Electric Patio Heater Wiring and Installation 

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I installed a 4000W patio heater and wired 240 Volts! YOU make sure to consult a licensed electrician for all your local codes and regulations!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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11. des.. 2020





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ElectroBOOM 2 måneder siden
Ok BOOMers! Just make sure to do this kind of electrician work, consult with your local regulations and licensed specialists before setting your house on fire! I might be missing things here or there in my process... hopefully not!! And see my video at @Mehditation on how I chose the heater: nosections.info/green/s6yVpHeJq4uF0b4/video.html
Peter 5 dager siden
@mareks raibacis It will probably be boring for Medhi because such an installation is an absolute NO in Europe
Dildo Shwagins
Dildo Shwagins 9 dager siden
In Texas that power bill would be your net worth
Okanna Blue
Okanna Blue 2 måneder siden
MY Physics teacher! I saw Chinese people especially like you!
Edward Mcgee
Edward Mcgee 2 måneder siden
As an electrician I love this channel
Nathan S
Nathan S 2 måneder siden
Dont do this with live wires.. cut the house power.. cut it.. please!.. but it is rather funny to see this guy risk his life lol
Robot Dude
Robot Dude Time siden
H e knows electronics but can but a breaker in.
Sebastián Cubas
Sebastián Cubas 12 timer siden
why does medhi have 3 fridges
Joe G.P.
Joe G.P. Dag siden
this was a really heated video
When you go against code and you say meh, what’s the worst that can happen
pirotehnika na kvadrat
do you know what is like to be shocked by 400 volts ac 50hz
Just vibing
Just vibing Dag siden
9 43
Just vibing
Just vibing Dag siden
9 4th
Dominic Dag siden
I lost it when the shower head caught on fire lol
Eric Johnston
Eric Johnston Dag siden
The breaker experiment was a missed opportunity to backfeed a CT... or a home made CT that goes boom 😉 .
juruewonf aurbewkis
The kindly cd nutritionally drop because lunch desirably precede throughout a hateful playground. trite, absorbing witness
Kitsudōte Dag siden
The breaker part is literally the meme with the burning house: _This is fine..._
Vedant Prajapati
Vedant Prajapati 2 dager siden
You need a Secondary Current injection kit to test the Breakers. Also this Kits are used in testing of Current operated relays and other equipment like CT. I made one as my study project.
Safwan Fathi
Safwan Fathi 2 dager siden
Hi, today is the next day.. - ElectroBOOM 2020
Follow another haynade
*house starts burning* The breaker: yea just give me 10 more seconds
MrJunkiePlay 2 dager siden
as you live close to Linus you could always Call BRIAN THE ELECTRICIAN to help ya :P
mistablack2 2 dager siden
Excuse me, sir! Where are you r anti short bushings? Breakers taking that long to trip scares me. What is UL doing?
Milan David
Milan David 2 dager siden
Explain why "Patio" shouldn't be pronounced like "Ratio"
Prabhakar Mishra
Prabhakar Mishra 3 dager siden
Explosion video was awesome 😂😂
Mr. X
Mr. X 3 dager siden
I come here every now and then to watch this. Pure satisfaction. Clean work. Definetly how all electricians should work. (Apart from tapping the nail to see if it's live.)
lin bill
lin bill 3 dager siden
hello how can I get touch with you? we are amazon seller.
Demon the Gamer
Demon the Gamer 3 dager siden
Me to an African kid: 6:04
Soviett Union
Soviett Union 3 dager siden
0:20 Doesn’t he know he could get soft sided by that? Should upgrade to sheet metal
liner 986
liner 986 3 dager siden
lectures about global warming then builds heater for his patio... shame
Ralph H
Ralph H 3 dager siden
dude youre hilarious and you make me so nervous
SRADracer 4 dager siden
Most viewers have “load” in their room 😂
NachiketPlays 4 dager siden
How is he running 100 amps through his alligator clip wires without them burning
Theme parks pops and more!
7:47. That is what she said 🤣🤣🤣
Avellar3000 4 dager siden
I lost it when the breaker didn't pop and instead the shower head just bursts into flames.
Rex Draconis
Rex Draconis 5 dager siden
Bless you bro, you made me laugh a lot today!!!
VIVEK SINGH 5 dager siden
Alex 5 dager siden
I guess indoor use requires less power. But heating your (tiny) house with those will require special cables anyway.
Gorkha Engineering
Gorkha Engineering 5 dager siden
👁 👁 👃 👄
Justin Mcvay
Justin Mcvay 5 dager siden
Wonder if it burnt down yet?
Darin Marain
Darin Marain 5 dager siden
I love how he really knows what he's doing but acts like he don't lol
Fares Mdallel
Fares Mdallel 6 dager siden
One question , why didn't you put the switch outside I mean if you're outside and you wanna turn on or off the heater you have to go inside to the garage ?
yatin singh
yatin singh 6 dager siden
8:12 I really thought that was a chainsaw...
Tradition 6 dager siden
This one got an actual laugh out of me when the small test heater burst into flames
Fly to the Legends
Fly to the Legends 7 dager siden
مراقب خودت باش 😂😂
Ksharyan Mavale
Ksharyan Mavale 7 dager siden
Matas 3D Creations
Matas 3D Creations 7 dager siden
isnt your heater going to turn on when ever you use your 240 plug if they are both connected to the switch? wouldn't that cause a bigger load having them both on? why didn't you just use 2 switch's instead.? future video :)
David Kasdan
David Kasdan 7 dager siden
Can you tell me which heater you decided on? I need to install two of these in different locations
Ali Rezaei
Ali Rezaei 8 dager siden
حاج آقا چرا از سیم افشان استفاده نمیکنید؟ استانداردی چزیه ؟
JUSTJAY 9 dager siden
5 days later Electroboom: guys guess what my house burned down 😑
aditya neupane
aditya neupane 9 dager siden
also to pay more tax... lol
محمد مهدی طالبی
خخخخخخخخ سلام دایی میتونی فارسی بخونی؟ ایول خیلی باهالی هم وطنی که تو کانادایی خخخخخخخخ
Zayd hilwani
Zayd hilwani 9 dager siden
Yu ar smart
Fedora Cheeto
Fedora Cheeto 9 dager siden
3:02 engineers when they round up the safety factor
Justin McKee
Justin McKee 9 dager siden
What surprises me is the number of homeowners that own an oscillating tool for basic stuff like that, vs the number of tradespeople (that have seen how freaking versatile they are) who own them. So few professionals use them and it baffles me. Such a nice little tool
Harsha Paladugu
Harsha Paladugu 9 dager siden
Going to poison yourself with radiation next vide getting radiation treatment
u b 3
u b 3 9 dager siden
I may not be affluent enough to be your patreon but I sat through 2 wcomplete ads to show my apreciation for your content.
_NonameHD_ 9 dager siden
Countries to definitely not work as an electrician in: 1) Canada 2) USA Thank God I'm from Germany
Jamil Standar
Jamil Standar 10 dager siden
This man is talking about amps like I’m understand itHAHAHAH
Iosif Dzhugashvili
Iosif Dzhugashvili 10 dager siden
How is this man simultaneously the smartest yet dumbest person alive?
mad Antia-Obong
mad Antia-Obong 10 dager siden
" testing testing one two three"😂😂
Marco Srm
Marco Srm 10 dager siden
5:04 Things not to do # 69, nice, yeah, nice electroshock coming
Sulucion 6Tone
Sulucion 6Tone 10 dager siden
As a certified Electrician i can point out many errors that would not pass inspection. No bushings on the end of your MC cable and not cutting it with a proper MC splitter is the first thing to get called out. Your installation on the heater side actually looks ok (if not missing the bushing); but your electrical box connections were piss poor. That's an illegal connection inside your panel, you needed to have a connector with bushing in the knock out; your wiring in the junction boxes was cut to short, need at least 6" outside the junction boxes. #1 you should have cut a 16" rectangle in the drywall above the panel and ran the wire from the top and than screwed the rectangle panel back into the studs. Yea, what you did will work, but damn that looks like shit. I still love ya though :)
Kirk Bradley
Kirk Bradley 10 dager siden
As an electrician, you only broke all of the guidelines we’re supposed to follow. Running mc is fairly easy and at any point the mc is cut, a plastic bushing should be installed so that the connector doesn’t crush the metal sheath and cut through the coating on the wire... also use two “one hole straps” with one screw in between to make it look nicer coming down to your switch!
SUBHAM DEY 10 dager siden
Antonius 11 dager siden
Now that i think of it why is the reference song that Dankpods use with his six hungeos is in here as background music?
PrplDama 11 dager siden
This is actually very satisfying to watch
DMC Dante88
DMC Dante88 11 dager siden
So far, learning as I watch your videos. Amazing to see you teach us something. Thank you for that and love videos. Very educational and entertaining. 👍👏
I dont know why i made this
Some times breakers take 4 to 5 seconds to pop
WIFIGHOST CRUISER 11 dager siden
It's always comforting to know that an electric shower head can burn underwater.
MegaTheshiz 11 dager siden
I realise he lives in Canada, just like me, I plugged in a simple lamp the other day. Shorted my whole house, furnace got turned off, nothing worked for days.... I want his breaker lmao
jspikeball123 12 dager siden
god i got so uncomfortable with how close you got to the panel while it was live
Tyler Milsaps
Tyler Milsaps 13 dager siden
As a Journeyman Electrician, this video makes me extremely happy. I often have to Google some things you talk about, and somethings just go over my head, but seeing you essentially do my job and struggling a bit was a wonderful feeling. Makes up for you understanding the technical side of things so much more than I do. Plus all the other videos involving you working with power tools... I've lost a bit of my hair and fingernails watching them, but also get a kick from them! Although I do hope most of them are purely comedic, because I'm a little surprised your hands are still intact and not completely scar tissue... I love what you're doing, and am grateful to have you as a resource and entertainment. Thank you, for everything you've been doing through the years. Never got involved in patreon before, but you're a good reason to start. Hell, with what I learn from you, I may just become a better electrician, which might generate a better paycheck, which just means subscribing to you would pay for itself!
Gungnir Estevas
Gungnir Estevas 13 dager siden
Jean Gadoury
Jean Gadoury 13 dager siden
Hey man, you should put the switch on the outside and perhaps turn it into some kind of control in another video--like a temperature controller or something that can ramp the power up and down.
Luis Castillo
Luis Castillo 13 dager siden
Bnnnnhnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh really wants me and he is just a little bit better and he has no choice and I think I have to go get out of it and then just let me know what I can see and he said yes I will do ddddddddddddddddddddddddd dddddddddddddd on the way to the bank to see if you have a chance I gggggggggggg be there in a little more minutes and I will be back later to use a little bit later in a little while and then I’ll head back home to pick you guys a call later I love it I just got back to you see what if your mom is
marjoz 14 dager siden
Our Outlets Support 230V/16A with 3680W, so the heater would probably be fine, maybe one or two tripping breakers
ivy spliitz
ivy spliitz 14 dager siden
I think this is the first video where he has not electrocuted himself lol
Nico Sandoval
Nico Sandoval 14 dager siden
As a sparky I was scared for you most of the video. I like your research and your original plan for where you would strap your wires though. Stay safe!
GOOD FARMER 14 dager siden
Best moment 14:16 😉
Tobbe B
Tobbe B 14 dager siden
WHY is alot of electrical components made out of metal in america ??? Suck as electrical boxes, pipes for cables etc. Like.. thats the one thing you dont want to have close to electricity. That stuff is all made of plastic here in sweden atleast. It just seem, sorry, dumb, to have it made of metal.
Toni Markoski
Toni Markoski 15 dager siden
The breaker is sober for few years now, that's why he wasn't trippin.
Jonathon Shoen
Jonathon Shoen 15 dager siden
I’m new to the channel, I’d seen some of your videos pop up on my timeline before but this last weekend I probably spent a good 12 hours watching your channel 😂 in summation you’ve got a new subscriber and a big fan 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Hellix 15 dager siden
fcking explosion scare the crap of me the fck
Aidan CP Rail
Aidan CP Rail 15 dager siden
a canadian electrition is a good electrition
Max ChipLoad
Max ChipLoad 17 dager siden
This fuse box looks like it was designed in the 1930s or so
LegoTekFan486 17 dager siden
I think Electroboom's last words will be "is this live?"
bubbiee 18 dager siden
nice job!
chkn nugt
chkn nugt 18 dager siden
Now Comes the part where he has to go all the way to the garage to turn it on.
Sean Mackey
Sean Mackey 19 dager siden
3:11 when the 30 amp breaker is sus
Simon Martin
Simon Martin 19 dager siden
Electrics are sooo different in the UK. I find Canadian electrics kinda creepy.
Cantaloupe 20 dager siden
Savita Sharma
Savita Sharma 20 dager siden
You are like a licensed professional. You just do stupid things to gain viewers. Right ????????
SMK Taman Serai
SMK Taman Serai 10 dager siden
a licensed homeowner
London Walton
London Walton 20 dager siden
14:16 my soul said: alright. Imma head out.
Wolf Aspen_Prince
Wolf Aspen_Prince 21 dag siden
Electriccoolaid 0113
How is it posible that the have cable in steel hose in europe its illegal to have power in steel pipes only pvc or plastic
Renaldo Harrilal
Renaldo Harrilal 21 dag siden
Absolutely love your videos man!
jp 2010
jp 2010 22 dager siden
N҉O҉T҉I҉S҉ L
N҉O҉T҉I҉S҉ L 22 dager siden
there is lot of type of breakers to use .. i mean ... a type B 20 A breaker will pop open faster and soon than a type C 20A breaker . type C or greater usually used for air condition units that in the beginning of compressor need hundreds of amps . a type B 16 A breaker will open immediately but type C will keep longer
Zaikowet G3x
Zaikowet G3x 22 dager siden
5:23 LoL XD....
Ali Ahmadi
Ali Ahmadi 22 dager siden
سلام آقا مهدی بچه کجای خیلی ویدوهات خوبه حال میکنم دمت گرم خسته نباشی
dragonboy Due
dragonboy Due 23 dager siden
wow he didnt allmost die :/
Ross Fincham
Ross Fincham 23 dager siden
Industrial electrician , but not in Nth America, Truly hope you play more ignorant than you are.
teenflon 23 dager siden
That breaker fills me with confidence, I’m sure my body could handle 4 seconds of 60 amps if something went wrong 🤣
razzy marcus
razzy marcus 24 dager siden
Mehdi ur going to blow up ur patio
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