Making HIGH VOLTAGE SUPPLY, there was an attempt… 

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I tried to make an easy super high voltage supply. But life’s not easy!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Vitenskap og teknologi



16. juli. 2020





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Keysight Labs
Keysight Labs 7 måneder siden
How inconsiderate of them to not send you a power supply! If only someone could do something about that... 🤔
Carter Mihan.BYR
Carter Mihan.BYR 2 dager siden
yah mr electro boom gets a power supply that is probably going to kill him in the future!!!
Sid God
Sid God 10 dager siden
Yes. He need more practicing on shocking himself. " If you don't get, its scarcasm "
infinity gaming
infinity gaming 11 dager siden
infinity gaming
infinity gaming 11 dager siden
@ElectroBOOM lol
ok boomers
ok boomers 5 timer siden
It's just burn
Davy Mocha
Davy Mocha 10 timer siden
Finally! Something I know Mehdi doesn't, a flyback transformer
Richard Sereda
Richard Sereda 13 timer siden
I don't really know much about electricity but I just like watching him get electrocuted. but he does make interesting videos that are fun
ItzManuelYT 16 timer siden
Javad Javed
Javad Javed 20 timer siden
14:08 who's behind the window??
Mostly Penny Cat
Mostly Penny Cat 2 dager siden
"Why does the UK have all these redundant switches in their plugs?" 🔥⚡🏚️⚡🔥🚒🚨🚑
marwan king
marwan king 2 dager siden
Girls:why does girls live longer than boys Boys:
marwan king
marwan king 2 dager siden
That guy was born in the wrong generation but I can consider him as a gen z member
Souvik Dey
Souvik Dey 3 dager siden
I bet he will become the god of thunder few years from now
RazielBG 3 dager siden
How to turn a failed experiment into a 15 min non stop laughter and pain.
Noval Mike
Noval Mike 3 dager siden
I just love how he commits to what he does, even though failing a lot of times but never stopped. You Inspired maestro
ThumbsUp! 4 dager siden
Do you do the short-circuit for fun? Like I'm not an electrical engineer but I know when to disconnect and when to connect.
Kawsar Ahmed
Kawsar Ahmed 4 dager siden
I am feeling sorry for your Ballast Burst...
Kujo Jotaro
Kujo Jotaro 4 dager siden
him: he is pulling it out of an air-purifying device me: a what? You mean a fan? My brain: 🧠 🧠🧠 🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠 his:🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠 🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠 🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠 🧠🧠
clayton teixeira de araujo
No legenda (português?)
Gorkha Engineering
Gorkha Engineering 5 dager siden
👁 👁 👃 👄
James Faction
James Faction 5 dager siden
Is there even an electroboom video where he DOESN'T shock himself?! Its like a requirement of each video
Mr_OwenZach Gaming
Mr_OwenZach Gaming 6 dager siden
I love he every time say transformers
大泉三洋 6 dager siden
14:02 つづくで草
Ranto Rahman
Ranto Rahman 6 dager siden
Why why why 😃😃😃
Gaming How To
Gaming How To 6 dager siden
5:00 I love how he just blows the smoke but doesn't unplug
the_ NOOB 123-12
the_ NOOB 123-12 6 dager siden
4 hours ago
the 6 dager siden
Ok now I know the whole video is shit
the 6 dager siden
At the begin was it a shitty video
Grave Stoner
Grave Stoner 6 dager siden
Hey man so how do I get a scope? Frl
Guillermo Fraire
Guillermo Fraire 7 dager siden
I like how my mans gets shocked he cuts it then the next clip he’s happy😂😂
CloroxBleach 7 dager siden
I'm so glad that I happened to stumble upon this channel.
ACDC = esidisi
Smarak Palai
Smarak Palai 7 dager siden
He's the God of Thunder ⚡
officertenpenny aintservingyou
Plot twist: hes tryimg to electrocute himself to become flash
Pretty Good man
Pretty Good man 7 dager siden
The thumbnail just classic
Ashton Seay
Ashton Seay 8 dager siden
Kartik Mehta
Kartik Mehta 9 dager siden
Can i get keysight DSO
Oliver Ståhlgren
Oliver Ståhlgren 9 dager siden
Lewis' Science Lab
Lewis' Science Lab 9 dager siden
Haha try at home noises go brrrr
J Smith
J Smith 9 dager siden
Can you show us how to do it properly?
Niklaus Sparans
Niklaus Sparans 9 dager siden
Ahhh yes.Big words
Leif A
Leif A 10 dager siden
This is a great representation of how a electronic fixer works ^^, test, boom, maybe fix, test, boom, maybe fix, overload boom, get new parts
Slater Mcbride
Slater Mcbride 10 dager siden
Lmao you deserve to be NOsections comedian of the year🤣🤣
Suchitra Sen
Suchitra Sen 11 dager siden
U r a cartoon
Jay Edylc
Jay Edylc 11 dager siden
It's wonder this guy never considers to make a fire extinguisher that clips on your belt!!
Ibrahim Moosa
Ibrahim Moosa 11 dager siden
my friend name is mehdi
Wii play Games
Wii play Games 11 dager siden
Today I learned another 101 ways to shock my self without killing my self.
Mikail Mahrus
Mikail Mahrus 12 dager siden
There was an man or woman walking above that gold play button
Mikail Mahrus
Mikail Mahrus 12 dager siden
You could try the power supply has a 3 holes in it so you can plug or charge anything so the power supply has a main plug so you just plug it to the outlet so the power supply plug that right in to your power supply and see what happens
Geo Serenity
Geo Serenity 12 dager siden
Reminds me of the old photonic induction channel with high voltage and things going pop...i just made myself sad...
SON GOKU 13 dager siden
Comrade, Are you from Russia?
Askaline21/31 13 dager siden
Mehdi at 4:22 - 4:37 is me ;)
Nattanon Wisitwittayakron
Science alway has a mistake
Hirato TheWhat-Ifer
Hirato TheWhat-Ifer 14 dager siden
please react to this video here is the link: nosections.info/green/xayCq2lmobGJ0b4/video.html
Nick 14 dager siden
You can use Arduino and simple transistors to control the driver, check any video!
Temper Nova
Temper Nova 14 dager siden
anton broos
anton broos 15 dager siden
This guy is a genius. he perfectly knows what to touch and what not
kyurem_bs 15 dager siden
"It just burned my skin"
DHOKO Gaming
DHOKO Gaming 15 dager siden
Me encantaría Poder Speak English To Understand sus videos porquee Love His Videos
Mr Anime
Mr Anime 15 dager siden
ngl his videos are never bad there just funny
Fred Yeh
Fred Yeh 16 dager siden
700V 70k hz ShOuLd I tOuCh iT ?
Don zhantin Delacruz
Don zhantin Delacruz 16 dager siden
How about you mix all of your invention and having a voltage like 1,000,000 volts that can kill you😅😅😅
Prince Akilesh
Prince Akilesh 16 dager siden
We, normal humans, when changing bulb at home and hope for it to light on successfully; we become so satisfied when it lights but here, Mehdi si so disappointed even tho the bulb lights @ 14:22
Sanni Bot
Sanni Bot 16 dager siden
Как он ещё жив после таких ударов тока
Suryansh Dwivedi
Suryansh Dwivedi 17 dager siden
Hey there is thunderstorm out there..Mehdi : Should i go out and check its voltage..?
楊先生 17 dager siden
Tamir Tsuriel
Tamir Tsuriel 17 dager siden
hi electroboom. would you please explain how ELRs work. thanks
Frank Heuvelman
Frank Heuvelman 18 dager siden
I thought ballast dissipates energy and not produce it.
Akash Roy pranta-08
Akash Roy pranta-08 18 dager siden
It just burns! Ha ha
Brendan Mahoney
Brendan Mahoney 19 dager siden
The English language is not equipped to describe my love for this beautiful lunaHFUCKSHIT
KamiSatte雷 19 dager siden
its the "what a fuc*ing dummy " to me
HV-Juli 19 dager siden
This was your best video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ZS Music
ZS Music 20 dager siden
So is there a difference between a transformer and a transformer rectifier? It sounds like they both do the same thing (convert DC to AC and vice versa)
Niksu 20 dager siden
If you wanna touch it there will nothing bad happend but if you don’t wanna touch it there will shock you
All Categories
All Categories 22 dager siden
you just could take an electric mosquito killer bat
12_ALEX_ NUÑEZ 22 dager siden
primer comentario en español
٥ ٠
٥ ٠ 22 dager siden
هذا احس انه عربيد
خليل سان khalil san
حتى انا
Raja Bhoj
Raja Bhoj 24 dager siden
Insha Allah u succeed but your lab work dangerous
Alriangreg Roque
Alriangreg Roque 24 dager siden
I wish i have like that for may project..
denilson dos santos
denilson dos santos 24 dager siden
I klike your video...from Timor Leste❤️
KJ7BZC 24 dager siden
14:28 And he would've killed the ballast again if it were the small one.....
TheSwifty 24 dager siden
Ballast? More Like BadAss.
ABWEndon 25 dager siden
How come you're still alive?
Tech and cube
Tech and cube 25 dager siden
I think you should give your name for the guinness world record really I am serious
Yankee Dowerah
Yankee Dowerah 26 dager siden
Watching these videos my smartphone gets charged.😂
gaming prince
gaming prince 26 dager siden
has this guy ever heard of rubber gloves
hasan kayisci
hasan kayisci 28 dager siden
So if you put ac in the psi does it create another type of ac?
lucifer 28 dager siden
how to vape like mehdi?
Μαριος Μιχαλας
5:00 how to vape with electroboom
This guys knows everything but he does idot work to entain us and scare us salute you sir .
Pun Yin Chik
Pun Yin Chik Måned siden
This guy make too much jump scare moment... Maybe he just want to warn other guys who play with high voltage device, but it is not funny at all
Nacy Stingray
Nacy Stingray Måned siden
I found this video from searching "how to burn my skin".
Pce Måned siden
Benjamin Badrakh
Benjamin Badrakh Måned siden
Can i have an oscilloscope? I NEED ONE
Crystal Gulley
Crystal Gulley Måned siden
Just connect a bunch of wires together and see what happens.
crazy_mind1262 Måned siden
Ballast: *Starts smoking* Electroboom: *Sits calmly* Ballast: *Explodes* Electroboom: "HOLY SHIT"
Matthew Gurtman
Matthew Gurtman Måned siden
HMMM I guess you yeah shocked🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
per son
per son Måned siden
6:42 My brain: Mili henrys My ears: million hemorrhoids
Indranil Kundu
Indranil Kundu Måned siden
5.18 ..what i do now.... Boo choku boom choko choko boom choko boom chokoo😇😂😂😂😂😂😂
Imperfect Gaming
Imperfect Gaming Måned siden
14:07 look at the gold play button a unidentified creature
Dhruv Tyagi
Dhruv Tyagi Måned siden
You expect me to watch the whole 16 mins video? Well, you are right haha
Capt Phantom
Capt Phantom Måned siden
Don’t like school suscribe to elecrroboom
Sirebellum Måned siden
4:54 Look at the youtube play button's reflection
yosef habahbeh
yosef habahbeh Måned siden
4:56 Electro cute: don’t mind me just passing by
Comrade Elmo
Comrade Elmo 5 dager siden
Also at 14:09
The Problem with Cheetahs
The Amazing Eddy Current
The Problem with Cheetahs