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Vehicle Sensing in the Streets
8 måneder siden
Tour of My New House!!!
8 måneder siden
shane travis
shane travis 19 timer siden
You do know so made preachers are going yo make the same video and say praise God and you end up with a mad number you to can be blest just give me your money and we'll make out its for charity oh shit someone already done that and they still doing it praise god hmmm NOT but here tge number 0141 ........... like I'd really give out my number 0141 0000 000 and the names am nuts and email am [email protected]
Gaming Is Life
Gaming Is Life 19 timer siden
You were funny as hell but wrong in saying that remove the tyre , it is the wheel which most of the people have misconceptions about
joyan lewis
joyan lewis 19 timer siden
Can u start a car with direct dc 14v dc charger with 10 amps ?????
shane travis
shane travis 20 timer siden
He like the word vibrate to much lol I thought he was going yo show us his wife's only joking
Khodazmoon 20 timer siden
Wow You were young someday
StormagedonBOD 20 timer siden
Your Linus voice sounds more like Linus than Linus.
Discord usingpc
Discord usingpc 20 timer siden
Mehdi are you still alive
Withnout 20 timer siden
Now he has a tesla
Norma Guncay
Norma Guncay 20 timer siden
0:09 his final words “Let’s play pink panther”
Ceos Studios
Ceos Studios 20 timer siden
Ok this guy is amazing please tell me he teaches somewhere
Norma Guncay
Norma Guncay 20 timer siden
2:46 can someone please explain to me what is this song
JoeTheCoasterFan 20 timer siden
Hatem, 20 timer siden
“My luck is sh***” Says as he enjoys his immortality
Siddhartha maruthamuthu
Ankit Panda
Ankit Panda 21 time siden
17:53 is that a bottle of royal stag in the back?(frame:bottom right) Gawddamn!
Hasan Selbisu
Hasan Selbisu 21 time siden
Mr.MochaChips 21 time siden
6:15 that's what mehdi did when he was 10..
Ian Redman
Ian Redman 21 time siden
it is shocking isnt it subscribe if you read this
Mahendar Singh Thakur
Mahendar Singh Thakur 21 time siden
Just use A LDR
martinho rodrigues
martinho rodrigues 21 time siden
A serious video, for a serious matter. Congrats man, your the best. 🇧🇷
Telhias 21 time siden
To be fair to the tinfoil guy. Having nothing to hide is not a reason to give up your privacy. It is the government and the companies gathering it that have no reason to have this data. They need to first prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is absolutely crucial for them to have it to prevent the collapse of the country.
Passé Composé
Passé Composé 22 timer siden
If he had practiced some tricks, I believe he could've been a good magician.
Adept 22 timer siden
I really thought this was Falafel Phil
john hopkins
john hopkins 22 timer siden
Telluric voltage is free (the earths' spinning iron core is doing the work)
RexTheFolf_ 22 timer siden
space katt
space katt 22 timer siden
you and daughter started arcing each other
O.K. Frax
O.K. Frax 22 timer siden
Rotten cow 🐄😂🤣😅
Aaradhya Sharma
Aaradhya Sharma 22 timer siden
Aaradhya Sharma
Aaradhya Sharma 22 timer siden
what the ***************
Aasish Srivatsa
Aasish Srivatsa 22 timer siden
Next stop anode rays or canal rays
electro karthik
electro karthik 22 timer siden
Hey mehdi,, I wanted to make a tesla with a mosquito racket circuit, At last i found that the circuit was giving off 10,000 V DC!!! I found some diodes after the step up transformer. I wanted to remove them, i dont know how. but i needed to make it AC current. Please make another video of that- making tesla coil with a mosquito racket circuit which outputs DC current and how to make it to AC output. Also how to remove the diodes(which manner). Thanks...
AlexanderBogdanow 23 timer siden
Well, I think it is a marxist Delusion. They always pretented that they can change basic human Interaction and Instincts. Which, according to the 20th century, is a blatant ideological Lie. Same thing with the "We must fundametally change to save teh Planet!" formula. It won't work. And it's too late anyway. We're doomed. Maybe 10% of Humanity will survive, if we're lucky. Have a nice Life until then. Disclaimer: I'm not attacking STEM Scientists who wanna figure out how we get better & more efficient Technology, i.e. just doing their Job. I'm attacking Proponents of a specific Ideology that failed over & over again.
lyrebirdinusa 23 timer siden
A lack of temporal coherence? With two sources that are left to themselves to oscillate at slightly different frequencies, with one source "not knowing" what the other is doing, the salt would move around a bit. But if the faster one is triggered by the slower one, you may be able to move the salt in a linear fashion. If the sources were connected through a trigger signal, the reflections at the edge could indeed be a good reason why the salt does not move more. To dampen the reflections, you would have to connect the board to another board with a different density, with some tape. Create slightly different indices of refraction.
Iis Sumiati
Iis Sumiati 23 timer siden
You smart people
Enroxxx 23 timer siden
Can you image how said life those 800+ must have to dislike this video! 😂
hswany 23 timer siden
That’s basically a dehumidifier.
Code Breaker
Code Breaker 23 timer siden
This guy is awesome!
RexTheFolf_ Dag siden
What I love is he uses his intelligence to make sure he shocks or burns himself so the video is funny
Last Awake
Last Awake Dag siden
1:45 even moooore saaaaalt!
RexTheFolf_ Dag siden
When it keeps arcing and makes the click it sounds like the start of “Mr blue sky”
KupoMoogleRU Dag siden
Use memtest.
Emile Vervaet
Emile Vervaet Dag siden
0:08 binary to ASCII :OMG
lauris sss
lauris sss Dag siden
2:12 why is it first
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When he's explaening the electronic stuff: Relay hahshdhshsuwiwiskdmdbbccbhxjskak cool down bejwiiakanc coil reply djsioaoakqbfbd temptation
Who Dag siden
I've studied electricity, and i know if you touch a live wire the current will flow through your body
Esmael Mohammed
Esmael Mohammed Dag siden
He looks like more robotic than mark Zuckerberg looks!!
Leonel Barrientos
Is it possible to use a signal receiver on a place that has the strongest signal and send it to a place that has no signal. And the signal is cellular not wifi signal. In a cheap way.😅
Leonel Barrientos
No I think deleting raw videos is bad.. you don’t need them anymore. We have the same view.
saif minecraft gaming
Juan David Reyes
You Made My Night Sir 🤣
Reilia Vampy Ch レイリア
9:06 i dont know about electric , but wtf is this
BirdRangers Dag siden
6 years 6M
Er. Shobhraj Chanderia
Hi bro I am from India I also electronic lover can you have oscilloscope please send to me whenever you give away
Angousana Gaming
Lol what are you? Dumb? Touching ac with bare hands lmfao cant stop laughing
18+ HOT
18+ HOT Dag siden
dude Biba was na icon, and like many icons, turned out to be a semi fraud/ ah well, at least he's entertaining
Zerone Ostria
Zerone Ostria Dag siden
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh when i break the mother bord and collect the capacitors it dont work even if i connect it to my computer
Chasith Udagedara
Funniest dude on internet
Chasith Udagedara
Funniest dude of internet
Renish Oinam
Renish Oinam Dag siden
Watching his videos makes me wanna read physics.
Ali Mousavi Kherad
7:12 :)))) خیلی خوب بود!
Mohammad Hashemi
salam do you think graphite is good for generator stator?
Soh Hua Chew
Soh Hua Chew Dag siden
I need one tasla
Lanz Anthony
Lanz Anthony Dag siden
David Justino Rustomgi Coutinho
Derick Baksh
Derick Baksh Dag siden
240 yes
Anurag Anand
Anurag Anand Dag siden
Government scared me in the end.
Mr.MochaChips Dag siden
Mehdi you need to do more of this but wait there is more...
Ronald Ryan Marquez
8:07 Medhi must be really trying hard not to swear.. salute to you man
Lanz Anthony
Lanz Anthony Dag siden
(stun thingy) hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Brian Wood
Brian Wood Dag siden
Nice to see you in the UK. Hope you enjoyed your stay. Did the Hotel forgive you for tripping their breaker? They probably employed an Electrician to investigate the trip.
Melvin Sargeant
Melvin Sargeant Dag siden
I know it's going to happen. I cringe when it happens, but I still laugh my head off when it does! How are you still alive?? Keep going "Electro boom!" I love your way of explaining electronics.
Sriteja Chaturvedula
Dude just use *Rubber gloves*
Jiro Sampang
Jiro Sampang Dag siden
DoN'T FOrget ThE SPOOn!¡!¡!
Andaru 1
Andaru 1 Dag siden
2:30 is jumpscare
Nico Gayares
Nico Gayares Dag siden
5:25 learn them at yur own risk
18 XI Sci C Sachin Sundaresan
1:45 Whenever my government releases any new scheme.
ashank shrivastava
Plz I never allow to make electric things do in my house 😂😂😁😁😁
Rohan Kumar
Rohan Kumar Dag siden
What is that music name from 5:55 ?
mrfresh asian
mrfresh asian Dag siden
Dude that dumb