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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Vitenskap og teknologi



6. jan.. 2020





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Keysight Labs
Keysight Labs År siden
Slapped like for Davie504. Also electroboom!
Phoenix Jamir Azucena
Phoenix Jamir Azucena 11 dager siden
zap like now
Izumi - sensei
Izumi - sensei 12 dager siden
Electroboom: gets more subs Keysight: stonks↗️
Phoenix Jamir Azucena
Phoenix Jamir Azucena 17 dager siden
@Mahmoud abd Alaziz u are joking arent you?
Lazar Đurić
Lazar Đurić 18 dager siden
Did everyone forget bezal like o?
Deepak Chalwadi
Deepak Chalwadi Måned siden
Allfathe-r Time siden
Nice Einstein. I mean Mehdi
Cameron Watson
Cameron Watson 7 timer siden
Good vid, can you debunk Gibbs free energy next?
Kain Carlson
Kain Carlson 10 timer siden
so maybe this is what the pyramids might have been built for/prototyped for???
Shivam Tiwari
Shivam Tiwari 12 timer siden
Happy 2020 right
Martin Kühne
Martin Kühne 15 timer siden
haha yes 2020 vvas great thanks !
wrecked funtimefoxy
wrecked funtimefoxy 19 timer siden
dont say great 2020 cause 2020 sucked
Rory Veltman
Rory Veltman 23 timer siden
The comfortable column yearly trouble because lilac anecdotally radiate failing a jaded geology. second-hand, knowing mistake
y0LAs *
y0LAs * Dag siden
There are more jumpscares in ElectroBoom videos than any "Five Nights At Freddy's" let's play ^^
what do you think of this video? nosections.info/green/pZl2qIaDfqGAp64/video.html
3am BaCh
3am BaCh 2 dager siden
7:55 Let me demonstrate using.... BOOOOM
3am BaCh
3am BaCh 2 dager siden
Two hundred sixty 😂😂
Minecrafter 2746
Minecrafter 2746 2 dager siden
im made free energy from cina
TimedHit 2 dager siden
I like how he says earth wires, as if earth had built in wires.
SuperTech-IT 2 dager siden
I love your videos. Gimme free stuff.
Илья К
Илья К 3 dager siden
Ну тупые:)))
MineatomTR 4 dager siden
I also get electrocuted sometimes when I touch the fridge 🤔
Nanomaron 4 dager siden
I love His Content and his knowledge is far superior than mine! But I would really like to introduce him to the Swiss Power system.
Red 4 dager siden
"I hope you started a great new year 2020." Yeah about that...
Kei _
Kei _ 5 dager siden
11:37 guys please explain me, how that white wire does not completely cancel voltage in green wire??? The white wire its like a dead short to connection that is produced with green wire and LED! I'm confused AF
Gabriel Melega
Gabriel Melega 5 dager siden
In russia is used only to wires for ac Positiv and negativ, without grounding.
Илья Плеханов
This energy is actually free (for you) when you live in apartment house.
ElevenHours 6 dager siden
You come for his suffering you stay for his important life information about electrics
LIKE game trolls
LIKE game trolls 6 dager siden
This world is no free energy .
Jacob Rawles
Jacob Rawles 6 dager siden
You explain things well, and are a great personality.
leidenisthebest 6 dager siden
things in russia are only grounded when they are in the ground :)
Your Mother
Your Mother 6 dager siden
keysight: no! why have no popularity! electroboom: fine ill do it myself
scotia 3d
scotia 3d 7 dager siden
why dont they use solar magnifying lenses to charge steam boilers for generators, and could decelinate salt water and pump it to were its needed.
Ice Coffee
Ice Coffee 7 dager siden
You still alive buddy?
saurabh deshpande
saurabh deshpande 7 dager siden
nosections.info/green/woKKf3qBq46nspk/video.html is this possible?
Totally Not A Human
Totally Not A Human 7 dager siden
“It is a great opportunity that NOsections is letting us-“ 2021 NOsections: *im just gonna pretend I didnt do that*
mrmemoe123 7 dager siden
Make a video on small residential CHP "Combined Heating and Cooling" Systems! You seem like a smart individual!
Luka Lobnik
Luka Lobnik 7 dager siden
4:50 shcared the shiet out ofd me
ICON 8 dager siden
I don't think the "CLEAN RENEWABLE ENERGY" that will ultimately be found is something that is "OUT OF NOWHERE" etc, i think it will be a new technology that emphasizes 100% (or near 100%) efficiencies... Take for instance, thunderstorms and lightning. For (ANY) human (INCLUDING ELECTROBOOM) to think or say there isn't boundless energy around us is absurd. Sure thunderstorms and lightning are a off result of solar energies that create atmospheric instability thus positive and negative charges occur in a sort of messed up problematic way instead of normal back and forth everyday non storm conditions. I have often thought of large towers installed all around the U.S and other countries who have thunderstorms and lightning, that would be connected to large capacitors the size of cars and trucks to store the energy obtained during these storms. Sure everywhere wouldn't be having a thunderstorm or lightning, but the other areas would thus their would be recharged, and each station when it received said lightning. Then my mind goes to thinking about the energy that is around us when no storms at all occur, it's there, none of us would deny that i am sure. Harnessing it is another story. Personally i believe in God based off the theory of the big bang not being possible because itself breaks the 2nd law of thermodynamics of energy cannot be created thus the entire universe CANNOT come from less than nothing. That is IMPOSSIBLE!!. I mean you simply cannot cling to a religion of said "BIG BANG" and throw out those laws just for the sake of wanting it to be so just for that 1 single event, if you claim the laws of thermodynamics are absolute, then the Big Bang goes out the window. So where does that leave us exactly?!?
jordan biglane
jordan biglane 8 dager siden
have a great 2020-electroboom uh so ye..........
animesh kunwar
animesh kunwar 8 dager siden
Could you do a video on the electricity generating bike as well. I think this is a curious case of free energy
Egzon Hashani
Egzon Hashani 8 dager siden
Rip electro boom government gfci is stopping him from harvesting free energy
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson 8 dager siden
So your saying all my ground wires are using energy And even if I have everything off and unplugged in my house my meter will continue to move And that means if I have more ground wires or issues I could use more power
Alexander Carabali
Alexander Carabali 8 dager siden
In fact if there is voltage between ground and neutral is a common failure. The voltage is supposed to stay at zero. It means that ground needs maintenance.
Enigmatic Loremaster
Enigmatic Loremaster 8 dager siden
you would get more energy farting into a jar than half these hair brained schemes.
StellaMatutina 8 dager siden
As soon as you grabbed that light bulb I started Laughlin..
manxman 9 dager siden
Yep, that other guy got his wires crossed
Kimo 9 dager siden
Research the tesla tower to give everyone free energy. Imagine if you can do it. Channel the electric energy of the earth itself.
manxman 9 dager siden
there were earth-driven clocks 100 years ago
The Great Zoom
The Great Zoom 8 dager siden
You could even say 1000 years ago if you count sundials as "earth driven" lol
StealthSSC 9 dager siden
ElectroBoom: Let Me demonstrate usi- FUCK
BlondHairedDominic 9 dager siden
4.3M is now the future
Roberto Triñanes
Roberto Triñanes 9 dager siden
I'm Agreed with you.
kiddhkane 9 dager siden
I love all the shit stains in ukraine guy's bathroom.
kiddhkane 9 dager siden
Why are you surprised, he's ukrainian lol
Praveen Sharma
Praveen Sharma 9 dager siden
10:24 same here in Haridwar, IN Most people here are dumbass and uneducated and don't care about grounding. But you have to take what you can... So even high end gear like audiophile sound cards make a static noise at full impedance. Fuck my life.
Камиль Хузин
Ну ты крутой колбаса помидор золото
Sam Thomas
Sam Thomas 10 dager siden
Man, if you could do all the 'free' energy projects in the youtube, that would be so fun 😂
Ellen Nguyen
Ellen Nguyen 10 dager siden
My opinion: “This has helped me out!” Link:“ 𝘼𝙋𝙋𝙄.𝙍𝙀𝙎𝙏 “ Final conclusion: “I'm glad I tried it.“ "1:25"
GAMEWIRE101 10 dager siden
Man I remember when electroboom only had e few subscribers. Haven’t noticed how long rice been watching him. Crazy how in 1 year he got 4.25mil subs
Jovany Destinee
Jovany Destinee 11 dager siden
My opinion: “This has helped me out!” Link: “ achu.monster/ytsg-guide/” Final conclusion: “I'm glad I tried it.“ "4:26"
Ghuntur Prams
Ghuntur Prams 11 dager siden
Indonesian subtitle, please 😭
Ling li
Ling li 11 dager siden
Many what we called free energy scientist already dead, assassinated.
Timothy Hyer
Timothy Hyer 11 dager siden
I'm a structural engineer, but I love these videos!
Тарас Осауленко
Nooo, you haven't understood the Kreosan yet! When he wrote "Free energy" under his video, he wanted to say "guys, I've found the source of energy we don't have to pay for" instead of "guys, I've found the infinity source of energy!"
Joe K
Joe K 12 dager siden
ElectroBoom vs Davie504... who copied whom...?
Kichman Engineering Assocs.
LOL he's picking up the neutral imbalance, OF COURSE there is a slight voltage any time L1 is loaded more or less than L2. It's not free.
The kerbals
The kerbals 13 dager siden
expect 0.14 M subs per day
Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter met his maker with attempting to demonstrate how dangerous his profession is! Do you have someone to download your last screwup? It would be top rating ... for a few days!🤣🤣🤣
Jerry Standecker
Jerry Standecker 13 dager siden
Nothing to see here If it was any good or real dude would have already committed suicide..
Svensson 14 dager siden
- The typical solution to such problems is -"good luck". Damn, it's both hilarious and sad
Erdwaputra Canistre
Erdwaputra Canistre 14 dager siden
OH.... Come on bro... You shocked my heart... 🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁🥰🥰🥶🥶🥶🥶
Trenton Alverez
Trenton Alverez 14 dager siden
Be careful with those wires Eugene 🤔BZZZZZ POP🤪
Marcelo Katayama
Marcelo Katayama 11 dager siden
Careful with that Eugene axe
David Munro
David Munro 14 dager siden
Krish Plays
Krish Plays 14 dager siden
to check for ground to use for electricity he goes to the bathroom 🧠
David Petrusewicz
David Petrusewicz 14 dager siden
I install a hydro turbine generator . I’m down stream from a reservoir. Yes as electrician it did cost me money to install it 10 years ago. But that cost me $7,000 back then but I’m off grid 24/7 now maintenance my self. 1000 amp hydro generator run a 200 amp service at my house. Got 2 for price of 1 when I installed another hydro generator turbine in Maine. 3 houses cost them 50,000 that 16,666 each house for 1000 amp hydro turbine generator they off grid 2 with 200 amp service each I check system every 3 to 5 years . So I may not have 100 free electricity I do know I don’t have any electricity bill for last 10 years. I guess I can call it free now except when I maintain. Maybe 2 to 3 hours a year. But I’m probably the closest to free power you get to. Help a hotel in back woods the lake up stream so we used 10 pipe down stream hit a turbine side ways . Water hit turbine in back into the river. Every good house should have a good lake up stream or a river running through it.
Keith Walker
Keith Walker 15 dager siden
The neutral in an ac system has a small voltage to trigger circuit breakers. The usable p.d is between live and neutral!
Lion Lion
Lion Lion 16 dager siden
I belive your words you no lie
LazyCatFurr 16 dager siden
"Sometimes thinking inside the box can save your life" - Mehdi Sadaghdar
Majeed's Gaming
Majeed's Gaming 16 dager siden
Hope 2020 will be a great year NO, UR WRONG
lidmigyoncows 16 dager siden
I love how he says “subscribers”
wuukaa 16 dager siden
Wth I just mesured 110V between neutral and earth and 120V between live and earth?! Is it dangerous? I live in a 230V country. Oh and I remember one day a huge shock by touching a pipe and the ground at the same time
Evandro Chaves
Evandro Chaves 16 dager siden
I still laugh watching this video when he says about bad grounding, in my city only new (less than 10 years) houses have grounding, and only in the central part
Pisuar3000 16 dager siden
Хпх Креосан
robb maier
robb maier 17 dager siden
robb maier
robb maier 8 dager siden
Strange you say that it is a ballon at times than turn the lights off here comes 4300 watts with the power and lights off I SAID I CANT AFORD THAT JOKING TO A FRIEND OF MINE turn those lights back on and i hit the power switch turned it on and the meter showed 54 watts on the input meters beeping only because it has a 2000 watt limit and with the amp meter showing on the ground 14 amps didnt evan look at the out put ime shure it was more than that the common wire becomes a inductor just like the ground depending on ware you check it
robb maier
robb maier 8 dager siden
Well there is really no laws when it comes to the 4th state of matter the laws of physics dont apply to such who is the law maker its the unaversal power thats around us tesela called it the cosmic ray entena well its actually the plasma feild is more than matter just hard to detect to obtain this is public INFORMATION beond your wildest dreams and such want to know KESHE FOUNDATION AND KNOLEG SEEKERS WORK SHOP CAN OPEN THE EYES OF HUMANITY IS DOING SO.the manifested conection in the compasit is to deliver the datearium on its way to connect and work with the gravitational magnetical feild of the unavers is conditioned only by its direction IN THE FREE FLOWING ADOMS RANGE THAT JUST NEEDS THE DIRECTION TO OBTAIN ITS PATH nasa is awear of this so is many plasma scientists WORLD wide doctors in the 10 k range of many that gave up the western ways of physics ther is 400 or more clinics and shops world wide working on bourd with this gift to HUMANITY...it touches in many forms easy to get invalved MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION. ENERGY ALL IS CONECTED WITH THIS GIFT ime the MESSENGER and the scientist to help with spread to all with greatness and positive invite be safe brothers AND ALL IS WELL
The Great Zoom
The Great Zoom 8 dager siden
14 amps on the ground, zero on the input, and 5k amps on the output? Are you familiar with Kirchoff's Current Law?
Michael Fox
Michael Fox 17 dager siden
There is nothing as free energy becouse an electron can neither be destroyed or created and this guy knows nothing about such entropy changing technology either. Like a parrot people just repeat what they have been schooled with. sory walli to hitchi nemidoni about free energy technology.
Govind Murali
Govind Murali 17 dager siden
He has the same Sony headphones that I have XD
Sethsiler 17 dager siden
I was here before he had 500k ;) How about you guys?
francois blachon
francois blachon 18 dager siden
Le mec est ridicule grimaçant, c'est du guignol, et l'information de cette vidéo, est du pipeau ! Encore un mec qui exploite la source inépuisable d'attraction des gogos, de la free energy, l'énergie gratuite, mais sur le versant je critique et dis la vérité, ce qu'il ne semble pas dire, vu la longueur de sa vidéo qui n'en finit pas de nous le montrer gesticulant comme un singe dans sa cage sur son arbre, puisque le secret de cette apparente production d'énergie, se résume à un mot, le soi-disant découvreur de la free energy TRICHE tout simplement. FB 15/02/21 Donc le découvreur bidon, connecte la terre 'un tuyau', à la terre 'la prise terre d'une prise électrique murale d'un circuit domestique" ! Il ne peux donc avoir aucune différence de potentiel. S'il y en a une, c'est qu'il triche. La tricherie la plus classique est l'électricité par induction.
francois blachon
francois blachon 18 dager siden
Donc il connecte la terre à la terre. Il ne peux donc avoir aucune différence de potentiel. S'il y en a une, c'est qu'il triche.
Your Friend
Your Friend 18 dager siden
4 million now
Steve 18 dager siden
🤣😅🤣😅 I love your videos‼️ Smart, while humorously teaching people what not to do.
UNITY 19 dager siden
i didn't realize i've dislike the video lol
seb Jedidiah
seb Jedidiah 19 dager siden
How to trigger this guy for years? Put "free energy" in titles from time to time xD
Onofe Eromosele
Onofe Eromosele 19 dager siden
Please don't die?
The Boy
The Boy 20 dager siden
Any carbon substance could be used as cathode such as graphite from charcoal even earth soil and any metal substance could be used as anode such as cooper, aluminum or iron.
MauriatOttolink 20 dager siden
No... Not 80V but 2.8 volts.
Kai 5254
Kai 5254 20 dager siden
Seriously! They will remove that, but I’ve seen far worse on NOsections (porn)
Hasif Naufal Ramadhan
Hasif Naufal Ramadhan 20 dager siden
Tipu Model School
Tipu Model School 21 dag siden
Hey There! Can you please make a self oscillating LC (Parallel) Circuit. I humbly request. Please, Please, Please......
Chaseb6306 22 dager siden
:( if only 2020 was that good
PistonHead2k 22 dager siden
it seemed like kreosan ukranian 240v system is different than american 120 split phase system. In places with 220 the ground isnt shared with the earth wire at the home itself, instead this is done in substations, and in step down transformers, so there is more resistance between live and earth, and in fact in my house with 220v, i can measure a 40v difference between live and earth, wich here is normal... Slap Like This Comment so ElectroBOOM could see it!
Filip Stefanovski
Filip Stefanovski 22 dager siden
But Mehdi the neutral and ground are shorted only in a TT network and not a TN network
Custmzir 22 dager siden
but keysight haven't reached 100k subs
CARTOON PROTECTOR 23 dager siden
CARTOON PROTECTOR 23 dager siden
0:50 😂😂😂
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