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Making a &#!$%ing Button
15 dager siden
Vehicle Sensing in the Streets
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mattizzle Soda
mattizzle Soda 10 timer siden
I'm afraid to read the comments here. I know what I will probably see. Hordes of people calling this guy a liar blah blah blah. Please tell me I'm wrong 🤦‍♂️
EMILY Jackson
EMILY Jackson 10 timer siden
*Wait a damn minute?* *That's the man that electrocuted himself*
Sagacious Apotheosis BLM
You should do more debunking videos. They’re my favorite
ABDUL FATHAH 10 timer siden
In Malayalam (Native language of Kerala, India), we would say "poyi kulikkeda naari" (its kind of "Take a bath u stupid")....😂😂😂😂😂🙃🙃
MrLibra5555 10 timer siden
Hol up let me go buy an LED to keep with me all the time.
mohsen basir
mohsen basir 10 timer siden
نمیشه اینو فارسیشم بسازی اینجا تو ایران پخش کنیم؟
ElectroBOOM 10 timer siden
دوبلش کن پخشش کن!
MUDDALA Pravachan Kumar
canadiangal 10 timer siden
So one cm² is clean so the object falls but the next cm² is dirty so the object sticks? How one does achieve that? Such precision in dirtiness! 😂😂😂
ArtsieFrog 10 timer siden
I watch to learn and see suffer
WalnutCape 10 timer siden
Oh I was so terrified on. Watching for the first time
F_____ Martinez
F_____ Martinez 11 timer siden
Wash your self !!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
dustin buck
dustin buck 11 timer siden
Give me a favor, if you have the right man stop complaining about what white men do. You have no consequence simply because white men living here too. Let me see how long you living back there in a dirt hole.
Mobin92 11 timer siden
Wash yourself xD
dustin buck
dustin buck 11 timer siden
You are stupid.
TheShibeRealm 11 timer siden
dude swore so much he started speaking morse code
Muhammad Wissam
Muhammad Wissam 11 timer siden
Mehdi me fav utuver
Mahbub Tonoy
Mahbub Tonoy 11 timer siden
is it the first video that has no outro?
jonathan joestar
jonathan joestar 11 timer siden
Mehdi with all due respect it really was magnetic or is . I have a grandmother who has a magnetic vaccine arm.
勇樹 11 timer siden
*Laughs in visible light frequencies*
robertbos462 11 timer siden
*WASH YOURSELF* Fuckin great
Wasd 11 timer siden
Took you 3 seconds to realize that your pants is on fire.
Łukasz Smoła
Łukasz Smoła 11 timer siden
What's with phone vertical mode? Is your main camera broken?
Vishal Baal
Vishal Baal 11 timer siden
Bathe 😏
Harira Normal
Harira Normal 11 timer siden
these videos are so funny even if you don't understand a damn thing
DidISayThat 11 timer siden
Why don't you cover CRISPR in the vaccines.
Márton JUhász
Márton JUhász 11 timer siden
Super power human! (: .
Fajar Adi
Fajar Adi 11 timer siden
All hail Lord Mehdi!
JJ Assalt
JJ Assalt 11 timer siden
Metais grandes e pesados como essa colher é estranho, mas então expliquei porquê na minha vó, uma moeda de 5 cents fica presa no braço dela? Não é um magnetismo super forte, mas fica preso sim.
Stathis Bikos
Stathis Bikos 11 timer siden
however, you "can" cook some food with electrical current. In fact, this is how panko is made <3 It's very interesting how it's baked with electrical current, which heats up the water content of the bread until it cooks and dries thereby stopping the flow of current. It's really fun! ;) I encourage you to check it out. (panko is a sort of special kind of bread that has fluffy flaky crumbs and is used in fried food crust. It's yummy)
SunFire Gaming
SunFire Gaming 11 timer siden
Hey, it's been 4 years and I've finally recovered after looking into the wave guide. Thnx a bunch.
MAHAN XP 11 timer siden
داداش بیزحمت زیر نویس فارسی هم بزار
Sándor Gombai
Sándor Gombai 11 timer siden
Wash? You mean with that magnetizing dipole molecule, called water??? You're joking, right?
Andrew Kawlni
Andrew Kawlni 11 timer siden
Video i've been waiting for.. 👍👍👍
Viral Videos
Viral Videos 11 timer siden
eat magnet
19-173, Muyenur Rahman
19-173, Muyenur Rahman 11 timer siden
Christian Silver-Hudson
Make a video with such a high voltage they can cut through things like an electric knife idea sorry it’s stupid
Help i cant chenge my name D:
He mean not exiting he mean deadly
Dumitru Constantin
Dumitru Constantin 11 timer siden
Even if you can somehow pass that much current, the water in your body and other substances will get the electrolysis reaction and produces some very toxic materials
M Abdur Rehman
M Abdur Rehman 11 timer siden
evian Zemin
evian Zemin 11 timer siden
Yuman Bantawaa
Yuman Bantawaa 11 timer siden
MadGenius 11 timer siden
When u realize its not magnet in the body but just some iron and magnet sticks to your body!
Jacki Joe
Jacki Joe 11 timer siden
haha this guy bacK)
Görkem Akın
Görkem Akın 11 timer siden
thats more like a seated heat
Johnny Walker Texas
Johnny Walker Texas 11 timer siden
Why? Cuz people are dumb. Extremely dumb. Through the Internet everyone's got a voice - and almost any charismatic one can gain a crowd of followers even how dumb their agenda is.
Ati Leras
Ati Leras 11 timer siden
In agartala we got people claiming that it is the prolonged exposure to smartphone radiation and pubg that is making people magnetic
Cody Baker
Cody Baker 11 timer siden
2:24 watts so bad about that 😂
adhi shakthi
adhi shakthi 11 timer siden
That is the quantum dot tattoo inserted into your skin by the vaccine. MARK OF THE BEAST.
Socman86 11 timer siden
Their logic response to this video. “ I did my research do yours” 😂😂😂
kookie175 11 timer siden
Yea you go tell them KARENS...we've already got a hugh tons of problems that mother natural is throwing at us and we got an even bigger problem with tons of idiots believing in vaccine conspiracies and myth theories! /facepalm
Erza78 11 timer siden
Looololollool 110v to the tongue
ashasha3 11 timer siden
Its just funny how the people who are all concerned about "nature" and not putting anything manmade into their bodies can't seem to comprehend global warming, eat absolute garbage, and probably take male enhancement pills. If we told them that Moderna added 3 inches they'd all be in line trying to get their 5th shot.
Wyatt 11 timer siden
James Phillip Nim
James Phillip Nim 11 timer siden
Didn't he use the caliper the other way?? 🤔😂😂
Vinay Jagtap
Vinay Jagtap 11 timer siden
Just read a news about this in today’s newspaper😂
Rueben Mikoch
Rueben Mikoch 11 timer siden
It's not a life saving medicine; it is an experimental therapeutic
Michael Dummich
Michael Dummich 11 timer siden
Manish Mandal
Manish Mandal 11 timer siden
Very good and informative video. They are cool but mostly useless. 6 of them is at least 432 watts + fans = costly solution unless I am using it for something that justifies the cost. Plus they need bulky heatsinks if weather is hot. And in really hot days they are mostly useless.
Edmund Carvalho
Edmund Carvalho 12 timer siden
Liar , u didn't loose ur 10mm bit did you :p
Mindaugas K
Mindaugas K 12 timer siden
Is that spoon from Max Loghan's free energy device ?
Death Master
Death Master 12 timer siden
i hope you dont get deep vein thrombosis because of these vaccines that doesnt protect you at all
FreeKing Awwsome
FreeKing Awwsome 12 timer siden
@ElectroBOOM thank you for the share
XSebi 12 timer siden
stop trying to argue with stupid people... they drag you down to their stupidity and beat you with experience
The Joxter
The Joxter 12 timer siden
This guy is seriously over powered! When he hallucinates his hallucinations can pick up physical items. And electro boom 💥 can’t die of electricity
Hank 12 timer siden
Road_of_Dave Bisi
Road_of_Dave Bisi 12 timer siden
iiiiiiiiitss tiiimmmme for the racktifyyyyyyyyer
Benjamin Ang
Benjamin Ang 12 timer siden
Fxxk, u need to really know ur shxt to pull tat stunt.. d*mn. Scary stuff..
Brytex 12 timer siden
Make daily shorts plzzzz
Mighty MOSA
Mighty MOSA 12 timer siden
Dislikers for this video are scary reminder that morons exists.
JC Khan
JC Khan 12 timer siden
Make mosquito killer frequency
Mick Higan
Mick Higan 12 timer siden
Doubting "science" only reaffirms better science. People are going to do what they do.
NoOxygen 12 timer siden
hi i made the oil squirt
حسین فراهانی
Emmit Anderson
Emmit Anderson 12 timer siden
I got the vaccine and now I have the power to fly but only for a second at a time
Zac Chapman
Zac Chapman 12 timer siden
I like how when it’s bleeped out in the beginning he also covers his mouth at the same time. Really amps up the suspense
I'm skeptical of the safety and efficacy of the "vaccine", but even I admit that the magnetic arm thing is complete horseshit. Wash yourselves dudes.
Vrushabh Magadum
Vrushabh Magadum 12 timer siden
Really needed this to show to my elders 🤣
inventor KR
inventor KR 12 timer siden