confused he remembered that if you are grounded and touch a live wire you will get SHOCKED he didnt knew if you touch live and neutral YOU WILL STILL GET SHOCKED!
Zakia Khan
Zakia Khan 25 dager siden
Amed TABAR 25 dager siden
The dislikes are the ones who just skip the important sh!t he says and don’t believe it Like if u agree 👇
Golden Arrow 5449
Golden Arrow 5449 25 dager siden
Preyfix 26 dager siden
I am actually currently in high school school studying electrical engineering and people who don't know shit but pretend like they're professionals baffles me
Super Sd
Super Sd 27 dager siden
This guy is next Newton
labo ram
labo ram 27 dager siden
mehdi when someone makes fake free energy video: >:( mehdi when u spell his name right: :)
Techy Srijan
Techy Srijan 27 dager siden
And that's *That*
Stephen SOMERS
Stephen SOMERS 28 dager siden
Heat your chair/cushion from your fingers - using your placebo
yo75z 29 dager siden
hey last year at iumor came a guy from serbia and his body witstanded an electric chair y all should watch that and maybe electroBoom could explain wtf was happening xD
Street lamp
Street lamp Måned siden
I impressed my computer engineering teacher with the things you thought me
YoshiMew29 Måned siden
Even if that much damn electricity did go through you, it would go through your damn heart...
Gaming Account
Gaming Account Måned siden
HAHAHA touching the + and - of the cord HAHAHAHA
Microwave Transformer
4:12 My face lit up with glee at this very moment.
Mario's Meth Lab Adventures
wow want to charge your body, try eating, don't get a "bio charger" lol
Kamal Birda
Kamal Birda Måned siden
Whats wrong with worshiping idols?
Ladien Arra
Ladien Arra Måned siden
Thats the saying, the more you know the less happy you are. 😎👍
Faraz Ali
Faraz Ali Måned siden
I,m just 15 🤭🤭😍
The guy that’s a guy T
No one gives a shit.
KDR Gaming
KDR Gaming Måned siden
One of the great problems humanity faces is believing in FAF BS instead of the Placebo Effect. Social media websites need to get serious about combating misinformation, scams, and cultish miracle bullshit. Shit needs to be easily reportable for manual review so the BS can be taken down asap. With great power comes great responsibility and Social Media websites are taking NO responsibility for the fake ass shit, scams, and misinformation that they themselves promote.
lordskysixss Måned siden
There is good and bad radiation. Even the water we drink have radiation... Just don't go take a dive in chernobyl and you will be OK.
Glitchbulb Måned siden
2:34 skip ad 1 12:26 skip ad 2
Krishna Chaitanya Cheerladinne
electroboom turned corridor crew
Fábio Lourenço
Fábio Lourenço Måned siden
how meany capacitors have you blown up on these channel? xD
Ginzo Milani
Ginzo Milani Måned siden
Was that slap like a davie504 reference?
Xiemo Måned siden
Electro should make his own diy electric chair
Atari Master
Atari Master Måned siden
what if you duck taped wires to your fingers and ran them through shirt. due to ur resistance very little power should run through you
Tarzan CH
Tarzan CH Måned siden
A Tesla Coil produces Ozone(O3), other toxic gases and radiations. All the gases and radiations are dangerous for health. So how could they be a source of healing? lol.
CrizizUnderLord Måned siden
I didn’t even realize the edited captain dissillusion bit the he made was fake
Ryan Ranjan
Ryan Ranjan Måned siden
yes, skin is not a good conductor of electricity
Kelly Kapoor
Kelly Kapoor Måned siden
The muddled fly nouzilly lick because washer prognostically whistle aside a long-term michael. elastic, deranged maid
Kelly Kapoor
Kelly Kapoor Måned siden
The axiomatic brother taxonomically follow because turn pharmacologically appreciate apud a recondite teaching. sweltering, third soup
Boi Måned siden
30 mega wats will snap you out of existing
Sarah Graves
Sarah Graves Måned siden
Mehdi featured ReviewBrah and I'm dieing. AND CaptainDissillusion! I love it!
Scubi Måned siden
i caught the exact moment that shows the heater cables prnt.sc/wh3ecb
PancakezEater 6940
PancakezEater 6940 Måned siden
A Tesla coil actually does heal you. Not if shoots out DC or AC sparks though. Otherwise, it's lethal. But, if you figure out a way to make it shoot out cold energy, then it is beneficial because cold energy heals the body.
PancakezEater 6940
PancakezEater 6940 Måned siden
@Dommy kun Well let me explain you, the opposite of hot electricity (AC voltage) would be cold electricity right? But what is electricity, it is the the flow of electrons, but, cold electricity doesn't have electrons, therefore it wouldn't make sense to call it cold electricity, so it is called cold energy.
Dommy kun
Dommy kun Måned siden
wtf is cold energy? as far as i know cold and energy are two opposite things
FlyMIfYouGotM 2 måneder siden
I have a little 5 year old surrogate granddaughter who knows more about electricity and the conduction of the human body v/s other conductors than these, "car" idiots! That may have something to do with her using my Fluke meter as a toy since she was about 2 years old. She liked putting it on "Ohms" with the beeper enabled for continuity checks. Then she would touch everything she could find to see which things made it beep.
filip_boucek 2 måneder siden
how more stupid people can get? I'm happy to be in the big brain club
Levi pro Gamer1
Levi pro Gamer1 2 måneder siden
What if the man hid a wire behind him or some something
Noah Fernandez
Noah Fernandez 2 måneder siden
Big Brain
Bence Bors
Bence Bors 2 måneder siden
That dude is probally metal in the isnide, or the video si edited deeply.
techno finn
techno finn 2 måneder siden
you kan See the capacitor
filee pihivi
filee pihivi 2 måneder siden
But brain size dont mean you are smart like you Sorry for that joke Im very sorry
The guy that’s a guy T
The guy that’s a guy T 2 måneder siden
I paused at the perfect time when he was re-enacting the heating element and saw the alligator clips and capacitor. And if it works it was at 6:08
The guy that’s a guy T
The guy that’s a guy T 2 måneder siden
Just slow it down and go frame by frame.
Hemathilaka Gurusinghe
Hemathilaka Gurusinghe 2 måneder siden
These monkys make free energy and some imbeciles believe them.It's impossible to have free energy.I saw some imbeciles make two mortors spins and connects them to each other.Its true that it generates current.But the power which makes by the mortor always wasted by Sound and heat.You are a brilliant guy who teachs some fools about this fake things.I wish your channel will be no.1 in this world.All the best
Golden Gun
Golden Gun Måned siden
Too bad some people are so stupid that even if you show them perfect proof that free energy doesn't exist, they still won't believe you since they are so fixed on that idea that they won't change.
Owen Kegg
Owen Kegg 2 måneder siden
How could anyone think you could survive as a conductor for a lead acid battery. I touched the ends of a 320 volt (super low amperage) flash capacitor and IT scared the shit out of me, what do you think a 12v really high amperage car battery is going to do to your body?
Kutay Cagin
Kutay Cagin 2 måneder siden
The guy who made this aku draning thing is probably has a rare genetic condution that made his flash conductive (yes there is a mutation like this).
Dommy kun
Dommy kun Måned siden
no man
Rasya_ndut roblox player
Rasya_ndut roblox player 2 måneder siden
I agree thanks for explain to us very thanks
TechMantra 2 måneder siden
I'd like to see a fight between Professor Rework and The Rectifier. Maybe they;d join forces though.
Amitesh M
Amitesh M 2 måneder siden
Electroboom going davie504.... Slap like😂
darkSorceror 2 måneder siden
I laughed at the BioCharger cos it's been a pretty big news story over in Australia. It was "invented" by a celebrity chef, and promoted as a COVID cure. www.tga.gov.au/media-release/pete-evans-company-fined-alleged-covid-19-advertising-breaches
TheViolicous 2 måneder siden
Im not big brain i just watch to see u suffer
Outkast Army
Outkast Army 2 måneder siden
the reason they say dont do it at home is because your poor mother, father or wife/girlfriend has to clean it up if it doesent go well!
Mc Tiny
Mc Tiny 2 måneder siden
pause then click this ➡️0:19⬅️
GeneralArgee 2 måneder siden
the only guy who can ask anyone to sponsor his every video
Dattaraj Sardessai
Dattaraj Sardessai 2 måneder siden
Can you do a video on Orgonites. People selling it claim it can absorb harmful EMF radiation and convert it to good EMF radiation. They also sell a product called cloud busters which help to remove chem trails.
cody austin
cody austin 2 måneder siden
humanity exists because it isn't grounded
am i a joke to you
am i a joke to you 2 måneder siden
1:52 hi
Aidan Pon
Aidan Pon 2 måneder siden
Yes, big brain
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