What It Takes to Break a RAM with ESD (ft. Linus Tech Tips) 

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We handle computer parts without ESD protection most of the times. But what does it take to break one with ESD through human body? Let’s check it out!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Vitenskap og teknologi



22. des.. 2020





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Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 2 måneder siden
This was super fun! Hope you all enjoyed watching us recoil in pain... I guess.
Devin Maximus
Devin Maximus 15 timer siden
@Ronald Cole Sweet site, it does not look too fancy, but it actually worked :P
Ronald Cole
Ronald Cole 15 timer siden
not sure if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for instaportal account hack :D
epepepe 4 dager siden
linus sex tips
nice cat2
nice cat2 6 dager siden
XDarqness 10 dager siden
truck boi
truck boi 8 timer siden
Ozzy Helix
Ozzy Helix Dag siden
in realty I would find it super interesting if Mehdi talked with Brian Linus's electrician at his studio I feel that would be an interesting thing to see
Abdelaziz Kara
Abdelaziz Kara Dag siden
He he, I will never care about ESD any more.
Well thanks, now i know there is nothing to worry about !
Hansol S
Hansol S Dag siden
Perfect opportunity to call linus the minus.
Max Mccann
Max Mccann Dag siden
Ok so, if anyone is good at electrics or anything that would be great, I went to heat up my tea in the microwave earlier, so I stuck it in, shut the door and everything was ok until I went to turn on the microwave at the plug (I'm in the UK), my right hand was on the microwave not sure if it was the metal side panel or the buttons, and I turned on the plug with my left, and I got a pretty bitching shock on both my fingers, anyone have any idea what the hell just happened? The microwave was ok to use after that, and heated my tea up alright with a couple plastic gloves, but still kinda worried about using it from now on. It was pretty shocking I guess you could say
Electronics and Programming
two words esd diodes
Ninja Kitty
Ninja Kitty 2 dager siden
The mushy stew pathophysiologically scribble because birch parenthetically admire beside a grotesque lamb. youthful, three colon
Syrup Drizzle
Syrup Drizzle 2 dager siden
The tables obviously working against you. The ground is also more conductive for some reason
Caleb Beach
Caleb Beach 3 dager siden
his voice, the doom in it, yeah exactly.
Icie Flake
Icie Flake 3 dager siden
well since the entire computer chase is grounded.. so you get grounded when you touch it when the power plug is in but the on and off switch can be set to off and you are grounded at all time as you work on it. . taking that you roll up your sleeves and rest your arms on the metal from time to time, I got a full aluminium chase so I had to pull ground cables to everything just in chase. since I have trust issues towards alu and it's capabilities
ACE 47NB 3 dager siden
CSCJB 3 dager siden
6:58 You can see the discharge inside the ram where the alligator clips are.
Eduardo Valentim
Eduardo Valentim 4 dager siden
chicken man
chicken man 4 dager siden
This is funny as hell who would dislike this???? What jerks and trolls
epepepe 4 dager siden
linus finally hit puberty
The Madrummer
The Madrummer 4 dager siden
4:10 haha that was adorable.
Boda Scambaits
Boda Scambaits 4 dager siden
How did I miss this one! lol love it
Warrior Coder
Warrior Coder 5 dager siden
Maybe it only damages a section of memory that is not being used on boot - I know it is slower, but you probably need to do a memory check to really know.
john amptech
john amptech 5 dager siden
Internal HT burns will give you gangrene and loss of limbs,no big deal then.
Gorkha Engineering
Gorkha Engineering 5 dager siden
👁 👁 👃 👄
Eric M
Eric M 5 dager siden
Now try a CPU.
Nanosyber ww
Nanosyber ww 5 dager siden
Keep in mind that both of their body resistance is different and the sticks of ram used were different
Windows 7 ultimate
Windows 7 ultimate 5 dager siden
5:10 i spend 15 minutes looking for this moment is so funny :D
Francisco Abreu
Francisco Abreu 6 dager siden
Why do you sound like homer simspon? :O
95rav 7 dager siden
Meanwhile, I casually shuffle my feet into the local Arduino store and every random device I buy is dead 😡 How the f#$k do you kill a heat-sink anyway! 🤬
EvroNetwork 7 dager siden
I've killed a gpu(it's ram) with ESD so not sure why u couldn't, maybe I should show you the how? ...GPU was "working" but anything that had to do with load ...it failed every time ..back when GPU's didn't cover ram chips // Working doesn't mean it's stable, far from it
95rav 7 dager siden
Obviously, you needed to stick a needle underneath your fingernail to fine tune your touch.
Laurence Fabila
Laurence Fabila 7 dager siden
Geeeezzzzzzz Rick
Lucas Fūr
Lucas Fūr 7 dager siden
You guys are smart, you should know that if it’s NOT an N95 mask then it’s not helping anything and is only for show. You people look so stupid.
VDH 7 dager siden
ElectroLinus :/
TheFuzzy0ne 7 dager siden
Has anyone actually killed electronic components with static before? Anyone? No? MYTH BUSTED!
James Faction
James Faction 7 dager siden
Esd can damage some memory modules so that it still works but bluescreens when the OS tries to use the damaged part of the RAM... Thats what i've seen in the past. RAM can still boot but randomly crash due to partial ESD damage, which is just as useless as completely dead as in this video. You would have to spend few minutes fully testing the ram to detect this
Olly Lappage
Olly Lappage 7 dager siden
Hmm.. Just because a DIMM passes the power on test doesn't mean it's good. I realise it would slow things down significantly, but I'd be interested to see this experiment repeated with a full memtestX86 run between each discharge..
Plutonium 239
Plutonium 239 8 dager siden
Imagine if your RAM Chip committed suicide
Micaellano Eric
Micaellano Eric 8 dager siden
It's hard to kill ram, that's why they put a lifetime warranty 🤣
Stephen Chen
Stephen Chen 8 dager siden
The charges are going down the ground ..why don't you step in something that will isolate you from the floor/ground?
Drops2cents 8 dager siden
@ElectroBOOM I'd say it's long overdue that you're awarded the IEEE Medal of Honor with "V" device for valor (or the Canadian counterpart, for that matter) for always putting yourself (and your pain tolerance) on the line above and beyond the call of duty.
KANG KHAFIDZ 8 dager siden
Not human
m w 10
m w 10 8 dager siden
Why you use plastic Safe the turtle bro
Matthew Crews
Matthew Crews 8 dager siden
Great guy great personality love the knowledge and please don't electrocute your self .Johnny number 5 needs more input
Greyshirk 8 dager siden
Built my most recent PC without an anti static. *Laughs in Russian Roulette*
abhishek singh
abhishek singh 9 dager siden
When electronic meets the electric
Pieter Rossouw
Pieter Rossouw 9 dager siden
So it's playing Russian roulette with a 1000000 chamber revolver.
Daniel Toader
Daniel Toader 9 dager siden
0:29 , That's because computer is not conected to current
Fornoles Renz Gabriel, F.
0:35 LMAO
Lavachora 9 dager siden
Ardusk 9 dager siden
I've worked a good couple of years as a computer technician, repairing and assembling PCs and other computery things daily. No ESD protection whatsoever, and still no part deaths to speak of.
Kayaze 9 dager siden
Im no electronics expert, but i think the shock wasnt as effective as it should be. Zapping it while its not doing anything shouldnt do much, but zapping it while it is functioning could be worse.
NeoMorph WTH
NeoMorph WTH 10 dager siden
80’s electronics was awful... I nearly hit my electronics instructor in the face with a robotic arm... I told him we had a problem with the arm going bonkers... He tried it and it worked fine... I just reached across and touched the cpu socked and the robot arm swung across and missed his face by millimetres as he leaned back. It only threw a wobbly whenever I was touching it.
DEEPU CHOWDHARY 10 dager siden
U r awesome sir... Love from india❤️
Mr. D
Mr. D 10 dager siden
Now i know which ram i suppose to buy
Mister AAA
Mister AAA 10 dager siden
A man and a boy play with an intent to kill
Patricio's 10 dager siden
The thing is, most of electronics today are made more tougher against ESD. If the ram they are tying to kill is a SD Ram or a an old DDR1, it will be dead
Gautam GHOST
Gautam GHOST 10 dager siden
Watching 2 men trying to kill a ram 🙄 amazing
Totally Not A Human
Totally Not A Human 10 dager siden
Moral of the story, you *shouldn’t* try it but you *can* if you want
stdorn 10 dager siden
I cant tell you how many MOSFETS I killed as a kid from improper static precautions.
Naseem Shanboor
Naseem Shanboor 11 dager siden
they touched the hardware
Abizhar -
Abizhar - 11 dager siden
You had a lot of fun with ESD, try LSD next
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams 11 dager siden
Finally someone greater than linus #
matskatsaba 11 dager siden
I love your videos. But please stop recommending that buffoon. He doesn't need recommendations in the first place because youtube already does that. The bloody algo kept popping his stupid videos even though never liked any of them and kept clicking "not interested" for years. Finally we got the option to "don't recommend this channel" and then here you go at it. -_- /unsub /dl
Alphon Möller
Alphon Möller 11 dager siden
Wile E Coyote and Bugs Bunny team up to defeat the Road Runner
Diaz Cris jherico
Diaz Cris jherico 12 dager siden
World Peace
World Peace 12 dager siden
How about the magic wand
Youssef Ahourri
Youssef Ahourri 12 dager siden
I love the idea, I need to see facial expression of Mehdi
Kinoshita Hideyoshi
Kinoshita Hideyoshi 12 dager siden
Smart watch survived ?
Mudasir Mir
Mudasir Mir 12 dager siden
Hu Arwe
Hu Arwe 13 dager siden
Doesn't high voltage kill bacteria?
Ty_ teynium
Ty_ teynium 13 dager siden
ElectroBOOM Why do we have to do this!! *Linus looks at his ElectroBOOMs' subscriber count; than his own* LTT: it's for the best.
Graphene Pixel
Graphene Pixel 13 dager siden
take a look at my videos, It doesn't phase me much, I did it on the bleachers at Washougal High School.
Adriano Ormonde
Adriano Ormonde 13 dager siden
Sadistic but very entertaining
Вне Фантазии
9:38 Samir, you are braking the car
M M 14 dager siden
Excellent educational videos ElectroBoom keep them coming up. Great job.
jasmeet singh khalsa
jasmeet singh khalsa 14 dager siden
When you were doing this, did your watch charge or not if not then why and if yes then how please i want to know.
Giovanni Vera
Giovanni Vera 14 dager siden
The world's greatest crossover doesn't exi.....
AzureSpeed 15 dager siden
Ey, Mehdi, didn't you forget that the Voltage might be slightly different value because of your body resistance?
Timur Aliev
Timur Aliev 15 dager siden
I hate sponsors. just a waste of time in my opinion
ゼロとぉ 16 dager siden
fucking made lad went all the way to linus just to shock him dry . respect
Zeyn 16 dager siden
jacob donovan
jacob donovan 17 dager siden
Linus is smol
mahan usb
mahan usb 17 dager siden
lol its looks like iranin guy
Mild Dee
Mild Dee 17 dager siden
Sadistic X Masocist
Bonnie Lapin
Bonnie Lapin 17 dager siden
raysonlogin 17 dager siden
They should have run MemTest86 to verify...
KANPUR UNPLUGGED 18 dager siden
Did anyone notice that nand gates fail on high current situation
KANPUR UNPLUGGED 18 dager siden
Not high voltage
Edrick Moises
Edrick Moises 18 dager siden
With great powers comes with high electricity bill
Ozaki TM
Ozaki TM 18 dager siden
His much better explaining about the sponsor, i guess.
Leo The Gamer Lin
Leo The Gamer Lin 18 dager siden
This video it sponsored by sesonic sesonic great power supply it good for great computer
Mr Sol Gaming
Mr Sol Gaming 18 dager siden
3:23 Linus taking his revenge
Last Awake
Last Awake 19 dager siden
Yeah, fantastic colab! Two great guys zapping RAM memory... well, maybe I should find some job for this afternoon. :p
Mr. A.E
Mr. A.E 19 dager siden
B TV 20 dager siden
Wanna trigger Electroboom? Tell him that you've found free energy
Augustas Paulauskas
Augustas Paulauskas 20 dager siden
Best collab of all time 👌👌👌👌👌
Just Ivan
Just Ivan 20 dager siden
Asylums bring this madman into custody he is danger to everyone
Chris Parker
Chris Parker 20 dager siden
The ESD protection on most chips will easily clamp most discharges as long as the current is low. Too much current will burn out the ESD protection diodes inside the chips. Mehdi's body resistance is keeping the current low enough not to exceed those diodes' ratings.
Chirag V
Chirag V 22 dager siden
Throw it in a bucket of water or smash it with a hammer! 😉
Marc.2377 22 dager siden
This brings back memories.
LB7 11 dager siden
Ahhh you cheeky bastard lol...
Mr Husky
Mr Husky 22 dager siden
Why Linus tech doesn't know many motherboard doest need RAM to spin the CPU fan 🙄
Raj Mohammad
Raj Mohammad 23 dager siden
*Mehdi: I am going to borrow an ESD gun and SHOCK Linus,..I mean join him for testing.* 🤣🤣
Dofri NT20
Dofri NT20 23 dager siden
i love this guy back
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