Super Simple DC Motor 

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Is this “Homopolar” motor too easy to be true? Just a wire, magnet and battery…
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
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ElectroBOOM År siden
Hello BOOMers! Hope you have a fantastic Monday! From now on you can be proud of being a BOOMer! Because it means you watch ElectroBOOM! [Message from admin] The Right Hand Rule I show is for MOTORs, for GENERATORs you use Left Hand Rule, or flip I and B finger assignment. ALso, I don't have an admin, I AM the admin! OK BOOMers?!
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John McGovern
John McGovern 4 dager siden
​ @ElectroBOOM, No to what?
Anime, películas y series hasta videojuegos
thing to do in home
ــه 4 dager siden
Logan Stultz
Logan Stultz 24 dager siden
Rumant Sharma
Rumant Sharma Time siden
Aa Aa Battery
Kitsudōte Dag siden
01:26 OMG, he's doing this on purpose right? That's just too perfect to be accidentally 🤣
Dimitri Boukas
Dimitri Boukas Dag siden
I don’t think u have to specifically sand one side of the wire it works either way if u do the whole thing
Dimitri Boukas
Dimitri Boukas Dag siden
If u simply just turned the one magnet that didn’t work the other way and not flat it would have worked too
Just a guy Being a dude
What was that right hand rule?
Elliot Wallén
Elliot Wallén 2 dager siden
can u please do a vape
Hammyboi Gaming
Hammyboi Gaming 2 dager siden
An ah-ah battery
Safwan Fathi
Safwan Fathi 2 dager siden
Ah - ah battery -electroBOOM 2019
Chef 2 dager siden
Who are you? Detective Pikachu? Haha
JulioNIB 3 dager siden
this video deserved my like
Ghost_Jarko 3 dager siden
anyone notice he used a blm hand at 1:20
Ghost_Jarko 3 dager siden
Unmesh Maniya
Unmesh Maniya 3 dager siden
Wilson Thiago Zequim
Wilson Thiago Zequim 3 dager siden
I love this channel so much ❤️
tspark1071 3 dager siden
Barry Good
Barry Good 3 dager siden
Can i touch 220 volts everyday so my immune system register and I will never electrucut anymore?
Garrett Thomas
Garrett Thomas 4 dager siden
Akshansh singh
Akshansh singh 4 dager siden
It was left hand rule right hand rule is used in generator and middle finger is current and forefinger is field
Dark_rexYT 4 dager siden
This science dude can sing
Dhairye Shekhawat
Dhairye Shekhawat 4 dager siden
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Fabian Tapia
Fabian Tapia 4 dager siden
Homopolar and bipolar whatever not difference there
You stupid im genial
Intermezzo 5 dager siden
4:00 hihi it says homo
Anoop Yadav
Anoop Yadav 5 dager siden
are you indian
PeterPengProductions 13 timer siden
Amin 5 dager siden
Well i see boffy thumbnail
Truck, Traktor, Car Mechanic
Pratyush Biswas
Pratyush Biswas 6 dager siden
Everyone: Double A battery ElectroBOOM: AAH-AAH battery
Funny Mastii
Funny Mastii 6 dager siden
Who are here from india
Electro 6 dager siden
Diana Mmsadeghi
Diana Mmsadeghi 6 dager siden
you're very talented!! I was introduced to your channel by radio daal!
te ke
te ke 7 dager siden
Bobby Hinner
Bobby Hinner 7 dager siden
I just took a physics course on electro magnetics. I wish I had that song to help me remember the right hand rule, I always did it wrong
colten dixon
colten dixon 7 dager siden
If he was a teacher I may have payed attention
Charles Ganuza
Charles Ganuza 8 dager siden
Electroboom: Heh Heh Heh It's turning! *Music starts* Wire: *falls* Him: oh *starts hammering the battery* Me: I guess this is FiNe
MOMINAF 8 dager siden
Eftekhar e Irani bemola😅
Štěpán Štícha
Štěpán Štícha 8 dager siden
Like for pain
Osman Osman
Osman Osman 8 dager siden
You are Davie504 of electrical NOsections society.
Mr.FabulousPlays 9 dager siden
This the kinda stuff I expect to see in dr. Stone lol
Assasin 10 dager siden
alrid lpz
alrid lpz 10 dager siden
Good job, you are amazing man
Hayden Smith
Hayden Smith 10 dager siden
Asit Rai
Asit Rai 10 dager siden
I stop at 5 :23
tehan siriwardana
tehan siriwardana 11 dager siden
On his NOsections page you can see a house md video
Mihir Kumar
Mihir Kumar 11 dager siden
AA battery
Where’s_all_the_pie 11 dager siden
1:03 is that the blm fist
Thawnlian Nangkim
Thawnlian Nangkim 11 dager siden
5:00 to 5:29 good edits and dances
nemanja ilic
nemanja ilic 11 dager siden
An A A battery
Dr Amit Abheer
Dr Amit Abheer 12 dager siden
What a smile at 3:49
Abinash Baruah
Abinash Baruah 12 dager siden
Homopolar battery🤣🤣🤣🤣
oliver gaming and vlogs
An uh uh battery lmao
Albi dmc
Albi dmc 12 dager siden
Redzone JFF
Redzone JFF 12 dager siden
I dont know the bateray have a spell like that bro 😱😱😱😱😱
Dahaka 12 dager siden
Mauricio Carvalho
Mauricio Carvalho 12 dager siden
I'm Brazilian! Just laught too much with king lion adapt to right hand rule song. Hahahahahah 5:03
Mmdrzw Lahooti
Mmdrzw Lahooti 12 dager siden
I think ure iranian
Muhammad Shehryar
Muhammad Shehryar 13 dager siden
Isnt the elctric flow from negative to positive. Positive to negative in convectinal current right?
CMYK g00gs
CMYK g00gs 13 dager siden
it's been a long time since i've seen your videos due to new accounts over the years. i'm very happy i've found your channel again. as funny and informative as i remember, glad i can resub now
Maks Grygiel
Maks Grygiel 13 dager siden
im not a dummy again XD
JustABoringJoha 36
JustABoringJoha 36 14 dager siden
But, can we make an AC battery 🤔
BENCH TV 14 dager siden
he is a low budget scientist😆
JustJes10 14 dager siden
I did that for a school experiment
Robloxian Player
Robloxian Player 14 dager siden
U dont have to rectify something that work
SREERAJ GAMING YT 15 dager siden
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 15 dager siden
Aa aa batteries
Ramesh Eee
Ramesh Eee 15 dager siden
Flemings right hand rule says, middle finger for current..
STAR NET STUDIOS 15 dager siden
@5.02 Apart from immortality this guy can also shine in acting
Doisla Lutfi
Doisla Lutfi 15 dager siden
Hahahaha... I feel more smart... but in fun way
captain_role 16 dager siden
Hey bro
captain_role 16 dager siden
Hey bro
captain_role 16 dager siden
Are you from iran?
M4Airsoft 16 dager siden
how does this work I have tried so many times and it won't spin what is the wire you used made of?
bara alrefai
bara alrefai 16 dager siden
Suduco you can learn logic and pass logic and set course
Arykrisna GB
Arykrisna GB 17 dager siden
Arykrisna GB
Arykrisna GB 17 dager siden
VE-dish 17 dager siden
Hey its the left hand rule for motors ??
Sakuma Risyad
Sakuma Risyad 17 dager siden
And actualy this is on my recomended
鱷魚 18 dager siden
你誰呀 名偵探皮卡丘? 2019/12/10 ElectroBoom
Fritz Edelweiß
Fritz Edelweiß 18 dager siden
someone said yiffi?
cheese boy 5000
cheese boy 5000 18 dager siden
Yes house md was is the background on the right when he was looking for the video!
JustNoName 18 dager siden
Ha! Homopolarr motoooor
Golden Harvest Farming
Golden Harvest Farming 20 dager siden
@ElectroBOOM, try making a motor with one of those yellow super caps and wire.
Rashed's covers
Rashed's covers 20 dager siden
This guy's fun as hell
amir farshad hasani
amir farshad hasani 21 dag siden
چه لهجه مسخره ای 🤣🤣
Siddharth 206
Siddharth 206 21 dag siden
can you please teach in my college
amir danial
amir danial 23 dager siden
what a turn on .
BikerGuy99 23 dager siden
God damn it it’s 3 am and I am being taught about frikkin battery motors. GUESS WHAT IM DOING WHEN I GET UP
Riya Shaqil
Riya Shaqil 24 dager siden
Anyone agree that he kinda can actually sing?
Artemis-Arrow 24 dager siden
I liked how he had explained the right hand rule
sHmAaa 24 dager siden
Wait a minute... Do you speak french?!
Hasif Naufal Ramadhan
Hasif Naufal Ramadhan 24 dager siden
09 KenXgamer
09 KenXgamer 25 dager siden
1:07 DMC reference? Ahhahah cool!
DEVIL GAMING 26 dager siden
0:45 here comes, the right hand rule and the Flemings right hand rule....BAM...I know that...
Cem Koç
Cem Koç 26 dager siden
You Watch Boffy !?! A man of quality
Silas gamer
Silas gamer 28 dager siden
Haha oah oah battery 🔋
abhishek barla
abhishek barla 28 dager siden
Funny & educational at the same time... 😆😆😆
abhishek barla
abhishek barla 28 dager siden
His reaction!! Still looks pretty fake... 😂😂😂😂
Caleb McGuire
Caleb McGuire 29 dager siden
Abdullah Arslan
Abdullah Arslan Måned siden
İt does not work...
CJ Måned siden
Awesome thank you for the music video.
Anonymous Måned siden
You looked like you searched for "simple motor battery" on youtube for the first time but the videos showing that you watched some of them! 😂💕 i love you man and you are great i would like to be like you❤
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The Amazing Eddy Current