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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Vitenskap og teknologi



18. april. 2020





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ElectroBOOM 10 måneder siden
My daughter said I had to push those doors, not pull them! Was that the case??
A DUCK 2 dager siden
yes sir
HighXY 2 dager siden
Failsafe should open the door for emergency if guess
Piotrhanter 11 dager siden
@Javier I think they use some sort of inverter (DC to AC converter) and then a transformer
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson 11 dager siden
The hinges are clearly on the outside, so you were right. Would've been easier to just knock the hinge pins out
Piotrhanter 18 dager siden
No, I think that the doors have to be this way in case of a fire or other evacuation
Ashok Kumar Roy
Ashok Kumar Roy Dag siden
6:27 GIMME Money😂😂😂
Eduardo Sosa
Eduardo Sosa Dag siden
3:36 The system seems to be resetting but the Damn door doesn’t open.
AK SAHU 2 dager siden
Can we creat a Hologram..?
HighXY 2 dager siden
Would fail safe be to keep it shut? What bout emergency then?
Jackal1412 2 dager siden
Awesome video!
Cody Brown
Cody Brown 3 dager siden
Old video is old, but if security door electronics were to fail or get interrupted and the response was to keep the door shut - it would be the opposite of fail safe and could lead to death in case of an emergency. A fail safe door would open when interrupted and let people pass through in case of emergency like fire or natural disasters. Not as secure but would also not kill everyone inside the building - a much better design imo.
lil Smoke
lil Smoke 3 dager siden
11:10 🤣
NightHowler🌕🐺 3 dager siden
Awesome Aasim
Awesome Aasim 3 dager siden
6:19 I have heard of this thing called persistence of vision which is why CRTs and LCD screens are able to work.
Amirhossien Azarparsa
Amirhossien Azarparsa 4 dager siden
Pleas again
Baljinder Kumar
Baljinder Kumar 4 dager siden
He is hacking 3:13
Maanav Ganjoo
Maanav Ganjoo 4 dager siden
Did he actually just sneak up to a random building at night and tazer it's security system?! This man gives NO fucks.
Birbserker 5 dager siden
Did I just see electroboom use a metal gear reference?
JEAN CARL AGRON 5 dager siden
waiting someone say(ladies and gentle men we got him
Sneha Prava Nayak
Sneha Prava Nayak 5 dager siden
Plz make a wireless gadget and explain it's working from crack
Ultra marine chaplain with a ketamine addiction
still kinda cool though
drifta3345 6 dager siden
His phone was on airplane mode
SnowBone 6 dager siden
0854Styrish Rodrigues
0854Styrish Rodrigues 10 dager siden
Make a part 2
Geir Kåre Varholm
Geir Kåre Varholm 10 dager siden
3:41 Dude why do you talk so much about russia what did russia to you and russians can also english im russian
Jonna Hill
Jonna Hill 10 dager siden
stope being such a hater thare just triyeing to make mony to live
FuckinGoogleIDont want to use my real name
"Water waper" I'm saying it like that from now on.
FuckinGoogleIDont want to use my real name
Dude, that taser wasn't even touching the panel when he zapped it.
gamehun20 11 dager siden
ElectroBoom trains to become a thief once again.
J T 11 dager siden
thank you for yet again confirming that humor is international.
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 11 dager siden
JimmyKing - Gaming
JimmyKing - Gaming 11 dager siden
what did he say? 4:22
JustPlease 20
JustPlease 20 12 dager siden
Lol i like how you tried to do the USB charging and u Exploded your phone
Prottoy Bakshi
Prottoy Bakshi 12 dager siden
shiningstaer 12 dager siden
His sponsorship talks are comical as fuck
Shaggy Satyr
Shaggy Satyr 13 dager siden
Oh Naïve ElectroBOOM. You're brown and in Canada. It's illegal to arrest you for anything.
MineHack7488 13 dager siden
Kreosan from Ukraine, I'm too
GG gamer-YT
GG gamer-YT 13 dager siden
11:01 dood chill XD
Nigel Cockburn
Nigel Cockburn 14 dager siden
So very comforting to see somebody with a brain and an education on this site. Yes there are about a dozen good brains but hell - that's a miniscule percentage. well done.
Yaseen? Rashid
Yaseen? Rashid 14 dager siden
Justine Lawrence R. Banawa
Lol imagine someone rickroll him
Jerry L
Jerry L 14 dager siden
Maybe two lasers interfere with each other? They seem to have two laser transmitters.
Princy Vargees
Princy Vargees 15 dager siden
Mini transfromer 1.5v 220v inverter real 😎 or fake 🤔
Srijoshua Srijoshua
Srijoshua Srijoshua 15 dager siden
Yes push it
Backseat Gaming
Backseat Gaming 17 dager siden
10:22 I just finished researching and tesing. I used an OTG cable to convert usb a to micro usb b so i can plug my wireless adapter in my phone. In order to use an external wireless adapter, you need a specific driver, built as a linux kernel module for ARM (in rare cases like asus phones - x86) processor and manually inserted in your kernel. The guy in the video didn't do any of this, so this is fake af Now, you *CAN* use an external wifi adapter in your android phone, but you need root permissions, a cross-compiled driver and firmware files all set up specifically for your phone. This requires knowledge and experience with linux, it's not as simple as plugging in some random wires. Even in the case of a working adapter, your operating system needs to know what this is - same as you learn how to drive before you can actually use a car. This is why you can't use your hardware unless you have a driver installed for it.
Glenn Lao
Glenn Lao 17 dager siden
Hello sir I would like to ask if instead of motorcycle alarm I would like you to make me a electric shock handle bar for thiefs trying to steal my motorcycle
Dziugas Pi
Dziugas Pi 17 dager siden
2:30 *Mehdi out of context*
Eric Courchesne
Eric Courchesne 19 dager siden
Mystical Apple
Mystical Apple 19 dager siden
I feel like it’s safer to have the electromagnets turn off when the system is resetting. If there’s a fire and the door get stuck in a reset loop I’d want to be able to exit the building
elmo_laygo_games 20 dager siden
Mehdi watching memes Linus Tech Tips and also PewDiePie
Denis Olshanskiy
Denis Olshanskiy 20 dager siden
There is a requirement that in case electronics resets or malfunctions it should release the door, for example in case of fire or other disaster, so all those doors should actually open the doors for human safety.
Amir Babaee
Amir Babaee 20 dager siden
ویدئو هات خیلی باحال🤣🤣
Mr Sol Gaming
Mr Sol Gaming 20 dager siden
Brwin Mirrow
Brwin Mirrow 21 dag siden
You should run a a Tesla coil off an alternator from a car
ItsJustJo 23 dager siden
10:48 calm down mehdi
Junaid Siddique
Junaid Siddique 23 dager siden
6:29 Companies these days
zomm6r 24 dager siden
yeah my comment is 4000!
Chris L
Chris L 25 dager siden
With the magnetic "rail gun", what if you used monopole magnets?
Sanjin Altumbabic
Sanjin Altumbabic 26 dager siden
Imagen if FBI tries to find him
stampy Dragon
stampy Dragon 27 dager siden
It’s finishing the reset before you reach the door
Arthur The Last Ancient
12:25 Oh yeah, it's big brain time
Bright Army GAMING
Bright Army GAMING 27 dager siden
He has 1.7 mil views and 12k like But u have 1.7mil and 81k likes
Динар Тимерзянов
Hah! Why i should zap -~myself~- a door, if i just can enter a "0000" code and pass out ? (Not a joke, A LOT systems have a default access code, which not programmed in anther combination... Your worst oponent- stupidity)
almost god
almost god 28 dager siden
Fun way to teach something is the best thing
raju bontha
raju bontha 28 dager siden
now the free wifi guy is making corona vaccine
Nam Lê
Nam Lê Måned siden
could you speak iranian
RLGR Måned siden
1:50 like Jurassic park 1...
Acido etilendiamminotetracetico
It's better that the door opens without electricity, because in case of fire you have to go out. If the fire cuts off the line, door should open anyway.
Acido etilendiamminotetracetico
@Connor Egan yes, you can. You can use a fire eacape just because your main door doesnt open. But more ways to go out are better than less right? I just say what is legal in italy, i dont know laws of other country.
Connor Egan
Connor Egan 20 dager siden
@Acido etilendiamminotetracetico or you can use something called a fire escape
Acido etilendiamminotetracetico
@Connor Egan AN electromagnet works in both ways,doesnt matter if you go in or out. In case of dire, AN electromagnet should be disengaged to let people go out. And usually there is a circuit that controls the opening and a different circuit that controls the electromagnet.
Connor Egan
Connor Egan 20 dager siden
@Acido etilendiamminotetracetico why there's a physical release with no electricity
Acido etilendiamminotetracetico
@Connor Egan there are electromagnets.
rajaram patel
rajaram patel Måned siden
07:59 we can see ur watch history 😂😂
Keshav Sinha
Keshav Sinha Måned siden
Sir can you make a electronic device which will help in to kill mosquito.
Zakia Khan
Zakia Khan Måned siden
Dimsome Mf
Dimsome Mf Måned siden
I have a request. Could you please do some research on tv boosters and antenna reception. Please I would like you to break all that down to show what boosters actually do. If I'm correct boosters just send the signal through the wires that are longer or poor quality. Thank you electroboom
You’re just like your Father
@everyone hehe
Ragabuf Ragsome
Ragabuf Ragsome Måned siden
You posted that on my 30th birthday lol
vicious bee
vicious bee Måned siden
f*** I shocked my self -electroboom
JESUSisCHRIST 1 Måned siden
Why arent you wearing your WIRELESS RAYBAN EARBUDS hahahaha ...
munther al-hatmi
munther al-hatmi Måned siden
You are look like me
DuhC0mmunity Måned siden
12:08 I thought he said high volts...
Javier Rodríguez
Javier Rodríguez Måned siden
11:25 just to suffer?
Felix Dong
Felix Dong Måned siden
hey look, i have a hologram give me money!
SUPRAMIKE Måned siden
Casually sneaking around at night holding somthing that looks kinda like a bomb xD
Damir Ribic
Damir Ribic Måned siden
Basic thing about the safety of any doors: in case of malfunction, you want to be able TO GO OUT , not to stay locked inside. Paramedics and firefighters usually don't have lock pickers and locksmiths with them. There are expensive Mercedes SUVs that can be unlocked by setting on fire a piece of paper and putting it under the car; the smoke sensor just overrides all advanced security electronics.. The reason? In case of fire, you want to be able to get out of the car, staying alive has precedence over keeping property safe of thieves.
TailsDude20 Måned siden
8:00 Captain Disillusion is in the video selection
Mustard Man
Mustard Man Måned siden
George Leahey
George Leahey Måned siden
That's funny
George Leahey
George Leahey Måned siden
Oh oof
Povilas Mikulionis
Povilas Mikulionis Måned siden
Depends on where You put those locks, i mean if they failed, at least You can access your apartment or get out to go to work, You'll still lock your apartment doors anyway.. I would much rather have door that opens when it fails in block of flats, imagine all the complains when nobody can get out of their home because of that stupid system failure. All the conspiracies will begin, saying that the goverment locked us in our appartments etc..
Caleb Acquah
Caleb Acquah Måned siden
make a rocket engine, and give me a shout out
leunor nietes
leunor nietes Måned siden
You're funny guy , common sense and have sense of humor.. this is why i subscribe.. gud job..
ơɱɛɠą Måned siden
Who will watch this after 20 years like this if you do👍🏻
Kingston's weird videos
10:26 it has WiFi symbol
Cloudsarcjyoti Gamingvefha
Why you are not using raycon ear buds
Kelly Kapoor
Kelly Kapoor Måned siden
The mindless medicine notablely end because apparatus beverly arrive upon a wasteful spandex. conscious, gamy difference
Risin_storm Måned siden
yeah I too hate those free internet scams
Hakuna matata
Hakuna matata Måned siden
Hey I thought that taxed wasn’t portable!!!??? Police coming👮‍♀️
izakymom Måned siden
I bet the security guards already seen this )0-0(
Shashank Agarwal
Shashank Agarwal Måned siden
So should i use skill share brilliant or curiosity stream
Siddharth Jena
Siddharth Jena Måned siden
how was the board drawing moved😑😑😑
Ralph K
Ralph K Måned siden
Zap the door magnet instead?
Dyl Apple
Dyl Apple Måned siden
“Yeah I have blown up a hotel in London before” - Mehdi 2021
George Maier
George Maier Måned siden
Your point about fail safe in electronic door design is dangerous - electronic doors should always fail safe unlocked, allowing emergency escape in event of a fire that cuts electricity to the door control. It is correctly designed to fail safe open.
Pio Peter D'Souza
Pio Peter D'Souza Måned siden
The laser seems like a projector, just projecting pre designed 3D graphics.
Ecd Thegreat
Ecd Thegreat Måned siden
The link he didn’t click on was apparently some air pollution cleaner mumbo-jumbo powered by Free volt that weird smart card company thing
2 incher
2 incher Måned siden
Mehdi is playing watchdogs in real life.
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