Vehicle Sensing in the Streets 

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Did you know Car Traffic Sensors Exist?! Well then step on them!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

Vitenskap og teknologi



15. sep.. 2020





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Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 5 måneder siden
Fun fact: Mehdi showed me those exact sensors when I visited last month! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!
Robot Dude
Robot Dude 6 dager siden
Never though you wached him
champion of 7 seas
champion of 7 seas 15 dager siden
+71>/ clue
Isaac Posselt
Isaac Posselt 19 dager siden
@Hello Darkness Wait what? GooglieDarkly eyes? I had NO IDEA
Isaac Posselt
Isaac Posselt 19 dager siden
Do you have the sheeple document? Or forum?!!
Kirk Claybrook
Kirk Claybrook Måned siden
@tom cool Yeahhhh pretty devo that he thought my comment was directed at him though :-/
CYKD9000 16 timer siden
MR DUCK 18 timer siden
This was the funniest thing
KingIceHunter 19 timer siden
Dude, you are hilarious AND informative. So I'm gonna subscribe now. That is all you can go back to what you were doing.
Thomas Luggiero
Thomas Luggiero Dag siden
I love when people stop before or after the sensor and just sit there like idiots waiting for the light to change
Bobby Hinner
Bobby Hinner Dag siden
They’re nice, but one day during a snow storm I got stuck at an intersection because the sensor didn’t see my car
Nuclear Ethan
Nuclear Ethan Dag siden
I love when he puts on the red shirt you can see the blue shirt lol
BillyBeamNG 3 dager siden
Imagine driving over this and then seeing the 2 wires going back to a box with somebody staring at your car.
geeforbimbo 3 dager siden
Can you make a video about how wireless charging works? Do you think someone could follow Nikola Tesla’s idea/dream of wanting to give everyone power via “oscillations for wireless energy transfer”. Is it possible to turn wireless charging to a more larger scale? E.g. an entire home without needing cords?
T1mon Gaming
T1mon Gaming 3 dager siden
him scaring himself in the mirror always gets me xDD
RazielBG 3 dager siden
4:06 had to pause the video to laugh it out.
Tim Oekluy
Tim Oekluy 3 dager siden
soooooo teslas dont trigger it?
Andy Smythe
Andy Smythe 3 dager siden
I stripped an old taxi at work with the mechanics when I was bored... or rather I wanted the airbags hehe, I found a hidden transmitter connected to the ECU, it was an original part too and the part is listed as a wiring harness connector or similar, not a transmitter.
Janardan S
Janardan S 4 dager siden
Hell, I almost died when he dropped the scope
Janardan S
Janardan S 4 dager siden
Lol, I wonder who he asked to ram him with the car
Mr. bucket head
Mr. bucket head 4 dager siden
i can only imagine what this looked like watching a random guy change his shirt and talking to no one in the street
Rick Pope
Rick Pope 4 dager siden
Ona different subject, I watched a video of yours that was about Peltier thermo-electric devices. _ I remember you saying that they are not really that efficient..... however, I have come up with a solution that I would love to tell you about some time - I wish I could get your e-mail address to send you some information and plans to create an air cooler that is proving to be really effective that can run off 12 volts - yet can make a MASSSIVE difference in temperature.
mossaybo 4 dager siden
First time in this channel , it took 4 minutes before I liked and subscribed
Gorkha Engineering
Gorkha Engineering 5 dager siden
👁 👁 👃 👄
Chitwan Verma
Chitwan Verma 5 dager siden
2:20 - 2:35 My stomach is paining from laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tyler 5 dager siden
Why didn't you use the 120volt DC 9-Volt Battery configuration for the 2 channel scope?
Remith Fernandes
Remith Fernandes 5 dager siden
TheOnlyGondonka 500
TheOnlyGondonka 500 6 dager siden
How the fuck am I supposed to see these in the winter?
Noob PANTI 6 dager siden
That soo good acting ,, i love it
Higashichi 6 dager siden
2:30 got me
Tan Jir
Tan Jir 7 dager siden
Do you have twin brother please tell me big fan love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
Yumn Jame
Yumn Jame 7 dager siden
6:30 I felt that.
Energy, Magnetism, light and geometry dielectric
Lol it is getting worst where are my pills lol
Dark Enthalpy
Dark Enthalpy 7 dager siden
2:26 the scariest photo ever... who put this here?!!?😡... Oh... its a mirror 😶
مریم مقدسی
مریم مقدسی 8 dager siden
دمت گرم
greg77389 8 dager siden
Imagine you drive up to an intersection and see some Iranian dude on the side fiddling with some device wired right underneath your car XD
Daniel G. Benes Science Shows
I could just imagine people in the background thinking, who’s that angry guy yelling at the road... and at himself. Comedy gold, Mehdi!
Nubwagon 8 dager siden
Laugh's in motorcycle
David B
David B 8 dager siden
Fun fact: In Australia, they are not round but square coils
0bScUr3 9 dager siden
Into the Mehdi-verse
russofamerica 9 dager siden
My dad got me hip to loop detectors (as they're sometimes called) when I was a kid. In some areas, like a quiet side street, perpendicular to a main road, if you drive back and forth over the loop detector, it can help make traffic lights trigger faster. Some people think flashing your headlights is the key, but that's just BS if there is a loop detector in the street. I was going to do a write-up about how to hack a left turn lane, but ElectroBOOM got it right. Just hover over that back-most sensor(s) and you can prioritize your left turn and make opposing traffic wait. Taught myself that one. Some light-weight non-ferrous motorcycles have trouble activating loop detectors, and having ridden some of these bikes, I've occasionally had to blow through red lights when the cycles wouldn't change after several minutes, or encourage the person behind me to move forward over one. I believe that old-skool NOsectionsr KipKay recommended mounting a strong magnet to the bottom of your bike, but I never tried that, and just bought beefier bikes instead. 😃
Tyler Furrison
Tyler Furrison 9 dager siden
The only annoying thing is that his whiteboard was upside down
manxman 9 dager siden
induction loop?
Endless Possibilities of arudino
hi Mehdi can you tell a cheap oscilloscope please
MAN 10 dager siden
0:46 so remember kids if you don't wanna get hit by an empty car just like this man.Make sure to follow the traffic rules everytime
u b 3
u b 3 10 dager siden
This video is on a legendary level of storytelling and comedy.
xatr lmao
xatr lmao 10 dager siden
This is such a trip
Hisako DarkFire
Hisako DarkFire 10 dager siden
need me some of them pills x'D
Hisako DarkFire
Hisako DarkFire 10 dager siden
this ep was so funny x'D u gotta do that more hahahaahhaha (talkin to urself x'D)
ricky tik tok
ricky tik tok 11 dager siden
who noticed he wear the red shirt on the blue one😂😂
RainCloud Nimbus
RainCloud Nimbus 11 dager siden
I like these two characters. Mehdinsane And momhdi
tristan Casas
tristan Casas 11 dager siden
Is this real
Pascal Barthe
Pascal Barthe 12 dager siden
"I think you should take your pills !" Excellent !
Paulo Alexandre
Paulo Alexandre 13 dager siden
Porque tirou legenda Português?
Mr. Slime Gaming Official
You know it’s going to be a good video when mehdi has his aluminum dome on.
Simon Meeprophone
Simon Meeprophone 13 dager siden
I'd like to see this experiment done again with a slightly bigger coil connected to the scope with shielded coax - that orange extension lead was nothing but a big aerial!
Sherry Cambridge
Sherry Cambridge 14 dager siden
Kate's Everyday Problems
way tooooooooo funny haha.
duanesharon 14 dager siden
Street light sensor rings often interfer with our directional drilling equipment using radio frequencies I've also observed that a common utility locators has problems with bleed over
Ekidona Arubino
Ekidona Arubino 15 dager siden
Rick 15 dager siden
Is this why I get a static shock every time I get out of the car O.o
why _6 TR_4 FKSRQ1113
why _6 TR_4 FKSRQ1113 15 dager siden
0:45 hahhahahahaahahahahhahaahahahahahahahahaha
Nigel Fortes
Nigel Fortes 15 dager siden
Teo Cano
Teo Cano 15 dager siden
Almost 1m views
evilfrog 16 dager siden
can confirm doesn't work for motorcycle and its a pain
lee batt
lee batt 16 dager siden
I love Canada. In the U.S. if a man that looked like him was taping a device like that to a street he would probably be shot on the spot. Sad but true.
People I Breathe Fresh O2.
What are the people thinking of him talking about sensors alone
Not You Again
Not You Again 17 dager siden
M-P-DENSE NOT M-pa-tence. Very different meanings and may get you a NOsections strike. Just food for though my silly little friend! :P
Levi Andersen
Levi Andersen 17 dager siden
5:12 😂🤣
Docteur Slump
Docteur Slump 18 dager siden
Q : What is Mehdi's favorite music band ? A : THIS MORTAL COIL
Chris Shearer
Chris Shearer 18 dager siden
Alternate title: Schizophrenic man argues with himself regarding electrical conspiracy theories.
Mr Sol Gaming
Mr Sol Gaming 18 dager siden
mama is swearing 😂
Andrew Foster
Andrew Foster 18 dager siden
Been watching you for some time.....your hilarious 🤣 😂 👍top man
Kariey Zah
Kariey Zah 19 dager siden
im never lucky to get one of these oscilloscopes :( ... that breaks my heart
ihor Voronchak
ihor Voronchak 19 dager siden
He is walking a fine line between having common sense and facebook stupidity
DatBoiJuan alias
DatBoiJuan alias 19 dager siden
Lmao love this guy
Alibe 20 dager siden
Legend says, Mehdi still forgets where his pills are, and now he has a Mehdi-Sister and Mehdi-Dog
Phoenix Jamir Azucena
Phoenix Jamir Azucena 16 dager siden
his pills are in *MEHDI KIT*
Pejvaak Salimi
Pejvaak Salimi 20 dager siden
Nice video effects 😁😁😁
John McClain
John McClain 20 dager siden
Back in the 70's, they cut rectangles in the streets the size of cars, lifted them up, put sensors under, and replaced them with concrete and tar, to seal them from the weather. We swore they were weight sensors, because they'd not detect a motorcycle, and they'd give you a ticket if you ran the red, even without traffic. Everyone was our to get me then, too!!
Spencer Waters
Spencer Waters 21 dag siden
"Oh you're back." "Ya, your pills are wearing off." lol
Pain Studios
Pain Studios 21 dag siden
some use light sensors so flash your lights if no one is around.
Milan Dadasović
Milan Dadasović 21 dag siden
love you man :D
Juanky2307 22 dager siden
Best part of the video : "Where are my pills"
Vicky Wasisht
Vicky Wasisht 22 dager siden
Keysight is now officially a part of Mehdi lore
Noor Sultani
Noor Sultani 24 dager siden
I love how he wore red and blue
Allen Naik
Allen Naik 24 dager siden
4:12 man that was awesome 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Space is Cool
Space is Cool 24 dager siden
I want to see what it looked like filming this.
Askaline21/31 24 dager siden
Khalid Khan
Khalid Khan 25 dager siden
Ahaaa! My theory is that the car produces magnetic fields because of all the electronics on the car the loops detect the fields just like your inverter was making huge amounts of noise that you detected
Świerku Pitok
Świerku Pitok 25 dager siden
i love the part when standing car hits you... or you.... not sure wich one.
KamoGaming [ かも]
KamoGaming [ かも] 26 dager siden
I love the whole "pill sub story"
Khian Rivera
Khian Rivera 26 dager siden
0:23 he just look like an idiot in the street lol
Arnold TheThird
Arnold TheThird 26 dager siden
Macckos 27 dager siden
@ElectroBOOM , I was building one of these detectors for my thesis. Basically hooked up Colpitts oscillator output with street loop as inductance, feed it to microcontroller counter input through some conditioning, and efectively measuring frequency deviation instead of amplitude. It typically runs at about 80kHz (+/- 50kHz) and it shifts frequency about 2kHz when car passes. But it's sometimes done also trough amplitude.
Canoes1 27 dager siden
Xnae Gamer
Xnae Gamer 27 dager siden
Fully carbon fibre supercars: nooooooo
Birch Outdoors And Bushcraft
I need to find that screwdriver kit Mehdi has
cat -.-
cat -.- 27 dager siden
What if the government is tracking every car with a chip?!? Those things already exist it's called a license plate
ZeusOlympian 29 dager siden
There should be more people talking about how funny this man is right here
Soviet Pigeon
Soviet Pigeon Måned siden
Death hack just eat a lifetime's worth of pills then you NEVER need to worry about forgetting your pills!!!!
SmellyGrapefruit Måned siden
ˇwhats going on boys? Holy S@*T!!ˇits so F ing funny
Darco yes
Darco yes Måned siden
2:25 I thought I was watching a Brandon rogers video
赤金蓮 Måned siden
God I love the multiple Mehdi's skits, looking forward to seeing more
Virstag Måned siden
I wonder how you recorded the outside parts of this clip 🤔 - Mommy, who is this strange man who every now and then takes off that red sweatshirt and talks to himself? - Well... let's just cross the street. Don't stare at him, honey. - Oh look, he hit the pole! - GO!
ExtremUnknownAl Måned siden
Aren't there cars made of aluminum? Wouldn't they fuck it all up?
Spy gaming
Spy gaming Måned siden
I don't know alot about electronic but with your video's i know enough to not believe people bullshit like free power 🌝
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