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Reb Chizelbeak
Reb Chizelbeak 5 timer siden
It’s just the conservation of momentum from the initial upward movement. If you have some friction or impedance, that can negate it. Your 2D floor test proves that. Fancy science dudes don’t know what they are talking about. They got BOOMed.
Justin Chi
Justin Chi 5 timer siden
In 7:59 almost died in laugh lol
Michał Książek
Michał Książek 5 timer siden
12:37 I this is my mom
I leave mean comments
I leave mean comments 5 timer siden
You need thicker oil and bigger balls. No offense.
RSK Raider
RSK Raider 6 timer siden
Why he looks like Stannis Baratheon?
RSK Raider
RSK Raider 6 timer siden
When Unshaved obv
Joseph M
Joseph M 6 timer siden
get old tv and turn it off and on a few times and then put your hand on the tv skreen and lightly tuch the power buton
Renatas Savickas
Renatas Savickas 6 timer siden
DANGER! DANGER! High level of procrastination detected, Shuting this web page with Ctrl + W is recommended!
H3vy 6 timer siden
Hes actually such a smart guy lol
Winter Sarge
Winter Sarge 6 timer siden
Electroboom is great informative channel but a real bad tutorial channel do not follow his instructions before u see the whole video.
Ariso Wizard
Ariso Wizard 6 timer siden
you cannot set a point and a vector as borders with an integral...
Digvijay Singh Rana
Digvijay Singh Rana 6 timer siden
He almost had a heartattack.
Valdas Vosilius
Valdas Vosilius 6 timer siden
you win
Mahmoud Gaber
Mahmoud Gaber 6 timer siden
"and since I'm electrical engineer, I'm over qualified" 😂😂
N dot D
N dot D 6 timer siden
How this man is alive till now!
Jhon Macra Imbana Jokora
Yeah it's inertia. It's like a vehicle suddenly accelerates and you'll be slightly left behind. FG=mass*9.8m/s2 and it gradually becomes heavier on the falling side thus the greater the inertia and the effect.
hxgh43_ 6 timer siden
wtf is this nosections.info/green/o5-JfqZ-Za6wyro/video.html
Potato Donut
Potato Donut 6 timer siden
An electroboom episode where he didn't get electrocuted. Impossible!
juliansark 7 timer siden
If a chain truly falls faster than other objects (assuming this is meant as "in a vacuum") because the lower links exert additional force on the upper part (as I believe the study concluded), then that difference between the "normal acceleration of gravity" and the rest state probably manifests in the energy of the loop being thrown upwards. How? Erm ... my money is on Eldritch magic.
Afraz Arif
Afraz Arif 7 timer siden
I like how he shows the mistakes first before the real Method....
Tunahan T.
Tunahan T. 7 timer siden
The real winners are the companies who produce the chains
Tyler Heath
Tyler Heath 7 timer siden
I think both options are at play somewhat however i do think medhis answer is definitely the most prominent and that the effect of the leverage is very minmimal.
Nikhil Sajwan
Nikhil Sajwan 7 timer siden
Imagine the plight of his cousin
Daniel Paguipo
Daniel Paguipo 7 timer siden
Holy I got shock by your jump scare 6:46
J Karra
J Karra 7 timer siden
Theres no reason to count just how much you save for 100km... Counting how much owning car costs per km is the only way. And i can tell If you count very very expensive car +all other costs + depreciation driving newer EV is just dumb.🤭 My old Audi A2 1.2tdi has averaged consuption of under 4 liters/100km(60mpg)and in freeway speeds it goes even further, over 75mpg(3liters /100km) And car is basicly worth maybe 4K€ .that + insurance and upkeep costs are like 14€ sents(17$ cents US, 20$ cents CAN) per km annyally.that includes fuel, insurance,services with averaged km per year being ~10.000kms
Uncreative NAME
Uncreative NAME 7 timer siden
What If I tase a mugger?
killer guppy
killer guppy 7 timer siden
Fantastic explanations and well thought out experiments. I think it's obvious who the real winner is.... THE VIEWERS!
Willam Taft
Willam Taft 7 timer siden
Came here from the Mould video. Two minutes in. So far it’s been…abrasive. Edit: okay, it got better. Just a bit more frantic than I’m used to. But maybe that style captures more eyeballs than other edu content. Can’t fault that.
D K 7 timer siden
It depends on the thermal conductivity of the material to put it simply some like silver and gold r more conductive of heat n electricity and flow of electrols die voltage will be higher in those materials.... Look up thermal conductivity to Resolve that
SliceNDize 7 timer siden
you need animated instead the drawing board lol
Avijit Ghosal
Avijit Ghosal 7 timer siden
Why on earth this video is age restricted and why half the comment section have misunderstood that it was just high current not high voltage , everybody can survive that and noone would call them immortal
Ultimsing 7 timer siden
The horizontal test look like a whip
Azad Gladiator
Azad Gladiator 7 timer siden
is this guy persian? he must be persian
Dr. Doppeldecker
Dr. Doppeldecker 7 timer siden
Since boxing matches between NOsectionsrs become more and more popular i think you two should settle this dispute in the ring;)
Patrick Caresosa
Patrick Caresosa 7 timer siden
Aayush Sapra
Aayush Sapra 7 timer siden
And you can just repair led if you know soldering, by replacing the board, at just 15cents for 3w and 30 cents for 12 W
lnpilot 8 timer siden
Thanks for the video. Yeah. It does look like it's essentially a centrifugal force / conservation of angular momentum that keeps the chain follow an arc.
Hans Volksjäger
Hans Volksjäger 8 timer siden
Your mother is very pretty!
Shinki 8 timer siden
3:17 deez nuts
Dio Ricardo
Dio Ricardo 8 timer siden
5:50 "from om's law we know that the voltage across OUR ASS...."
louis george
louis george 8 timer siden
"If I lose this debate, it is because of lead poisoning" 😂
i just commented on steve mould's channel saying its a whip, you can do this with almost anything, like rope cable... well at least when its on the ground.
GRV KSH 8 timer siden
How many of you are just here to see the electric shocks he gets, and not interested in the teaching he is providing
GRV KSH 8 timer siden
World will remember him as the greatest thing "electric" comedian
Medy Mazlan
Medy Mazlan 8 timer siden
He's like the wild.e.coyote irl.
ACYNED 8 timer siden
I hope... he didn't actually get electrocuted and only demonstrated and mimed reactions...
NOX GAMING 8 timer siden
Chronic Ironic
Chronic Ironic 8 timer siden
Can you rectify this video: nosections.info/green/p4F2mGV6iZalvK4/video.html
anderson 8 timer siden
RetroTune 8 timer siden
I now need the electroboom ringtone
Aidan 5
Aidan 5 8 timer siden
Simple. Gravity and chain is greater force than gravity I suppose.
Ratan Joe
Ratan Joe 9 timer siden
This reminds me of verge PC build
Vihit Dalal
Vihit Dalal 9 timer siden
The end of every chain drop would also result in the whiplash effect..... more physics to what happens to the air and momentum around it
TheBlueBrain 9 timer siden
what's the difference between resistance and impedance
Angel 9 timer siden
Which insurance companies have not yet blacklisted you?
Wonderful!!😊 Thank you!!
Aravinth Tamil
Aravinth Tamil 9 timer siden
First person to give me the drawbacks of Tesla.
NobuDobu 9 timer siden
Also known as the first Rectifier.
kiash -
kiash - 9 timer siden
Your explanation was more legible... 😊
william samuel
william samuel 9 timer siden
alternative title,how to make your voice significantly louder 8:36
M A#np
M A#np 9 timer siden
the music made it more difficult to understand what you were saying. and your accent already made it difficult to understand what you were saying without music. i have auditory processing impairment and tinnitus as well.
TheZotmeister 9 timer siden
I mean, _of course_ he doesn't have any other crew. Who would want to work with this unchained lightning bolt? His channel's doing well, but I doubt he could cover insurance for anyone else, much less salary.
MML 9 timer siden
Excuse me can we make a engine with these magnets? Free energy ? Magnet : nosections.info/green/sYKdmGWBfYx_zNg/video.html
zvxcvxcz 9 timer siden
How did this get called the Mould effect? I was doing this as a kid like twenty years ago.
Extraneus 9 timer siden
i always ask the lady to put on some k y from her purse before proving she a magnet. how do they even work?
TofuNet 9 timer siden
4:43 i should get one for my home :0
carpe dm
carpe dm 9 timer siden
Yeah you seem right. No idea how it can be disputed when even mould's chain test has a small rise as it tries to form the effect but bangs around.
Funny Dhopadaho
Funny Dhopadaho 9 timer siden
Hello, how are you? I like your video very much. I want to know how the cool welding machine works.
Shtuffing 101
Shtuffing 101 9 timer siden
16:04 is so funny
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 9 timer siden
00:15 he says "Hi, Steve" and his face pops up on the left and that made me laugh Mehdi is a comedic genius even when he doesn't mean it, lol
Maryjane Eva Diamond
Maryjane Eva Diamond 10 timer siden
EB, the problem with the floor examples, is you are creating a fulcrum, where as in all of the AIR examples, there technically is NO fulcrum. So anything on the floor could have some LEVER effect explained. IMO, the bath bead chain is probably working so well flowing up and out of a glass because of weight, speed, and oddly, aerodynamics. Your larger ball, further spaced air example, only slightly worked because you had an aggressive start. Bath chain is more weight consistent, more aerodynamic, more fluid, and still weighs less. Probably the most overlooked and unrealized part of the FLOOR fulcrum effect is that what ever that furthest fulcrum point is, that section will TURN before it actually moves position, and when it turns, it further feeds the entire motion.
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 9 timer siden
william samuel
william samuel 10 timer siden
that breaker is stronger than my will to live
Jaka Jaka
Jaka Jaka 10 timer siden
"safety screw safety i hope i dont die" in his mind
Isaac Johnson
Isaac Johnson 10 timer siden
I think the Cambridge scientists over complicated their analysis (not uncommon for physicists). I’m with you, the change in momentum with respect to time equals the force. There may be more nuance behind the system though (each concept could contribute, and maybe another concepts contributes), but I think the largest contributor is “conservation” of momentum (technically not conserved due to the gravitational force but I think the initial pull up and then quickly changing to downward is a much larger acceleration, and therefore larger force, than the gravitational force, then the gravitational force drives the system to completion).
Mahmood A. G
Mahmood A. G 10 timer siden
What a beast
Muteeb 341-I
Muteeb 341-I 10 timer siden
Most interesting science debate I've ever seen
Installation 09-2 The Forge
“Skill share where skilled and experienced people share their BIG BRAIN KNOWLEDGE”
Vytautas Kupa
Vytautas Kupa 10 timer siden
Me when I need to take a math test 8:06
Jack 10 timer siden
*Laughs in electrican*
Geneva Simmonds
Geneva Simmonds 10 timer siden
nice educational video , thanks
David Urdahl
David Urdahl 10 timer siden
Next on Mehdi's second channel, replacing floor planks after making a main channel video... Lol